05 - What is Life Really Like? - Ashley

Zac pushed one strand of hair behind his ear quickly and kept walking home. His friend, Miccel, was laughing about something or other with Jared but Zac wasn't really listening. He just picked up bits and peices of conversation, like "Maria is so ugly!" and "Why do they make us do this kind of work?".

"This is where we part company, my good fellows," Zac said as they reached his street, speaking in a phony english accent. Jared burst out laughing but for once, Miccel didn't seemed amused. Zac started down his street. he waved at Jamilia, a girl that had just moved in. She had long black hair and pale skin. As Zac got to his house, he started to pull out his key when to his surprise, it was open.

"Who's home!" he yelled and put his backpack and jacket in the closet.

"I am!" came every siblings voice except for Isaac and taylor. Thatdidn't surprise Zac because they normally hung around after school to do something or other. Zac lopped down on the floor and turned the tv on MTV. He immediatly reconized the young boy being interveiw as Aaron Carter. He listened to what they boy said.

"Its all real fun, but seriously I can't be a normal kid, I don't knoowwhat life is really like." Aaron said. Zac felt sorry for the kid. He loved having the freedom to roam. It was nothing new to him, but he still enjoyedit.

"Zac, have you been listening to me?" his mothers voice came from the kitchen.

"I've been listening to that poor Carter kid. The little brother of that one Carter in the BSB." Zac said.

"OK, I said, If you want to play soccer after dinner you better do your homework." she said, grinning, her hair up and face tinged with flour from baking. "MOM!" Zac groaned but got up. Sometimes he wondered what a mother's mission in life was. He easily whizzed through his math homework and for what seemed forever he finally finished his history as Isaac and Taylor got home.

"I'm done!!! Mom!!! I'm DONE!!!" Zac yelled happily, triumphantly.

"Good! Now go back to doing whatever it was that you were doing." Diana said and his brother had sat down on either side of him.

"How was your day, weirdo?" Taylor asked, and his eyelids were drooping. He looked tired. Zac gave Isaac a look and Isaac shrugged.

"OK, Tay, I'm your brother, what's up bud?" Zac asked.

"Ugh! It's that new girl down the street. I saw her injecting something into her made me sick. She made up some lame excuse about beign diabetic, but she sounded too nervous about saying it. Plus, when we first moved here, she was not acting diabetic."

"So some freaky girl down the street is on drugs, why do you care?" Isaac said sarcastically. Zac thought about it. HE got up.

"MOM! I'm going now!" he yelled.

"OK!" she said back, not yelling, because for some reasons, moms never yelled unless they were mad. Zac walked down to the house that the new girl moved into.

"Jamilia?" he asked at the girl in the front yard. Taylor was right, she was injecting something into herself.

"Oh! Two in one day, if you wanna know what's going on, I'm diabaetic." Jamilia said, looking annoyed.

"Like hell." Zac said and walked away. Sometimes he could just wonder if things would have ever been different.