Club Albertane: After Dark

05 - Touched by a Hanson - Jayson

First published on the Nifty Archive (November 9, 1997)

The cool ocean breeze blew straight through me as I walked the gorgeous sand of Panama City Beach, Florida.  It was close to midnight and I was alone.  My friends I’d vacationed with had decided to make it a late night but I was tired from the long drive from Atlanta.  I’d made my excuses and turned in for the evening.  After tossing and turning for several hours, I put back on my baggy jeans and mock-turtleneck and decided to leave our condo for a late-night walk on the beach. 

November in Panama City was filled with warm, beautiful days but incredibly cold nights.  But it was the best time to come since the high school/college crowds and summer vacationers wouldn’t arrive for another few months. 

The beach was empty except for the occasional couple taking in the crisp night air.  The moon cast a beautiful but eerie glow on the water.  Hypnotized by the sound of the waves, I found a secluded spot to sit and enjoy the night.  I wrapped my arms around me tightly, trying to drive away the cold.  Shivering slightly, I decided that what I needed was a dip in the indoor heated pool. 

I made the short walk across Front Beach Road and decided to forego making the trip back to the condo to change into my swim trunks.  I’d pulled my jeans over the shorts I’d worn to bed and figured they’d be sufficient enough for swimming. 

The indoor pool was housed not far from the entrance to the complex and I was thankful that it was empty when I stepped inside.  The change in temperature was a slight shock to the system: it was climate controlled and felt to be about eighty or so degrees.  The water looked so inviting and I couldn’t wait to jump in. 

I slowly removed my mock turtleneck and through it on a pool chair.  My black Nike hiking boots came next followed by my socks.  Finally, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off.  Not wasting anytime, I jumped into the glistening water.  It felt so good!  It was incredibly warm and soothing.  I ducked my head under and stayed as long as I could to enjoy the sensation. 

As I re-surfaced I began to notice how hard I was getting.  I don’t know if it was the warmth of the water or just the fact that I was an incredibly horny person (especially when it came to guys), but things were definitely getting crowded in my shorts.  Backing up against the pool’s edge, I slowly began to caress the growing bulge.  I leaned my head against the concrete side and pleasured myself.  I was beginning to get into it when a voice came out of nowhere.

“Hey, down there, how’s the water?”

“Oh, shit!”  I jumped and quickly pulled my hand from my shorts.

Had they known what I was doing?

I quickly composed myself and looked up to see who had joined the party.  My eyes met with the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.  I couldn’t believe it!  Isaac Hanson was standing before me.  Damn, he was incredible!  He was wearing a red button-up shirt with a white T-shirt underneath; black jeans and black hiking boots.  His gorgeous hair hung down to his shoulders and his smile was melting my heart. 

“Uh, hi,” was all I could manage to say.

He walked closer to me and got down on one knee.  His beautiful brown eyes stared straight into mine.  “So, are you going to answer my question?”

My mind blanked.  What question?  The most gorgeous creature on the earth had just asked me a question and I couldn’t even remember my own name. 

That’s it!  My name!

“Jayson Graham.”

“What?”  Ike asked.

“My name…it’s Jayson Graham.”  I could tell my voice sounded incredibly stupid and I cussed myself internally for being such a bonehead. 

Isaac laughed.  “That wasn’t the question.  I asked how the water was.”

“Oh,” I said.  “Damn, I’m such a moron.  Sorry…I just didn’t expect for Isaac Hanson to walk in.  I guess you’re used to people acting like dip-shits around you, huh?”  I smiled my coolest smile, hoping that he would by it.  Inside my heart was doing a cartwheel.  Isaac Hanson had been a masturbation fantasy of mine ever since “Middle of Nowhere” had come out six months previous.  The thought of being this close to him had never even realistically entered my mind.  “Oh, yeah,” I said, remembering his question.  “The water’s great, by the way.”

He smiled again.  “Well, Jayson,” Ike began, “it’s an honor to meet you.  And, yeah, people can act like dip-shits sometimes…present company excluded.”  He extended his hand and I obliged.  His grip was strong and I felt my erection get even larger, although I hadn’t thought that possible. 

“Well, Isaac,” I said.  “The pleasure is all mine.  I’ve been a big fan of yours since the album came out.  You guys are pretty incredible.”

“That’s cool…thanks.”

“So, what are you doing in Panama City?”

“Well,” Ike began, “we’re taking a little breather before heading to Europe.  Tay and Zac are back at the condo playing Nintendo.  I just came out for some air, saw the pool, and thought I’d check it out.  Mind if I join you?”  He’d already begun untying his hiking boots.

Again, my heart danced.  Never in my wildest imagination had I thought that Ike would be in the same room together, much less in a pool, half-naked.

“Sure, help yourself.”  I slowly swam away and watched him out of the corner of my eye.  He wasn’t turning away…he seemed to want me to watch him undress, which I did.  If he noticed me, he didn’t let on, however.  Man, did I ever want him.  I continued to watch as the red button-up was thrown down on the concrete and he pulled the T-shirt out from his baggy black jeans.  As he pulled it over his head, I was treated to the sight of his beautiful upper body.  His skin was lightly tanned and his chest, slightly muscular and smooth. 

He looked my way and I quickly turned my head, trying to play it off, hoping to heaven that he hadn’t noticed me checking him out.  Satisfied that he hadn’t, I resumed my peep show as Ike concentrated on removing his jeans.  They were unbuttoned now and as soon as he unzipped them they fell to the ground.  That left him in a pair of blue cotton swim trunks.  His legs were absolutely perfect, just moderately hairy. 

From the distance, it seemed that was there was a slight bulge in the front of his trunks, but I couldn’t be sure.  Just the thought of Isaac with a hard-on was too much for me to handle; I was getting hornier by the second.  I wanted Ike so bad…I needed him.  As he stepped out of his jeans I looked away to keep him from noticing my admiration.  I heard a splash and quickly turned back around.  He’d dived in and was apparently swimming toward me like a gorgeous underwater missile. 

He popped up right in front of me, his long hair hanging in long strands down the front of his face.  He smoothed his hair back with his hands and smiled at me.  “Wow!” he said.  “This feels great!”

“It sure does,” I replied, speaking more of having the half-naked Adonis so close than the water.

Isaac splashed around for a few minutes and swam a couple of laps as I watched in amazement.  I still couldn’t get over the fact that he was here.  But I was making it way too obvious.  I realized that I’d better chill before I scared him off. 

I swam around, trying my damnedest to forget he was even there, although my cock had other ideas.  It was still at full attention. 

Shit!  Shit!  Shit!

It wasn’t as if I could help having a hard-on, but I didn’t exactly want Ike to know I had one.  So, I just played it off as best I could and kept swimming.  This went on for another ten minutes until my dick finally settled down.  That was when Ike and I met, face to face, in the middle of the pool.

He smiled.  “You know, Jayson, you’re really starting to piss me off.”

I was shocked.  “What?  How?”  I stuttered.

He moved closer to me.  “Well, I’ve been here for almost twenty minutes and you haven’t made one freaking move on me.  I figured with the way you were looking at me while I was undressing, you’d jump me as soon as I got in the pool.”  I felt my face turn beet red.  “At least I was hoping you would.”

I started to defend myself…deny the whole thing, then stopped.  “What?  What did you just say?”

His grin grew wider.  “I saw the way you were looking at me, Jayson.  I know you want me.  Make your move…I won’t object.”

“Seriously?”  I asked.  “No shit?”

He shook his head.

“Well, since you asked.”  I smiled, moved closer and wrapped my arms around him.  As my body pressed into his, I could feel his hard cock.  Mine was growing again, too.  Ike put his hands down into the water as our lips met.  He felt so good close to me.  As our tongues touched, I felt a tug on the string of my trunks.  His hands moved to my sides and slowly into my trunks. 

My hands were grabbing his ass now…it was tight and firm.  He slowly removed my trunks, letting my hard cock stand at full-attention, all the while walking me back to the edge of the pool.  My suit was floating down around my knees as we continued toward the side, passionately kissing.  His tongue felt so good inside my mouth and our heads moved back and forth trying to go deeper into each other. 

I felt my back nudge against the edge of the pool.  I moved down and kissed Isaac’s neck and caressed his chest with my hands.  I moved farther down, licking my way down his chest, stopping to suck on his nipple.  He tilted his head back and moved his hands up my sides.  I was so turned on by him.  He let out a gentle moan and raised my head up with his hands. 

He smiled a beautiful smile, showing off his braces.  He was so awesome.  He kissed me again and moved his down to my side.  “Jump!”  He said.

I jumped and he lifted me out of the water, slapping by bare ass against the cool concrete.  Our eyes met as I looked down upon his angelic face.  “Do you have any idea how bad I want you?”

He smiled his winning smile again.  “I have an idea…but you’re mine first.  I always have been kind of selfish.”  His hands were on my inner thighs and he gently moved my legs apart.  “Lean back,” he said.

I obeyed the beautiful Isaac and leaned back as he took me into his mouth.  Electricity shot through my body when his tongue touched the head of my hard cock.  He sucked greedily, bobbing his head up and down, while moving his hands up and down my sides. 

“Isaac.”  I moaned.  “Oh, shit…oh, fuck!”

I grabbed his hands and held them tight as he continued to take me deeper into his mouth.  “Mmmmm,” he said, as he raised his head up.  His hands moved down and began jacking my dick slowly up and down, pausing every few seconds to lick my head like an ice cream cone.  I raised my head up and saw his tongue touch my slit.  As he moved his head away, a line of pre-cum followed, finally falling down onto his hands. 

“I want to taste it, Isaac,” I said.  “I want to taste my own cum.”

He smiled and gave me his left hand.  I raised up and took his index finger into my mouth; licking the pre-cum and sucking it like a small cock.  That seemed to turn Ike on even more and he took me into his mouth again.  I leaned back again and began thrusting my hips up and down, which excited him.  He bobbed faster and faster, taking my tool deeper into his mouth until I felt it touch the back of his throat.

He raised up long enough to say, “Oh, Jayson…you feel so good.”  He then went back to work; pleasuring me like I’d never experienced before.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to take it much longer, so I held out as long as I could, wanting to please the eldest Hanson brother.

“Oh, man…Ike…I’m gonna cum!”  Then it happened, arching my back; I shot my hot wad into Isaac’s mouth.  “Oh, yeah!”  He continued to suck, taking in every bit of cum as I came like I’d never cum before.  My body convulsed and my hips moved up and down as Ike continued to enjoy the fruits of his labor.  Finally, with my load spent my body relaxed and I lay there trying to catch my breath. 

I heard a splash as Isaac pulled himself out of the water and gently collapsed on top of me.  I opened my eyes and met his hypnotizing gaze with a huge smile.  “Wow!  That was incredible, Isaac!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about you doing that to me.” 

He smiled and leaned in to kiss me.  Our tongues met again for another round of tonsil hockey. 

“Damn, you’re beautiful,” I said, when we finally came up for air.

“You know something, Jayson?”  Ike said with a sly grin.  “I distinctly remember you saying something about wanting me.  You still up for it.”

I grabbed him and rolled him over on his back, leaving his legs hanging over the side of the pool.  “You’d better fucking believe it,” I said yanking the string to his trunks and pulling them down at the speed of light.  I kissed him again before jumping into the pool and spreading his legs with my hands, just as he had done to me. 

His cock stood straight up in the air.  It was beautiful: the tip was red and throbbing and begged to be jacked.  Ike’s dick was the perfect size to wrap both my hands around.  I gently squeezed and moved it up and down, slowly at first, pausing every few seconds to tongue his head.  He moaned as I began to jack him faster.

“Oh, Jayson…I want you to suck me.  Suck my dick!”

That was all I needed.  I took Ike’s beautiful tool into my mouth and went to work.  He was warm, hard, and tasted ever so sweet.  Isaac Hanson was my fantasy, and now my fantasy was coming true.  I couldn’t believe I had him right where I wanted him. 

His whole body reacted to my touch, his hips moved up and down, his legs wrapped around my body, pulling me closer to him.  I felt myself beginning to get hard again and pressed up against the side of the pool.  Isaac’s hands grabbed my head and pushed me farther down until his cock touched the back of my throat.   Damn, he was horny…and his whole cock was in my mouth.  “Ummmmmm…” was all I managed to say.

“Jayson…” Ike moaned.  “Oh, dammit…you’re so awesome…suck it…”

I continued to suck, bobbing my head up and down faster and faster.  I then raised up until only his head remained inside my mouth.  I tongued his slit and tasted his wonderful pre-cum.  I sucked and sucked like crazy as Isaac continued to moan.  I wanted to taste his cum so bad.  I knew he was close.

“Ohhhhh,” he moaned.  “Yeah…yeah…oh, shit.”

His back arched and his hips began to convulse.  I felt his cock start to throb.

“Oh, jeez…oh, man…Jayson.”  His hot juice shot into my mouth and I lapped it up like a kitten drinking milk.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.”  Ike screamed as another flow of cum shot into me.  His sweetness invaded my mouth and I sucked and swallowed and licked.  One final thrust of his hips brought the last of my prize and I took it in, too.  I began to lick his dick like a lollipop…enjoying every last bit of his hardness.  I collapsed on his stomach, exhausted. 

Isaac put his hands on my head and lay there for a moment in silence.  “Wow,” he finally said.  “You were great, Jayson.”

I smiled and looked up into his gorgeous brown eyes.  “Thank, Ike…you weren’t so bad yourself.”

I somehow managed to put my shorts back on, jump out of the pool and lay down next to Isaac as he, too, pulled his trunks up.  We lay there holding hands for a little while, not saying anything.  It was the greatest time of all my life.  The most beautiful guy in the world was lying next to me and we’d just gotten each other off.  I was REALLY glad I’d left the condo that night. 

Ike rolled over, put his arm around me and lay his head on my chest.  I kissed the top of his head and held him tight.  And we dozed off in each other’s arms…