06 - Everyday - Juliette

Isaac stared straight ahead at the brownness before him.  He didn't really need to pay attention in his Senior English class, he was bright, he could figure it out on his own.  Right now he had one mission: to get Tereasa to like him.  His only problem was he only had the guts to stare at the back of her head.  His eyes glazed over as he stared at the brown waterfall of waves.  Suddenly Tereasa sat up a bit, and slowly looked behind her.  Ike started scribbling on a piece of paper to look busy.  She raised an eyebrow at him and turned back around.  Ike resumed staring at her head.

If I was a famous rock star, Ike thought, she'd go crazy over me.  But no point in hoping for things that can't be possible.  She'll just have to like me for me.  Right then and there Ike made a decision. He tore off a small piece of paper and began to write.

Dear Tereasa, Hi.  My name is Isaac Hanson.  You've probably never heard of me, or care much about me, but I'm the guy who sits behind you.  I just thought you might like to know that I have a crush on you and I was wondering if you'd go out with me.  Sincerely yours, Ike.  Ike blinked at what he had written, and was about to crinkle it up when an old, wrinkled, liver-spotted hand snatched it from his grasp.

"I'll just be reading his out loud, Mr. Hanson," the teacher said, and stood at the front of the class.  She cleared her throat.  "Dear Tereasa, Hi.  My name is Isaac Hanson.  You've probably never heard of me, or care much about me, but I'm the guy who sits behind you.  I just thought you might like to know that I have a crush on you and I was wondering if you'd go out with me.  Sincerely yours, Ike."  The class giggled and Ike felt his face grow hot with a rare blush as Tereasa slowly turned around to look at him in surprise.  He slunk down in his seat as far as he could, and barely looked at Tereasa long enough to see the smile spread across her face.  He sat up a bit in surprise.  She lowered her eyes and nodded, and Ike was barely able to contain himself.  When class let out, he ignored the teacher's icy glare and followed Tereasa out the door.

"You'll really go out with me?" he asked her when he got out into the hallway.

"Well, sure," she replied.  "I don't see why not.  How about you meet me at the movies at 7 and we'll see that new Sandra Bullock movie?"

"Great! I'll see you then," Ike said dreamily as Tereasa walked off.  He was suddenly attacked from behind.

"Hey Ikey, who was the babe?" his younger brother Taylor asked.  Taylor was a sophomore, and took it upon him to bother Ike in between every class.

"Tereasa, not that it's any of your business," Ike snapped.  "Leggo of my backpack, I gotta get to Calculus."

"You're such a loser, Ike. You've got 10 minutes," Taylor pointed out.  "Stick around a bit and talk to me about Hot Stuff."

"'Hot Stuff' has a name, and I told it to you, would you mind calling her by it?  And anyway, you may like to skate on the edge, but I'd like to be in class with more than 2 seconds to spare before the bell.  Go bother your other lowerclassmen friends."  With that Ike took off.  Taylor slowly let the hurt expression melt off his face as he trudged slowly to his PSAT Prep class.  After he sat down, he pulled a sheet of notebook paper out.

Zac, how's it going?  Ike's got some hot date tonight and he's being all hush-hush about it.  He probably thinks he's gonna score.  How's it going with you and that Jessica chick you were telling me about?  Isn't it at all weird for you to be dating someone with the same name as your little sister?  I mean what if you say you kissed Jessica and Mom walks by and thinks you're having incest with Jessi?  Oh well, not my problem.  So if you, like, have any questions about how to ask her out, tell me.  Of course Ike'll prolly butt in, but anyway...

As Zac read the note while he was getting ready for bed, he glanced over at Ike's bunk.  Ike still wasn't back from his date.  He decided this was the time to talk to Taylor about Jessica.

"Hey Tay!" Zac called.

"What?" Taylor replied from the bathroom, where he was combing his short blond hair.

"I wanna talk to you about Jessi... ca," Zac said. Taylor leaned out of the bathroom.

"Okay..." He sat down on Zac's trundle bed, wrapped only in a towel. Zac started coughing.

"God, I think you used too much of Ike's aftershave!! Augh, maybe that's why no girls like you!!" he sputtered.

"Shut up," Taylor said, smacking Zac on the arm.  "What did you have to say about Jessica?"

"Well, she said she is like wild about musicians.  Think we could start a band?" Zac asked.

"Oh yeah right," Taylor asked.  "I mean we may sing 'Amen' at the table in harmony but is that any basis for a band?  And what would we play, huh?  Covers of oldies?"

"We could write our own stuff, too..." Zac tried feebly.  "Who knows, we could become world-famous."

"Oh right.  We couldn't write good songs to save our butts.  Like you know that tune Ike was plucking on the piano?  You think people would listen to that crap?  What words even correspond with stuff like that?  We'd wind up making up words like MMMBOP or something.  People would laugh us off the face of the planet, it'd never sell.  Sorry Zac, but you'll have to think of another way to impress this chick.  We'd never make a successful band, trust me."