Christmas Time

11 - Glass Dove - SinginGrrl

A five-year old Isaac Hanson gazed lovingly at his grandmother as they shopped through the aisles in the familiar department store. His grandmother hummed merrily with the cheerful Christmas tune being projected over the loud speaker. They browsed over the brightly decorated ornaments and laughed at the Christmas Monkey dressed like Santa. Isaac picked up a small glass dove.

"Grammy, Grammy look! It's a dove!" His grandmother turned and looked at the lovely glass bird.

"Isn't it beautiful, Grammy?" he said. She nodded quietly.

"I've always been a sucker for doves Ikey. Let's take this one home." They walked past a display proudly proclaiming; "New Kids on the Block! 50% off all merchandise!" Grammy held Isaac's hand tightly as they bustled past last-minute shoppers and got in line for the cash. Grammy paid for the dove and they walked out to her car.


"Grammy! I want the dove!" Isaac exclaimed as they walked into the house, clenching the bag's handle in his hand.

"Ikey, no." Grammy replied softly, trying to get the bag.

"But I found it! It's mine!"

"No Isaac. That's the end of it!" Isaac's mother called. She held a baby Zac on her arm. "Let Grammy have the dove!" Isaac stubbornly tossed the bag containing the precious dove at his grandmother. She caught it and sighed in relief.

"I'm going to go play with Taylor!" He shouted. He found his three-year old brother in the room they shared and he sat down on his bed.

"Hiya Ikey! How are you?" Taylor asked.

"Poopy." Isaac replied.

"Why? Did Zac make a stinky on you?" Taylor asked curiously.

"Forget it Taylor. You wouldn't understand."


Isaac watched as his grandmother lovingly placed the glass dove on the tree.

"Perfect!" Diana said. Grammy turned.

"You think so?"

"Of course!"

This was boring grown-up talk that Ikey could live without. He pouted.

"Pay attention to me!" he interrupted.

"Ikey, please! Zaccy's made a stinky. Change it!" With those words Diana thrust Zac over to Isaac.

"Ew. That's not what I had in mind." Isaac marched up the stairs, the baby held at arm's length. He marched into the nursery and quickly changed Zac's diaper.

That night Isaac snuck down to peek at the tree. He saw the beautiful dove. It captured the light and twinkled magnificently. He wanted to touch it. He reached forward and picked it up. It was so pretty. Suddenly he heard a loud noise. He turned, dropping the dove on the ground and shattering it. Isaac started to cry.

"Oh Ikey!" He heard his grandmother exclaim, "My poor dove!"

"I just wanted to touch it." Ikey said.

"I know honey. I know."

"I'm sorry." He said.

"Did I ever tell you the story of my glass dove?" she picked him up, wiping the tears from his eyes. Isaac shook his head.

"Well when I was a little girl, my father was called into the war. He had to leave and he wasn't home for Christmas. But right before he left, he gave me a small, glass dove."

"Like the one I found?"

"Identical. Anyway, Daddy left for war that evening and he told me, "Dearie, don't cry. Whenever you miss me, tell the dove. She'll send me the message and I'll hear it, no matter where I am." I talked to that dove day and night! Then one day, we got a letter in the mail, saying Daddy's platoon had gone down over the Atlantic and he was missing and presumed dead." Grammy paused, wiping the tears forming in her shining eyes.

"Daddy was never found and I lost my dove. So, when you found this one, I was very happy."

"But now you're very sad." Isaac concluded.

"Well, I was. But now I'm happy because I have you, my precious little Isaac." Isaac smiled and snuggled into his grandmother's arms, falling asleep and dreaming peacefully.


Isaac browsed through the Christmas decorations. One caught his it. It was nestled under a bouquet of mistletoe and dancing tinsel. He lifted the small dove and looked it over. It was identical to the one he had dropped several years ago. He raced to the cash and payed for it. He ran out of the store.

"Taylor!" He exclaimed to his 16 year old brother.

"What?" Taylor said. "C'mon! We gotta run!" The two boys raced past the hustle and bustle of last-minute Christmas shoppers and ran into their mother's car.

"Hiya Mom!" Taylor and Isaac said in unison.

"Hello boys. Did you have fun shopping?" Isaac smiled.

"Definitely." he replied.


"Gramma! Gramma! You'll never guess what I found." Isaac said to the tombstone. He reached into the bag and pulled the dove out smiling. He dug a small hole over the grave and buried the dove.

"I promise I won't break this one." he said smiling. "I love you Gramma." and he walked away.