The Taylight Zone - Anthology Four

10 - Love You to Death - Katie

Isaac hung up the phone. Why does my day have to start this way? He sobbed and stared at the cordless rested in his hand. He closed his eyes and pictured Sandy's face. Her black eyes shone bright and her hair gleamed in the sunlight. Her smile, spread from ear to ear, seemed to light up the whole world. Isaac snapped into reality when the phone rang. "Hello?"

"Isaac! Hello dah-ling! How are you today?" said a familiar, British voice.

"Not--" he was cut off.

"Obviously not very--how do you Americans say it--peachy? Oh who gives a hoot? Well, you obviously might not be doing very grand. I just heard the terrible, terrible, horrible news on the tellie just now."

Isaac held back tears. "Yes, you're right. Although I didn't know news could travel so fast," He paused and, with fake cheerfulness, said "So Aunt Trudie, how are you anyhow?"

Trudie chuckled, "Well dah-ling I just wanted to call and tell you I was sorry about what happened to Mandy--or was it Sandy? Oh who gives a rat's ass? Just tell your mummy and daddy that I said hello, and give my condolences to the other children. Oh yes! And remember to come by and see old Aunt Trudie whenever you visit London again! She terribly misses you!" The phone went dead.

Luckily for Isaac, no one was home at the time. He walked slowly up to his bedroom and sat on the floor against the wall. He couldn't believe that Sandy was dead. Sandy. His Sandy. Laying somewhere shoved in a shelve in a morgue. He couldn't bear the thought anymore and turned on the radio. "Say It" by Voices of Theory blared. "Great. Another dandy thing to remind me of Sandy," he said outloud and shut off the radio.

Isaac walked to the window and gazed out. He watched the neighborhood kids play in the next yard. He smiled. Isaac turned away and sat on his bed and shut his eyes. Soon he fell into a restless sleep.

Isaac dreamt of Sandy. She was lying in her casket with makeup caked on her face. He bent down to kiss her softly on her powdered forehead. He shivered as his lips touched her freezing skin. When he stood up straight, he realized that Sandy wasn't there. It was an old woman. Isaac looked around and realized that he was in a funeral home, all right. But no one was in it except the old woman, who wasn't dead, only fixing the lining of the casket, and a man, probably in his mid-forties, who was putting wall paper up on the far wall.

"Son, why are you here?" said the old woman, with a voice so shrill it made Isaac's skin crawl.

Isaac shook his head. "I don't know...?" he said, unsure.

"Well, then you need to be getting a move on out of here!" yelled the man from across the room. Isaac nodded and left.

He walked out the door and found himself in a crowded concert hall. He saw Sandy standing alone on the stage singing a slow song that he had never heard before. It had a slow tempo and the lyrics were beautiful. "Come quickly to my arms and I will kiss your troubles away...I love you to death...Come save my soul from wicked death...I love you to death...Come now, fast or slow...I love you to death...." Sandy sang softly. He wondered why she was up there. She used to always hate singing by herself. Her voice sounded eerie...almost ghostlike.

Isaac stared at her. She moved her arms around her in sort of an exotic type way. She shut her eyes and tapped her foot to the music. When she opened her eyes, the scene changed. Isaac was now standing in an emergency room. He peered around and found that no one could see him. He looked over a surgeon's shoulder and caught sight of a bloody Sandy. Although he couldn't bear seeing her lying there with a bloody pulp surrounding her, he forced himself to watch.

He could hear the steady beeping of the nearby machines. All of the doctors and nurses had serious looks on their faces as they tried frantically to keep Sandy alive. He could hear several of the doctors murmuring things like "She won't make it," and "She won't last much longer."

Before Isaac could stand it any longer, Sandy sat up. The doctors didn't seem to notice, and kept working. Sandy looked towards Isaac with her bloody head and whispered "You killed me."

Isaac woke up in a cold sweat. He looked at the nearby clock. 4:49 AM. Man, I can't believe I slept that long, he thought, and brushed the strands of hair hanging in his face back into his loose ponytail. Without thinking about the dream, Isaac lay back down. Right as he was about to shut his eyes, he heard something.

Isaac sat up and looked around. Then he heard it. A soft, raspy voice was calling, "Isaac."

Without thinking, Isaac got out of bed. He was still dressed from the previous day so he walked out his room and quietly snuck out of the house. He didn't know what he was doing or where he was going. "Isaac!" the raspy voice called.

Isaac followed the voice and found himself at the cemetery. The voice got louder each step Isaac took. He slowly found himself in front of Sandy's grave. He closed his eyes as he remembered his dream.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a ghostly Sandy sitting on the grave, playing with the flowers laying next to the gravestone. She looked up at him and smiled. The smile sent chills down Isaac's back. He smiled back and asked, "What are you doing out of your grave Sandy?"

She concentrated on her flower for a moment before speaking. "Gee Isaac, I've been gone for a week now and that's all you've got to say? Not even a 'Hello'?"

Isaac kicked at the dirt beneath him and before he could say anything he was cut off.

"Well, it doesn't matter. I've come to ask you a question, my dear Isaac," she said, in a voice so eerie that it made the owls stop making their night noises.

Isaac looked at her with hope in his eyes, "What is it my love?"

She looked up at him with jet black eyes. "I want your body."

Isaac stepped back. "My body? You're dead Sandy..." he drifted off.

She looked back at her flower. "Well, it should be a fair enough gift to me since you did kill me."

Isaac closed his eyes. A memory that he tried so hard to forget had flooded back into his mind. Memories of screams, memories of screeching brakes, memories of wheels squealing against the pavement. Then he realized that Sandy didn't want sex, she wanted his body for her own. So she could live again. He popped his eyes open. "You know that wasn't my fault."

She frowned and stood up. "You know, I really thought I loved you...until you pushed me in front of that car. I should have seen it coming. I knew your temper would make you do something crazy, but then again I never imagined it would be that crazy." She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek. "Your soul will be mine, Isaac Hanson," and with saying that, she passionately kissed him hard on the lips and she felt herself slip into his body. She felt so strong now. She looked on the ground and found a ghostly white Isaac laying there.

Isaac, now just a soul with no body, stared up at Sandy in his body. In a scratchy voice he called out, "Please! Sandy! Don't leave me here!"

Sandy laughed and turned away. "Good-bye Isaac. I love you to death." She laughed and walked back to the house humming quietly to herself.

Later on...

"Hey Ike! What's up?" asked Zac, Isaac's little brother and slapped him a high five.

"Nothin' much bro!" Isaac replied, smiling.

"So Ike have you thought of any new song ideas?" asked his other little brother, Taylor.

Isaac grinned slyly. "Well, as a matter of fact I have. "It's called 'Love You To Death'."

"Weird..." Zac said, thinking about the title.

"Here, I'll play the first verse for you that I've written and we can work on the rest," Isaac said and picked up his acoustic guitar. He started out with a slow introduction to the song and began to sing, "Come quickly to my arms and I will kiss your troubles away...I love you to death...Come save my soul from wicked death...I love you to death...Come now, fast or slow...I love you to death...."

He finished the verse and Taylor and Zac were speechless. "Where did you come up with that?" asked Zac.

Isaac grinned, "Oh, its just something that came to me in a dream," and he began laughing.

Taylor nodded his head slowly and could have sworn he saw a glint of black in his eyes.