The Taylight Zone - Anthology Two

10 - Just a Thought - SunnyHell

Three figures sat surrounding a candle, joined by the hand. The dim room was full of the mist of incense, and the soft but constant hum of the three people. Two girls of the same age of sixteen were twins, with short, dark brown hair, and the third person in the circle was a twenty-six year old man with sandy blond hair and broad shoulders.
Outside, lightning flashed.

Isaac Hanson leaned over to adjust the settings on his amplifier. The sunlight was harsh and glaring and he wished he'd worn his sunglasses. He glanced up at the sun, knowing it was going to be a hot day, and shielded his eyes. In front of him, the massive arena spanned out, flooded with sunlight. It was deserted, except for a few sound technicians scattered about. In a few hours, it would be full of people, screamed and hot.

The humming changed in tone until two of the people were chanting quiet and slurred words, and the third person opened her eyes.

India picked up the glass eye and held it in her hands while her green eyes stared into space. Her petite body shook with concentration. As the chanting became louder, her anger, frustration and dissatisfaction reached their boiling point, and she threw her head back to let out a long scream of pain.

Atlantis took the glass eye from her sister and she ended her own chanting as India picked it up where she left off.

Zachary Hanson looked over his drum set at the rest of the stage. To the left, Taylor was warming up for the concert three hours hence. On the right, Isaac was tuning his guitar. Before him, the round open-air arena dazzled in the sunlight. His watch read o'clock in the afternoon. He and his brothers had little time to finish preparing.

Atlantis stared into space, her green eyes twitching every now and then from the surges of power and concentration that ran through her small body. She began rocking back and forth, and soon tears appeared at the corners of her eyes, and ran down her cheeks in attempts to escape the torture of her soul within.

Blood rushed to her head and she squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her teeth, to last through the rest of the ritual. She finally snapped her head back and screamed her pain out.

She handed the glass eye to Shanodin, and continued his chant.

Taylor Hanson pulled his hair behind his ears as he started down at the keyboard. The keys all looked the same to him-- they were all his servants, all stripes of black or white, only different by their sound. He sighed and touched one of the keys, feeling the smooth plastic run under his sweaty fingertip. Looking about, he noticed the sunlight was of blinding strength today, appropriate yet torturous for a concert...

The tears were the first emotions that poured out of Shanodin's eyes as he stared into space. Tears of sadness, confusion, longing, and despair. His body began to shake as all his emotions began to pile up, one upon the other, adding to each other. In his clasped hands he held the glass eye, and was aware of it's cold touch against his skin. He rocked back and forth, lost in his mind, his thoughts rushing past him like the wind, and his tears flowing like two twin rivers down to his cheeks. He raised his head and, shutting his eyes tightly, let out a loud cry from the center of his soul.

The time had come. The fans had arrived and the entire arena was packed with people. Isaac, Taylor and Zac started playing, smiles frozen upon their faces, and their hair let down like the fans loved it.

Three fans stood out from the rest of the mob, in the absolute center of the arena.

India and Atlantis held hands and kept their glaring eyes fixed on the Hansons. To Atlantis' right, Shanodin stood with his hand on her shoulder. His eyes were hatefully locked upon the performers as well.

India reached into her shorts' pocket and retrieved the glass ball, then touched it to her lips in a parting kiss. Atlantis took the eye from her, in turn, and gave it a kiss, then passed it to Shanodin. He held it against his lips and kissed it.

For the first time since the beginning of the concert, the three people took their eyes off of the Hansons. India and Atlantis locked eyes with Shanodin, and he with them, before the twins gave him a short nod, in perfect synchrony. Shanodin responded with another nod, then looked over at the Hansons again. The glass eye in his hand, he pulled his arm far over his head, then threw the eye with incredible force towards the stage. It landed silently between the three brothers, no one noticing it.

A low chant rose from India's throat. Her green eyes shone brighter than ever before as the sun caught them.

The sun caught the glass eye next, and made it glitter and twinkle in the light.

Atlantis caught her sister's hand and Shanodin's, and joined in on the chanting, followed by Shanodin.

A ray of light shone down from the sun and bounced off the eye, into Isaac's eyes. He screamed in pain and covered his face with his hands, but it was too late. He dropped to the floor, writhing in the agony of the pain that India had returned to him.

It was Atlantis' turn. Speaking her own words of the chant, the ray of light focused upon Zac, who was fast to recoil but had been already reached by the pain. He sank to the floor next to his drum set.

Shanodin murmured his words, and the glass eye cast its evil light upon Taylor. Tears flooded his eyes instantly, a hundred tears for each of the tears Shanodin had lost for his pain. He fell to the floor, curled up in pain and crying hysterically.

Atlantis felt India squeeze her hand, and squeezed both hers and Shanodin's in response. The three of them turned away from the stage and walked home. The vengeance of their pain and torture was complete.