The Taylight Zone - Anthology Two

09 - Identical - Andrea

He shivered.

He didn't like this movie. Too bloody, too gory.

"No, don't! Don't! I- arrggghhh!!"

Another guy dead.

It was surprising that he didn't like this movie, since he normally loved horror films. Maybe it was because he was home alone, maybe it was because of the full moon, or maybe it was just a case of nerves, but this movie was- weird.


He'd found it at Blockbuster earlier that day. His mother had taken him, feeling guilty about his being home alone that night. She and Walker were going to a dinner party, Isaac had a date, Zac was sleeping over at a friend's house, and Diana had taken the youngest kids over to their grandmother's. Taylor had wanted to stay home, but she still felt guilty. Off to Blockbuster.

He'd walked through the set of glass doors and headed for the horror section. He strolled the aisles, looking at the cases with the blue Blockbuster logos. He ended up at the back of the store, with a few films left to look at.

He sighed.

"Stupid people, you think they could try and get a few new ones now and then," he'd mumbled.

"Maybe you'd like this video, then," a strange voice suddenly said behind him.

Taylor spun around.

"What?" He stared at the figure with the hand offering the video. Something strange about this guy, there was, but Taylor couldn't figure out what.

"This video. You'd like it," the slightly raspy voice repeated.

Taylor reached out to look at it.

Mind Games, it's title was, and it had a meshed picture of a brain and a horrified face on the front. It looked old, but...different. Interesting.

"Okay. Yeah, I'll take this one," Taylor said.

The clerk handed Taylor the case, and headed up to the front desk with a strangely pleased look on his face.

Now Taylor was sprawled on the couch with a bowl of popcorn by his side, watching this altogether too-strange movie as the storm raged outside. He contemplated stopping it, but he was too involved now. Strange as it was, it had a really good plot.

A storm raged in the movie, too. A bolt of lightning flashed outside the fake window, illuminating the unnervingly frightened boy on the couch. At the same moment, a bolt of lightning flashed outside Taylor's living room window, illuminating his face on the couch. He half-laughed.

"Weird..." he breathed.

His mind started wandering away from the movie, particularly to his crush, Katy. Well, he guessed it wasn't his crush anymore, consdering that she had told him the day before that she liked him too. So he didn't know what they were. All he knew was that they were going to the water-park together tomorrow. He sighed happily. He was too lucky.

A bang startled him out of his thoughts. He jumped, looking to the TV screen, and then around him. He couldn't tell if the noise was from the movie or from inside his house.

"Just the movie, Taylor," he soothed himself. "Just the movie..."

On the screen, a masked figure was creeping down the stairs, to the oblivion of the kid on the couch staring at the movie on the TV.

"Look behind you!" Taylor said to the boy, exasperated. "Geez, you'd think all those people would learn to look behind them on a night like that," he scoffed.


The boy on the screen flicked his head around to the stairs, at the same moment Taylor did.

Both screamed.

Both jumped up and ran to the door, but the identical masked figures were too quick for the both of them.

Both yelled when they saw the glint of metal.

As the knife sank deep, deep, into Taylor's throat, he looked to the screen. He realized how much that boy looked like him.