The Taylight Zone - Anthology Nine

17 - Mind Games - MyLov4Tay

Chapter One [Home Sweet Home]

A young vixen moves in with a family as their new maid, but little do they know, what kind of qualities she has. "NOOO!!! PLEASE NOO!!!" Erin screamed an kicked herself out of the trance. "It's not going to happen! I won't let it!" Her memory was going back to when she lived with this family. The well kept family. Although it was not her family, but a family she loved just as much, a family that didn't appreciate her. A family that didn't love her.

Erin Conner came from the house of God, and the house of Sin. Her father forbid her to date or play with other kids in the neighborhood kids, keeping her away from the Devil himself. How many times she tried to explain that they were her friends, but her father herd nothing about it. Instead he slapped her and through her into the closet. Then she herd the cries of her other praying to God to keep her soul.

Night after nights she laid in bed crying herself to sleep, secretly praying for God to help her find a way out of her own home. The home of the Devil.

But that was years ago. Now Erin was a grown woman of nineteen. Graduated with a high school degree and ready for what lies ahead. Her parents? Well she barely talks about them. Her father still to this day preaches in a local church, and her mom is still the house maid.

While growing up, Erin discovered something wonderful. She had powers! Not just any normal woman powers, but mind powers! She can control how other people think, and control objects.

"When did you first discover this power Erin?" asked Dr. Hoover. Her psychologist. "While I was in collage. I've just had a fight with my boyfriend and all of a sudden this knife came flying out of nowhere, it almost hit him." "Did you want it to hit him?" "No Dr.! Honest, I wasn't even using my powers then, or at least I didn't mean to. It only happens when I get angry or when I'm concentrating." At this point of the visit, Dr. Hoover would make Erin use her powers. She never could do this when someone told her to. He laid out an ash tray on the coffee table. Erin was to make it shake, or even break it with her mind. "I'm sorry Dr, Hoover I just can't. It hasn't even been working for me at all lately. " "Your not concentrating hard enough!" "I don't see how this is important? I'm here to talk to you about my parents." "Your parents did not know of these powers I imagine."

"No they didn't. I never told them, nor used it on them." "Erin try one more time, then you may leave."

Erin stared at the ash tray without blinking. She tried to imagine it all in pieces on the floor, but nothing happened, not even a little shake.

"Very well Erin, you may go. I expect more from you the next time." "Yes Dr. Hoover." Erin got her coat and left his apartment.

"Why couldn't I do it!" She screamed at herself. It was the only thing that made her special. The only thing that made her different from anyone else. AS She started the car she herd something shake. The sound of glass break and shattering into pieces. She looked into the review mirror and saw the it was smashed. Erin smiled to herself.

"I'm sorry I can't stay with you while your interviewing today." "It's okay Walker. I'll be fine. I'm just happy your letting me do this." "Well, I realize that you were getting tired, and that you needed some help around the house. And with the kids gone next month, I figure a maid would really help you out." "Yes this is the best idea you came up with. And the girls are so jealous." Diana and Walker laughed. "Well, aren't they always? Specially when you speak of the kids." "Oh all the time!" "Well, I got to get going, I should be home for dinner, remember hire anyone you like, I just would like to talk them myself later on." "Okay, thanks again dear." Diana kissed her husband on the cheek and waved good-bye. She then started to clear the breakfast table.

Erin read the numbers on the house to make sure she was at the right place. Dr. Hoover had mentioned a family who was looking for some help. And since Erin was looking for a job. she said to herself. Still the house looked beautiful! It was at least on or maybe two story house, big yard. The house kinda looked like a cottage the way it was placed near all the trees. Erin guessed the family contained of two hard working not to mention wealthy parents, two and a half kids, and a dog.

The perfect family, she though bitterly. Perfect family, she never new what that meant while growing up.

Erin walked up the walkway and rang the bell. Standing the nervously, thinking of running back to the car, when someone opened the door.

"Hello." said the voice in the house. "Hello, I'm looking for Diana Hanson? I'm here for an interview." "Oh yes, please come in dear. I'm Diana, come in and make yourself comfortable.."

Erin walked into the house. When her foot touched the carpet she could have sworn she was stepping into a castle! This place was huge!

"These people must be loaded!" she thought to herself. She went into the living room to sit down, almost afraid to walk on the white rug, or even sit on the couch in fear of wrinkles.

"Would like some tea miss?' asked Diana. "Oh yes, that would be lovely, and please I'm Erin." "Pretty name!" "Thank you."

Erin looked on the bookshelves, which were full, of books and pictures. She looked over at a family picture and counted nine member! she thought to herself.

"How old are you Erin? If you don't mind me asking. "I'm nineteen." "I have a son about your age, do you have a boyfriend?" "No, we broke up."

But that shouldn't be important. The woman was asking personal questions that she really didn't want to answer, and anyway so she had a son her age, she was her to clean up after her family, not to be hired escort for oldest son.

"Here you go Erin. Have you worked with children before?" "Well, there were a lot of kids in my neighborhood while growing up, I used to baby-sit for them." "Yes baby- sitting is going to be a big part of this job I'm afraid, as you know already I have seven kids." Diana smiled. "Yes, the pictures are lovely!" "Thank you." Diana took the nearest picture and started to point them out to her.

"This is Isaac, the oldest, he just turned eighteen, and this is Taylor, his fifteen, Zac is thirteen, Jessie, ten, Avery is eight, Mackie is four, and our newest addition Zoe she just had her first birthday in January, she's one year old." "Oh my they're adorable!" "Thank you. The three oldest ones will not be around most of the time I'm afraid, they have a band together, I'm sure you've herd their music."

Erin gave her a confused look. "I'm sorry I don't listen to much music, unless of course it's gospel." "Your kidding. My husband and I used to sign gospel!" "My parents where very religious, well I guess I should say are very religious, I grew up listening to gospel music my whole life, I almost became part of the quire, but daddy said that it was a sin. He always did get his way." "I'm sorry Erin." "It's okay. I still love to sign though." "So do my sons, they travel all around the world just let people hear them sign." "I would love to hear them sometime." "I'm sure they have some of their stuff lying around, maybe when they come home you could ask one of them." "I would like that." "What grade are you in at school?" "I graduated last year. I dropped out of collage though." "Oh. Well, I teach my kids at home, if you'd like you may sit in with them." "You mean they don't go to school?" "No. When they were little, I made a decision to do this. And with traveling I think they learn a lot more then just sitting in class all day, it's like a field trip." "I wish I was brought up like that. I went to a catholic school. I had to wear this out- dated out- fit and we were tout by nuns, who used to hit us when we did a sinful deed." "Oh my! I'm sorry you were brought up like that. My husband and I don't believe in hitting. We never once hit our children, nor did they ever give us a reason to. But when they did do something bad, we just spoke to them about, perhaps a little loudly." Diana and Erin laughed. "Well, I think this interview is over, I've made my choice." Erin tried to use her powers to control Diana's mind, hoping that it would work better then it did in Dr. Hoover's office. "Well Mrs. Hanson it was nice talking to you." Erin turned to leave. "Where are you going?" "You said the meeting was over," "Yes. My husband said I could choose anyone I liked, and I like you." "Really! You mean I got the job!" "Yes. Now you know this is a live-in job, meaning you'll be staying with us, do your parents know this?" "My parents don't care, I left them a long time ago." "Oh, well, Walker would like to talk to you also when he returns home. I'm afraid we don't have much space left but you do have your own room, it's kinda small I'm afraid."

"It's okay Mrs. Hanson. I grew up living in a closet most of my life. I'm sure the room is better then that creepy place." "Well I hope so. And Please call me Diana." "Okay, Diana." "If you'd like you may use the showers, that's downstairs on your left." "Oh a shower will be great! Thank you." "Your welcome dear." Erin smiled as she stepped into the steaming hot shower. "This is too easy." She said to herself as she soaped herself up. "Home sweet home."

Chapter Two [Introduction]

"Hi mom! Guess what were bought home for dinner!" asked Mackie, who seemed very excited. "Let me guess, vegetable, mineral or animal?" "All three! Dad got China food!" Walker laughed. "No son, that's Chinese food." Diana smiled. "Thank you dear." "No problem. It was a closed vote." he smiled and brought the food to the table. Isaac and Taylor were getting out the dishes and silverware.

"Mom did you have any luck this afternoon?" asked Isaac. "Yes as a matter of fact I did. I met this really interesting girl. She's nineteen, and just graduated high school." "Wow! I wish I could've met her." "Ike, put your tongue back in your mouth." said Taylor, playfully punching his older brother." "Well, your in luck, she's still here. In fact I think she would be great." "I don't want a baby-sitter." complained Jessie. I'm too old for one. Besides if anyone needs a sitter it's Zac." "What did I do?" "You kept pulling my hair!" "Kids please don't fight. We've all talked about this. Besides she's mostly just a maid really, she will be helping out with the kids, and I'm sure she'll let you help Jessie." "I'll be right back." said Zac. He rushed up to the stairs and into the bathroom, unaware it was already occupied. "Oh, I'm sorry." He said stuttering. I didn't know anyone was in here." Erin just smiled. "It's all right. I don't mind. I'll be finished in a moment." Erin slowly dried herself off while Zac was in the room.

He couldn't move his legs to get out, he was transfixed on her body. He never seen a naked girl before, or ever thought that girls were be good for anything except for maybe beating them in sports, but just seeing this beautiful girl in the his house, standing right in front of him, without any mentioning of kicking him out of the room amazed him.

Erin looked up at him. "What's wrong Zac?" she asked coming closer to him. "Nothing, I," "Shhhh. It's all right." "How did you know my name?" Your mom told me. Come here, it's okay" "No, I shouldn't." "If I say it's okay then it's all right. Let me see your hand."

Zac was starting to get nervous, very nervous. He never been so close to a girl before, one he barely knew anyway, and he never even thought of a looking at a girl without her clothes on, to him it was a disgusting sight, but when he herd his brothers talking about it, it was something they only dream of. Now here he was standing in his bathroom forgetting every reason why he was even in there to begin with, standing five seconds away from the most beautiful girl. Erin took his hand and gently held it on her chest.

Zac started to breath heavy. His mind went into a whirl, and his head begin to spin. He let out a small moan as his hand began to move around her breasts.

"I'll get out of your way now, it was very nice meeting you." Erin said sweetly like nothing happened. She gave Zac a kiss on the cheek and left the room.

"So where is she?" "She's taking a shower, she should be out soon." said Diana. "So is she everything you want? I mean is she perfect?" "Yes Walker she is. She's very friendly, and we got along almost instantly. I can't wait to introduce you to her." "I can't wait to meet her myself." said Isaac. "Isaac, don't move to quickly on her, she's knew here." "I know mom, I'll be the perfect gentlemen." "Oh God were all in trouble." said Taylor.

Just then Erin cam down the stairs. Looking at the whole family sitting around the table, smiling and laughing, wishing that she had a family like this while growing up. With parents who actually seemed to like their kids, and the kids seemed happy to live there.

"Here she is. Erin come here." Erin went over to the table and sat down. Meeting everyone face to face actually brought tears to her eyes. Isaac smiled as he shook hands with Erin. He thought she was very pretty.

"Where's Zac?"asked Diana. "He's probably still in the bathroom. The kid practically lives there." said Walker. "Well, I guess we could start,"

Diana was interrupted by the stomping of feet coming down the stairs. "Sorry mom." "It's okay." "Hay Zac." said Erin smiled. "Hi." said Zac nervously. "We met upstairs." "Well, now that you've met everyone I think we could start eating." said Diana. "It looks like Mackie already did!" Jessie cried as she saw her baby brother trying to open a fortune cookie. Erin sat next to Zac at the dinner table, smiling sweetly at him. As she placed her napkin on her lap her hand wen over towards Zac's lap, and rubbed up against his legs, feeling in between them. Zac squirmed uncomfortably in his chair and let out a little yelp. "Sorry" he said softly. Erin just smiled as she continue to eat her dinner.

Erin went into the living room after dinner. Mr Walker wanted to talk to her. I would like to welcome you to our family Erin." "Thank you Mr. Hanson. I think I'm going to like it here." "We hope so. As you know my sons have a band and they travel a lot, so they won't be home much." "Yes your wife informed me." "Oh Walker I forgot to tell you, she signs gospel!" "Really! Well, we'd loved to hear it sometime." "Well I never sang in front of anyone." "Well, believe me, if your going to be part of this family, you'll get used to being in the spot light. " "Well, maybe" "We mean it Erin, we'd loved to hear you sign." said Diana. "Well it's been a long time since I've done it." "Well, when you feel your ready, please let us know." said Walker. "Okay, I promise." "And I would like you to think of us as your guardians, please come to us if you have any trouble, or would like to talk to someone, unless it has to do with sex, for that you go to Diana." Erin laughed. "No problem Mr. Hanson I already know about that." "We are very happy to have you part of this family Erin. And we hope you like staying here." said Walker. "I'm sure I will, but there is something that I need to tell you, it's a little disturbing, but I don't know how to explain it." "What is it dear?" asked Diana. "Well, while we were eating, Zac sorta place his hand on my lap. I'm sure it was an accident, but it made me very nervous. And while I was getting out of the shower he walked I on me. I never grew up with so many siblings, but having him see me like that, I'm sorry I'm not trying to get him into trouble," "I'm sorry Erin. We didn't raise our kids this way. I'll have a talk with him, He will apologize to you. and I'll make sure that the kids knock for now on." "That doesn't sound like Zachary at all." Well, he is thirteen now honey." "That's no excuse for what he's done though." "Thank you Mr. Hanson. You two have been so kind." "It's our pleasure Erin, and please call me Walker."

Just then the baby monitor went on. "Oh is that Zoe?" "Yes she finally woke up. Come on I'll introduce you to her." Erin followed Diana up the stairs thinking how easy this would be. Her powers were coming back and working well again. And now she had a new family to test them on.

Chapter Three [Siblings]

"I never touched her! I swear to you!" "Zac honey, why would she say you did if you didn't?" asked Diana. "Mom I would never do that. I don't even like girls!" "Zachary enough! I don't want to hear it! From now until the tour your grounded!" yelled Walker. "And you will apologize!" "Don't count on it!" "Zac, I don't think you should your mouth, you don't to get into any more trouble then you already are!" "But dad, I never!" "Save it! Just go to your room, and get used to it."

Zac stomped up the stairs and slammed the door

"Hay do you mind?" yelled Taylor. "No I don't." "What's wrong with you?" "Everything. I'm grounded." "Again, what did you do?" "It doesn't matter, no one believes me. Now I'm grounded until the tour begins. A whole month!" "So why don't they believe you?" "Who knows. I never touched her. I swear it. I didn't want to anyway." Taylor dropped his book and went over to his brother. "Hay Zac it's all right I believe you." Zac smiled. "You don't even know what I'm talking about." "It doesn't matter. I still believe you."

Erin was in her room humming and folding some clothes., someone knocked on her door. "Come in." she said. "Hi." "Oh, hi Isaac." "You want some help?" "No that's okay, I'm almost done." "Well, I'd thought maybe we could go out sometime. I could show you around Tulsa, maybe get something to eat." Erin smiled. "Oh Isaac I'm sure you have plenty of girls you'd rather do that with." "Not really. I would like to spend some time with you." "I don't know, I don't think it was your mothers intentions to set you up with a girlfriend." "Well, maybe not, but we can see how things work out."

God your not serious! Kid I had boyfriends that would tear you lim from lin just by looking at you. You obviously must be adopted, you certainly don't have the sexy looks your brothers do.

"I don't think so. I'm sorry but I'm not looking for a boyfriend." "I didn't mean it like that. Really it was a joke. I just thought maybe I could show you around." "Maybe some other night" "Okay. I'll be coming home early, in case you went to go to bed early tonight." "Oh don't rush home on my account really. I know what kind of schedule you have coming up, so please have fun, I'll manage." "I'm glad your staying with us Erin. I'll finally have a big sister." Erin smiled. She had to give some credit, he was very sweet. "Hay Isaac, I was wondering, if you had any of your albums around? I was telling your mother that I wanted to listen to some of your music. "Yes, they are down in garage. Well we call it our studio. I'll bring some up for you." "That would be great! I must admit I never herd any of it." Isaac noticed the bra laying out on the bed. Erin just smiled and held it up.

Isaac blushed. "Sorry. I have to get to having brothers." Isaac laughed. "It's quit all right. I'll go downstairs and find some old albums for you." :thank you, your very sweet. Erin gently placed a kiss on his lips.

"Thank you for being my brother."

Later that night Erin was left to look after Mackie and Zoe. Ave was asleep and Zac was on the computer. "Erin can help you watch Zoe?" asked Jessie. "It's ok, I don't need any help. She's sleeping any ways. Why don't you go on the computer with Zac." "No way! He's been moody lately. And besides I don't really like computers." "You want to watch a movie?" "Sure, can we make popcorn?" "I'll see if your parents have any." "This is so cool. You know I'd thought having a baby-sitter would be terrible, but it's just like your my big sister. Is it ok if I tell my friends that? So they don't think I'm a baby?" "Of course it's all right. I would love to be your sister. Could you tell me about boys and kissing and stuff?" "Sure anything you'd like to know." "Well, I just want to know how you kiss someone. My friend said it's disgusting, but I hear my brothers talk about it all the time, but I don't see why any girls want to kiss them." "Well, you only think that because their your brothers." "Don't tell me your a fan of theirs." "Actually I've never herd of them before." ‘Good. Their fans scare me sometimes, the way they scream all the time. Do you know what that's like?" Erin laughed. "No I can't even imagine." Erin brought in the bowl of popcorn and two cans of soda.

"Well, it's not fun. I mean I never even see them anymore, and their leaving again. And their going to miss my birthday, again." Jessie's lips began to quiver. "Hay Jessie, I thought you wanted to talk about boys." "My brothers are boys. It's not fair. All my friend hate their brothers and say how lucky I am to hardly have to deal With mine, but I'm not lucky. I sometimes wish they never had this record deal, so they could be home with us, for Christmas and Thanksgiving." Erin's heart went out to her. She felt awful for Jessie. It must be hard to having to say good-bye to the people she loved. "I'm sorry Jessie. I thought you hated your brothers." "I never said that. I don't even hate Zac, sometimes."

"Have you talked to them about this?" "No, I don't want them to feel bad. This is a huge company their dealing with. It's their dream come true. There's no way I'm going to ruin it for them. No matter how much I hate it, or their fans, the tramps they are.." "Jessica!" Erin laughed. "Sorry, but they are." "Well I think you should talk with them, or at least your parents. They seem very open about everything." "I've thought about it. They might get mad." "I'm sure they won't be mad and if you want I'll be there with you." "You will!" "I promise. What are sister's for?" Jessie gave Erin a hug. "Thank you so much!" "Your welcome. Now what movie are we watching? Simba's Pride, I hope you don't mind, it's my favorite." "I don't mind at all."

Chapter Four [Cutting]

Jessie fell asleep during the movie. Erin covered her with a blanket and turn off the t.v. She went upstairs to check on Mackie and Zoe.

"How peaceful. Such perfect family." Erin placed her hand on Mackie head. Moving her fingers through his hair. She leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. She then went over to Zoe's crib.

"Such a beautiful baby. Just like all the other kids." she said out loud to herself. Zoe began to squirm in her crib. She let out a small cry. "What is it baby?" Erin picked her up and brought her over to the rocking chair. "You want mommy to sing to you?" Erin gently laid her head in her arms and started to sign. "He's got the whole world in his hands, he's the whole world in his hands." as she sang

Zoe smiled. It was a song she herd in church while she was a kid. Though she always wondered who they were talking about.

"I bet your hungry aren't you." Erin lifted her shirt and brought Zoe to her chest. "There you go baby." She smiled as she watched her drink her milk. She always dreamed of a family like this. Sh always wanted a baby her very own, and now she had one. Her very own.

When Zoe finally went back to sleep, Erin went into the kitchen to make a sandwich, for her and Zac. She figured he must be hungry by now, she hadn't herd a word from him all day.

Erin knocked on his door. "Come in." he said faintly. "Hi Zac. Made you a sandwich. "I'm not hungry." "You must be." "I'm not. But if you must, just leave it there, I'll force it down my throat somehow." It was then Erin noticed the knife on the plate. She took it and held it in her hand.

"Oh come on Zaccy, your not mad at me?" "No your right, I'd have to like you in order to be mad at you." " You hate me?" she asked. "Why shouldn't I! And there's no way I'm apologizing to you!" Erin's grip became tighter on the handle. She walked over to Zac.

"It's okay, I'm sure you'll find away to apologize to me." "For what?! For having to piss, I don't think so." "Your sisters' right, you are a bastard." "So sue me. Now please get out of my room!" Erin took the knife and placed it around his neck.

"I don't think so babe. You scream, I swear to I will use it on you." Erin went over to the door and locked it. "Well get onto the bed, lets get this over with before your parents come home." Zac was surprised, shocked was more like it. "Okay, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it! Please don't hurt me!" "I won't. Believe me this is going to be the best night of your life, but you can't scream, or you'll wake your siblings. And we don't want them to think I' hurting you."

Zac got onto the bed. "What are you going to do?" "You know exactly what I have planned to do. Ever since this afternoon when walked in on me, I could tell you wanted to do this, well babe, now is your chance." "But I never done this before." "Don't even tell me that the little rock star is a virgin!" Zac began to cry. "Hay being a virgin is fine with me., in fact, I'd be honored to be your first." Erin kissed him on his lips and laid him down on his bed. Zac still continued to cry. "Please, please don't do this." "Shhhh, it will be all right." Erin held the knife to Zac's neck. "Please put the knife down." "I'm not going to hurt you. Don't be afraid."

Erin took the knife and the collar of his shirt. She then placed the top of the knife inside and started to cut the buttons off.

She gave Zac another kiss. "Shhhh please don't cry. Imagine what your brothers would think when they find out their little brother had screwed with he baby-sitter. I must admit, Imagine the look on your brother Isaac's face when you tell him, that even you screwed her and he didn't even have a chance with me." She got to the last button and ripped his shirt off. Her hands felt over his stomach. Feeling every inch. She then leaned over and gently licked his neck and around his stomach.

Her fingers fumbled with his fly, tying to unzip carefully. She then sat up and took off her shirt, revealing everything he saw that afternoon in the bathroom. Bringing back those memories he had.

‘This was rape? Wasn't it? He knew he didn't want her doing this to him, he knew it was wrong, but why was he suddenly enjoying this? Seeing her bare breasts up close just made him forget everything his mother told him about sex. About waiting when he was older, until he was married and with the right girl. While Erin sat on top of him he couldn't think of anything else except what was going to happen.

She held the knife to his stomach and cut along making a trial of red blood. Zac held his hand to his stomach and began to cry. "Why did you do that for? You promised you wouldn't hurt me!" "Shhhh, don't worry, What can I say? Love hurts! I know what I'm doing."

Zac continued to hold his cut from bleeding. Although his mournful cries didn't seem to bother Erin or interrupted her from what she was doing. Erin gently licked up the trail of blood coming from his cut that was leading around his stomach.

Erin woke up laying next to Zac. Who was still asleep, and with his pants off She smiled to herself and kissed him on the lips.

"My perfect boy." She said out loud. She put her shirt back on and laid a pair of her panties covering his penis. "Here's something to remember me by."

Erin snuck out of the room and went downstairs. The knob turned and Isaac walked in.

"Oh Hi Isaac." "Hello. I hope I didn't wake you. No. Jessie and I were watching a movie earlier. She's quit a character." "Yeah well, she's just glad to have someone to look up to. I don't think she likes being the oldest sister of the house." "No. Will you help me carry her to her room?" "Sure I will. How was your first night with them?" "Well, they do keep me entertained." "Yes, they always seem to have an interesting story to tell."

Erin opened the door to Jessie's room.

"Thank you Isaac." "No problem. I like helping you out." Erin and Isaac left Jessie and Avie's room and went downstairs. "I think I'm going to go to sleep, are going to stay up?" asked Isaac." "Yeah, I'm going to wait for your parents." "You don't have to do that." "I know, but I think I should." "Do you want some company?" "No, you go on to bed, I'll be all right. Erin gave Isaac a long passion kiss on the lips. "Good-night." she said and sat on the couch. "Good-night."

Chapter Five [Dirty Secrets]

"I can't believe it Walker, I just can't believe that would do this! I mean He doesn't seem to be that kind of person who would go into someone girls room and take her underwear!" "Diana, we have to very firm with him this time. I never thought he would do this either." Walker was passing back and forth in his room. "It just doesn't seem like him. Maybe he has a crush on her." "Either way it doesn't excuse him Diana." "I know. God why can't they just stay little boys." "I know what you mean." "How should we handle this?" "I don't know, we tried yelling, we're tried grounding, nothing seems to work with this kid! We might have to try something else. Look I know how you feel about hitting," "NO! No way Walker, I'm not hitting him!" "Diana, if there is no other to get through to his head," "Walker I made a promise to myself, I would raise a hand to them, no matter what they did. Are you asking me to break that promise!"

Zac awoke early that morning. Visions of scenes of what happened last night came into his head. He smiled as he remembered Erin. Then he felt his stomach, where she cut him, he wasn't sure if he was afraid of her or if he was in love with her. He got up and went over to the mirror to look at the little love bit Erin left. The slashed went clear across his stomach from his belly button to around his back. Surprisingly it didn't hurt any more, but he didn't want anyone else to see it. "Why did she do this to me." he asked himself. Zachary quickly dropped his shirt when someone came into the room.

"Dad you scared me. Walker didn't say anything just came to him and slapped him across the face. "I don't know what else I have to do to you Zachary! Damn it we brought up to respect people! And you go and do this! I don't what's gotten in you lately! You dirty little bastard!"

Zac held his hand on his cheek. His parents never hit them before, what did he do do deserve this?

"Dad, I didn't do anything!" "Bull shit! Your mother found a pair of panties on your pillow this morning, now unless they are yours which I certainly hope they aren't you took them out of Erin's draw! Damn it Zachary I can't believe you would do that!" "Dad I don't know what your talking about!" "I've lost all my respect for Zachary" "But dad I never," "Shut up! I don't want to hear another word from you!" Walker slammed the door. Zac had no idea what had just happened. Did he really hear his own father say that he lost respect for him? Nothing, not the slap his father just gave him or even the deep cut Erin sliced him with, hurt as much as what his father had said to him.

"I'm sorry Diana, I just don't know how else we should handle this, besides now you won't feel like you've broke your promise, I did." Diana herd Zac crying in his room. Walker went into the bedroom and slammed the door..

"What's going on Diana?" asked Erin. "I herd yelling." Diana whipped the tears out of her eyes. She couldn't tell her what happened. After tell her that they don't hit their children. "Mr, Hanson and I just had a fight that's all. I'm sorry if we woke you." "It's okay, I should be getting up any ways. Diana, your crying! Did he hit you?" "No, no, just a little fight. I'm all right, thank you Erin."

"Mom what is going on here?! Why did dad hit Zac?" "Taylor please everything is all right," "Mom how could you say everything is all right!" "Damn it Taylor I don't have time to talk about it right now!"

Erin smiled to herself and hummed as she finished with the dishes.

Erin closed herself in her room that afternoon. Leaving the other to their arguments. She turned on her radio and slipped in one of the tapes Isaac had brought up for her. She went into her closet and knelt down, looking at her artwork. Small pictures of the family laid spread all over the floor. She grabbed the scissors and started to cut them into tiny pieces. "I don't want you to say another word!" "Diana, it was just one slap! And damnit he deserved it!" "Whether he deserved it on not Walker, I made as solemn promise to myself about abuse! I would never ever bring them up the way I was brought. I promised myself, and I promised God! Don't you understand that Walker! I know what Zac did was wrong, but you should know how deadly strong I'm against child abuse." "Oh for Christ sake! You act like I do this all the time!" "Well once you start sometimes you can't stop!" "Dammit I don't believe this! I'm going out!" "No your not! I am, don't wait up for me. Jessie looked at her father. her eyes grew big and filled with tears. "Daddy? Where did mommy go?" "God only knows Jessie."

Erin was out back, sunbathing next to the pool. Away from the yelling and the screaming.

"Mind if I join you?" Erin looked u and noticed Walker standing over her. She smiled. "Not at all." "Again Erin I'd like to apologize for what my son did." "It's no problem. I feel kind of honored that he feels this way about me. But it's just a crush, you know puppy love." "Yes, well, he shouldn't have acted the way he did, and I can assure he's not like this, none of my children are." "Really Walker it's all right. Besides can you blame him?" Erin meant that as a small joke, but Walker smiled at her. "No I can't not at all. In fact if I were his age I'd probably doing the same thing." "Well, be my guest Walker. After all, I'm just the maid."

Erin smiled. Her eyes rested on Walker's face. He looked so handsome! Even more sexy then his sons! He had a stronger body and a darker feature. Her eye strolled down to his waist. From the shape she could see he had a small bulge in his pants just aching to be let out.

Walker could tell she was looking him over, he couldn't say that he wasn't interested in her body either. Creamy tan skin, beautiful long chocolate hair, nice size breasts, probably handful. Long silky legs, he only wondered what laid in between them. Hours later Diana still hadn't returned home. Walker was started to get worried. "Why don't you just go to sleep Walker." said Erin. "I'll wait up for your wife, and besides most of your kids are either out or sleeping." "I think I will. You'll be all right by yourself?" "Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." "Okay, I think I will take a shower. Isaac should be home soon, you can go to sleep then." "Okay, good night Walker." "Good night Erin."

Walker started the shower and began to undress. Erin came into the bathroom just totally nude.

"I figured I'd join you." "Erin you shouldn't be here." "It's all right, I know you wanted to look at me like this. I know you wanted to see me like this afternoon, now is your chance." Erin went into the shower and closed the drapes. "Erin I really think you should," Walker was interrupted with his own moaning, Erin's tongue was licking it's way up his body. "No need for explanations Walker.." Erin seem to transfix his mind. He could only concentrate on her body, and just like Zac he was paralyzed with lust for this girl. Lust that would soon cost him regret.

An hour later Walker walked into the boys room. It was dark and they were both fast asleep, Isaac was still out "Walker sat down at the edge of Zac's bed and stroked his blonde hair away from his eyes.

"I'm sorry son, I should've listen to you." A single tear left his eye and he quietly left the room.

Chapter Six [Kiss and Make-up]

Erin was awoken that night with the sounds of Zoe crying. She went into the baby's room. "What is it Zoe? What's the matter? You miss your mommy?" Erin picked her up and held her in her arms. "There, there Zoe, It's okay. Your mother will be back soon. Are you hungry?" Erin brought her into her room so that shouldn't wake up the house. "Shhh baby, it's okay, it's Erin. You remember me." Erin lifted her shirt and held Zoe towards her chest like she did the other night. "You know Zoe, just like your father and your older brother, your becoming more mine everyday."

Diana came home early next morning, bring doughnuts and bagels for her family. She was greeted by a very happy Jessie and Avery.

"Mommy! Your back!" "Yes Avie, and I'm back for good, this time. Come into the kitchen everyone I brought breakfast." "Mommy I was so worried about you! I thought you left us!" Jessie began to cry. "No Honey I could never leave this family." Mackie stole a doughnut from the box and began to eat the candy sprinkles. "Where's your father?" "I think he's still sleeping." Said Jessie. ‘Perfect.' She thought smiling. Diana went upstairs and into their room. There she found Walker asleep in their bed. Diana took off her jacket and laid next to him, giving hi a kiss on the cheek. Walker slowly awoke. "Oh Diana, thank God it's you!" "Well of course who else would it be dear. I've been thinking I shouldn't have gotten so upset over what happen." "No, You should have, it turned out there was no reason to hit Zac." "Honey let me finish. All kids deserve it sometime in their lives, I mean Zac crossed all the bad roads lately and he deserved what was coming to him.. Remember how we used to spend Sunday mornings? When we were first married?" A smile crept along Walker's face. "How could I forget?"

"I would like to keep the tradition. Walker make love to me. I've been wrong to leave you and I promise I never will again." Diana kissed walker hard and passion on the lips.

"Walker I love you." "I love you to Diana." Walker almost forgot the incident that took place last night. But he couldn't get Erin vision out of his head.

Later that morning Diana was in the rocking chair holding Zoe trying to feed her. "Come on baby you must be hungry." "What's wrong Diana?" asked Walker who was shaving in the bathroom. "Oh Zoe won't eat her milk." "She's missing out." "Walker!" Diana laughed at her husbands dirty joke. "Don't ever let the kids hear you talk like that." "I'm sure they now what a women's breasts are for." "Yes I'm sure they do too! But really, should I talk to the doctor?" "Give her another day or so, if she don't eat tomorrow then yes." "Honey, I was thinking, maybe we should go out as a family today, do something fun." "That's sounds great, only Zac is grounded." "Well, yeah, but we need to spend time with the family. The boys are going to be gone for a long time, and I want to have a memory that's a good one, you know, instead of all the yelling and the crying." "So you think we should let him off his punishment?" "Only for today. I was thinking, Erin and I could make a huge picnic lunch and we could all go to the park." "Oh, I don't know about Erin." "Why not?" "Shouldn't it just be the family?" "But Erin is part of the family now." "Diana, we only knew the girl for not even a week. Besides , I thought you wanted it to be a family day."
Chapter Seven [Family Outing]

Diana went into the kitchen to start making the lunches. Taking down orders and special request. Looking around the room she notices all happy faces on her kids, except for Zac, who seemed to be sulking at the kitchen table. "Sweetheart what's wrong?" she asked. "Nothing. It doesn't matter." "Honey your coming too, what would you like for lunch?" "I'm not hungry." "Sweetheart don't be in a crabby mood, we're letting you outside for some fresh air, now you can either enjoy your freedom, or you can stay home and sulk in your own room."

Zac started to protest about coming along, but there was no way in Hell he was going to be left home alone with Erin.

"I'll go, but I won't enjoy it." "What is it with that kid?" Diana asked herself. "Just pack him balogny." Taylor suggested.

Erin watched the family packing up and getting ready to go. Her family! The family she took care of! They asked her to stay behind so they can have some time alone together. But isn't she part of together? Didn't she belong anywhere?! She made sure this family was well taken care of, she was the one who was making sure everyone was happy, she was the one who was helping out family situations wasn't she? Yet she gets left behind!

Watching the car pull away, Erin grip on the curtains became stronger, and pulled them down, drape by drape.

Jessie and Avie laid out the white and red checkered blanket and helped their mother lay out the picnic things.

"This was a great idea mom!" said Jessie. "We haven't done this in a long time!" "Yes I know, The perfect thing to do with your family." "Specially one as big as ours." Jessie laughed. "Mom, I've been wanting to talk to you about something." "Sure honey what is it?" "Well, it's about the tour coming up, I don't want them to go away again. I'll miss them, even Zac."

Diana smiled. "I will too. Jessie remember when they first came to us and told us how much they wanted to preform for people? And how happy they are when they are doing that?" "Yeah I know, but they're always gone, I just want a normal family." "Honey we are a normal family. Your brothers are just not around most of the time, but they are still in our family." "Mom, people see them even more then we do, my best friend knows more about Zac then I even care to discuss." "I know it's hard, but I think you should tell them that you'll miss them." "Mom, I already know what I want for my birthday." "Jessie, your birthday isn't for months now." "I know but it's the only thing I want. I want to see my brothers at one of their concerts." "I think that can be arranged."

"Die!! I hope you all die!" Erin screamed! She grabbed a picture from the bookshelf and smashed it to pieces. Stomping up to her room she went into the closet and got out her collection. Erin began cutting along the sides of the paper and pasting them together.

"So Ike have you asked Erin out yet?" asked Taylor. "No, I offered to show her around Tulsa, but she said no." "So you gave up? That's not like you, usually you harass the girls before you give up." "Shut up Tay I do not." "But really, you shouldn't give up." "Yeah well, I figure, I'll meet lots of girls during the tour, I shouldn't tie myself down." "Yeah Ike, everyone is just pushing their way through your door." "Well I don't really see a line forming near yours either. What do you think is wrong with Zac? He seems kinda moody lately." "Isn't he always moody?" "I mean more then usual." "I don't know, but I think it has to do with Erin." "What did he do?" "I don't know, something about touching her." Isaac smiled. "Damn that kid is growing up fast!" "Well, I really don't know what happened, but I think he's just upset because dad hit him yesterday." "Yeah, I would be to, what ever he's done, I don't think it was that bad." "I don't know, it's about time he got a good slap, if dad wasn't going to do it, I swear I was!"

As Walker laid down next to his wife on the quilt, he thought of telling her what happened the other night with Erin. But would she believe him? Would she believe that after all these years of a wonderful marriage that he would never even consider cheating on his lovely wife? That he would never let the thought of hurting hid family, then he remembered he already had. He yelled at Zac,, and remembering what he said to him must have broken his heart.

Jessie noticed the sad look on Zac's face. She realized they haven't been getting along well at all. Jessie picked up the nearest flower and went over to him. She snuck up behind him and stuck the flower over his ear.

"You scared the Hell out of me!" "I'm sorry Zac, I didn't mean to." Zac turned away. "What do you want any ways." "I know we haven't exactly been friends lately." "Jessie suddenly noticed that Zac was crying. "Zac, what is it?" "I never, I mean, I would never do that!" "Zac your not making sense, why are you crying?"

Zac buried his head hin his hands. Jessie put her arms around her bother. She never saw Zac cry, not for anything, not even when their grandmother died

"Zac it's okay, please tell me what's wrong? Do you want me to get mom or dad?" "NO! Don't get dad please!" "Zac what is it?" "He hates me, dad hates me."

Chapter Eight [Coming Home]

"Zac, dad doesn't hate you." "He doesn't believe me Jessie, you do don't you?" "Zac I believe that I think your going crazy yes." "Figures, dad doesn't believe me Tay doesn't believe me, why would I even for a second think that you would be on my side!" "Maybe I would be if I knew what in the world you were talking about."

Zac laid on the grown. He was tired of everything, tired of his family, tired of his parents and right now he was sick of Jessie. Why did she bother him any ways?

"Oh my God Zac! What did you do to yourself!"

Jessie screamed. Zac noticed that his shirt came up a little bit when he laid down. Jessie was staring the dried blood cut that Erin made on his stomach. Should he tell her? Could he trust his sister? The little pain in the ass sister?

"It was an accident, I just," Zac stuttered, he couldn't get the words out of his mouth.

"It was Erin." "Erin did this to you! And haven't mentioned anything! Mom! Dad! Come here quick!" "No Jessie don't bring them over! Please!" Zac realized just then that he could never trust his sister, that he couldn't trust anyone in his family

Diana raced home as fast as she could. The story her little boy had just told her was the most horror-stricken thing she ever sat through! She never noticed this was going on in her own house? How could she be so damn blind!

Diana practically ran in the house after parking the car, followed by Walker.

"Isaac, I want you to take the kids away from here, specially Zac, Just don't come home for at least two hours, do you understand me." "Dad what's going on?" "I'll explain later, just do it!

Panic took over Isaac's body. He never seen his father react like that, and his mother, what the hell was going on with his family? First Zac is in a bad mood now all of this.

"Anyone wanna go to the movies?" He asked. The idea was well loved among everyone. Which was fine, it would give everyone a chance to calm down.

"What the hell did she do to our house! Erin!" "Diana, calm down, your not going to get her to come down here that way." "Like Hell I will! ERIN!" Diana roared her name like mad woman. Diana charged through her house. Her beautiful house, that was tore to shreds. She found a picture of her family smashed to pieces on the floor. "ERIN!" still no answer. Diana stomped up the stairs, still yelling Erin's name. "Diana, you have to calm down, please." "CALM DOWN! I can't CALM DOWN! That little bitch has hurt my child! I can't believe your not even upset!" "I am Diana, but first there something I have to tell you." "Later!"

Diana tore open Erin's bedroom door, and wasn't surprised to find it a mess. Clothes thrown everywhere, the bed unmade. Something in the closet caught Diana's eye.

"Oh my God!" screamed Diana. On the ground in the closet laid a pile of pictures taken from the family albums. Erin had ripped them up and cut up bits and pieces of them.

"Diana," "Walker, our pictures, why did she do this?!" Before Walker could answer something heavy hit him over the head. Walker fell to the ground in a loud thump.

Chapter Eight [Confession]

"Walker!" Diana ran over to her husband, but Erin caught her arm. "You bitch! You lying bitch! You said I was part of the family!" "Erin how could you! Why did you do this to us! You are part of our family." "Not enough to be able to go out with you. You don't to be seen with me in public isn't that true Diana! You made sure I stay in the house because you didn't want anyone to know I lived here! Well believe me, people are going to know! They are going to want to know what ever happened to Diana Hanson!" "Erin, please, I don't understand." Diana started to cry. She fought with all her might to get Erin off of her. Erin pinned her down to the floor..

"Although I do have a confession to make, as you know by now I slept with your son." "More like raped him!" "Either way you want to see it, but is it rape when he's enjoying himself? And I'm sure Walker here told you about our times together." "What!" "I'm surprised, I thought this was an honest family, oh well, see Walker and I kinda have a thing going on. Late at night after your asleep, he come into my room, and climbs into bed with me." "That's bull shit!" "Diana, would I lie? Okay, maybe a little white lie here and there, but not when it's life or death here. Let's what else should I mention. Oh yeah, Zoe, Your probably wondering why she hasn't been hungry." "NO! Not my baby girl!" "Yes, I couldn't help it though Diana, the little brat woke me up, and I figure I'd let you sleep, so I took care of it. Just think of this Diana, when your kids are calling mommy, it's me they run to, and when your baby needs feeding, it's my breasts she feeds from, and when your husband makes love to you, it's my face he sees.'

"Why Erin, why do you hate us?"


"But about Zac? Why did you hurt him?"

"Well it's like they all say Diana, not every family is picture perfect. I guess you could say I was taken my father's job over." Diana couldn't stand this any longer. She tried shoving Erin off of her body. Maybe she could wake up Walker, maybe she could even get to the phone.

"There's no point in using the phone Diana .It's dead, and soon you will be too."

Erin charged after Diana. He fist clutched together. Diana in shock shoved Erin out of here way making her fall down the stairs.

As Erin tried to stand up and go after Diana again, Walker caught her by the wrist.

"Not fast of enough. Your through!" "Walker thank God your all right." "Yeah, a little dizzy but all right." "Is it true what she said? Did you sleep with her!" "Yes Walker darling, tell her the truth!" Yelled Erin. "Tell her what you said that night you came into my room, tell her you said you wanted to leave her for me, and who could blame you." "That's a lie! She followed me into the shower, I never said anything like that!" "LIAR! You said you love me! I thought you loved me daddy!" "Erin," "Diana don't leave her alone, the police will be here soon." "But the phones were dead?" "No, they're working fine." ‘ What a sight to come home to.' Thought Isaac as he pulled into the driveway. Cop cars were surrounded the place.

"MOMMY!" screamed Mackie as he ran into the house. "Mackie wait up!" Taylor ran after him. "What the Hell is going on?" asked Ike. Zac ignored the question and went into the house.

Zac found his parents in the living room on the couch talking to an officer.

"Zac come here sweetie, I'm so sorry I didn't believe you. I promise I'll always believe everything you say." Diana gave Zac a hug. A few tears left his eyes. "Well mom don't go overboard here." said Taylor. Zac stayed with his parents for questioning. He was shocked to hear the whole story. He knew it was an event he will never forget.

Hours later the cops had left their house, the family was still shaken up by the whole innocent.

"They said we should all see a counselor." said Diana. No said anything. "I could see if one would go on the road with you boys during your tour. I'm sure after this you might need one too." "Diana, I'm not leaving you here by yourself." "What do you mean Walker?" "Your coming with us. No more maids or baby-sitters, or whatever you call them," "Yes mom, please come with us! We'll see the consoler if you'll come with us." pleaded Zac. "I would love to go with you.'

"Erin, this is Dr. Hoover, You remember me right?" No answer came from Erin mouth. She looked up at the four eyed doctor. Someone she used to trust, someone she may have even loved

"Erin, I'm sorry your in this mess, I will try hard to get you out, I will try my best, but I need your help to, can you do that?" Erin still said nothing. Her anger grew stronger against this man. Her anger soon turned to hatred. Such strong hatred, almost evil power took over her body. Ever time she herd him spoke grew more anger.

Her powers took over, she did not call upon them. She herd the mirror began to shake, and a piece of glass came flying out and slicing the Dr. in the throat.

Chapter Nine [Last Chapter]

"I'll interview three girls today, I would really like if you were there with me Mike." "I would love to be, I have to go to work. The asshole boos of mine is on my case." "That asshole boos of yours is your father-in-law!" "Then you know why I can't be late. I'm sorry Cindy. I'm sure who ever you pick will be perfect. I just don't see why we can't have your mother do it." "My mother is seventy years old, she can't possibly watch Michelle." "Well, you choose who you want. I'll be back."

The Dawson's were new to Tulsa. They have just moved in after they were married last year. And their newest member of their family Michelle Lynn. Cindy Dawson had just started her old job a month ago, and they were looking for a baby-sitter for Michelle Lynn.

The agency had offered several qualified girls, but Mrs. Dawson was very picky about her took care of their child. If she couldn't do it, she'd make someone almost as perfect would.

The doorbell rang, which sent chills through Cindy's spin. She has to stop thinking about the city.

"Hello?" "Hi I'm looking for Cindy Dawson, I'm here for an interview." "Yes please come in. What's your name miss?" "Erin, Erin Conners."