The Taylight Zone - Anthology Eight

15 - Chat Room - Stokely

Taylor sat at his computer, bored, seeing as everyone was asleep, and signed on. Hmmmm..this should be interesting, he thought, his intentions being to play teenybopper in a Hanson chat room. As America Online went through the steps of signing on, Taylor put his hands behind his head and stretched. "Ahhhhh," he sighed, watching the channels and Welcome screens appear, with the monotonous "You've Got Mail" barely registering in his mind. After reading the few E-mails from his friends, he clicked on his favorite places and hit, "Arts and Entertainment: Hanson". But to his great surprise, the room was almost empty.

"That's odd....." he wondered aloud to no one in particular, his eyes narrowing in confusion. He stared at the one screen name in the room:

DeViLAnGeL: Hello.

HiTzFrEaK5: Why is there no one in here???

DeViLAnGeL: I made them leave.

HiTzFrEaK5: Why?? I wanna make new friends!

DeViLAnGeL: Because I want to talk to you, Taylor.

HiTzFrEaK5: I'm not Taylor!

DeViLAnGeL: Yes you are. Your sitting at your computer, playing teenybopper.

Taylor started to get worried. How did she know?

HiTzFrEaK5: did you know?

DeViLAnGeL: I have ways.

HiTzFrEaK5: Ways?

DeViLAnGeL: Yes, ways.

Now she was starting to scare him a little bit. But he wouldn't let it show.

HiTzFrEaK5: So...what do you want?

DeViLAnGeL: To frighten you.

This chick was already starting frighten him. But he wasn't going to show it.

HiTzFrEaK5: And exactly how are you going to do that?

DeViLAnGeL: I know where you live.

HiTzFrEaK5: Oh, yeah, I'm so sure.

DeViLAnGeL: It's brown with black shutters and a Dutch door. It has two floors, with the living room, kitchen, and den on the first floor. Your sisters' room is at the end of the hall, to the right of the stairs. Your brother's room is to the left of it. Your parent's room is at the other end of the hall. And your room, Taylor, is at the top of the stairs.

Now Taylor was completely scared out of his mind. How did this girl know?

HiTzFrEaK5: How do you know that????

DeViLAnGeL: Zoe's crib is to the left of the door in your sisters' room. Straight ahead are the two beds in which Avery and Jessica sleep in.

Taylor was too mesmerized--and incredibly frightened--by what this mysterious girl was saying to notice the slight creak from the door down the hall.

DeViLAnGeL: Mackenzie's race car bed is against the wall that is to the left of his door. Clothes and toys are everywhere.

A slight moan from the other room down the hall.

DeViLAnGeL: Your parent's room is much too plain. A king sized bed against the wall and a wardrobe against the wall at the foot of the bed.

Springs moving.

: And your room......

Taylor started typing vigorously, not hearing the creak of his bedroom door. He was about to press ENTER, but paused when he felt a slight hot breeze from behind him. He turned around. Moments later his limp hand hit the ENTER key.

HiTzFrEaK5: Chelsea?