The Taylight Zone - Anthology Eight

13 - Dreams Do Come True - Arwyn

"I love you, Taylor"

"I love you too, Felicity" Taylor whispered breathing heavily while laying down with his arms are her, slowly falling asleep.


When Taylor woke up it was still night and Felicity was gone. Man she always does that...oh well. It's strange that she doesn't wake me up while getting dressed and all though, since I'm a light sleeper. Taylor couldn't go back to sleep so he got dressed and went out for a walk. Do I really love her? I mean I know I have strong feelings for her...but is she someone I could spend the rest of my life with? Why am I thinking this? I'm only 19. Sighing Taylor went into the local park and walked to the swing set. Sitting down on the swing set Taylor started to swing till he heard a strange noise. Turning around he looked behind him and couldn't see anything. "Damn the dark, you can't see anything without any lights around here" he said to himself...or so he though.

"What did you say?" said someone hiding in the shadows.

Scared, Taylor jumped off the swing. "Who's there?"

"Just another person like yourself" said a guy, coming out of the shadows. He looked around his early 20s, dark hair, dark eyes, slim figure, about 5'11" and an Italian accent. He's wearing all black, black shoes, jeans, shirt, and a flannel shirt. "I'm actually waiting for a few friends of you mind if I sit down?"

Looking strangely at this guy Taylor motioned to the swing "Yeah, sure, it's a free country you know"

"Thank you...the name is Tony...what's yours?" Tony said.

"Um...Taylor...Taylor Hanson" He said sitting down on the swing next to Tony carefully.

"Ah...yes, I've heard about are part of a band, called...Hanson, correct?"

"Um...yeah, our first single was about 6 years ago"

"Sorry, I'm not a very up-to-date person...I haven't been around for a while"

Taylor nods thinking, well...I guess he's safe, I mean I'm out here too, after all. Suddenly Taylor hears footsteps. He looks up at Tony to look at his face, which is calm. Hmmm....must be his friends, I hope.

"Hey, hey, Tony, long time no see! Sorry we're late...we went to get a midnight snack" says a female voice with a Brooklyn accent while two others snicker.

" have you guys been?" Tony says while hugging each one. There are two girls and a guy.

"We're GREAT!" Says the Brooklyn girl.

"And hyper..." Laughs the other girl also having a Brooklyn accent.

"Oh hey, let me introduce you guys, Taylor this is Gloria..." says Tony as he points to the Brooklyn girl, who has dirty blond hair which is about 3 inches over her shoulders, green eyes, a purple velvet shirt, black overshirt, black jeans, and purple shoes. She looks to be around 19 years old and 5'8". "Carrie..." pointing to the green eyed, red hair girl with a green empire waist dress and black combat boots. She looks like she's 20 and is also around 5'8" with an Irish accent. "and Tommy" pointing to the guy with Black hair, green eyes, a Green and Black shirt, black cargo pants and green boots. He looks the oldest, around 23, about 5'11" and an unknown accent. "Guys, this is Taylor"

"Hi!" "Hello" "Hey..." the three say.

"Hi..." says Taylor in return with a fake smile thinking, For some reason I just can't trust these people.

"So Tony...what are we going to do with him?" asked Gloria.

"What do you mean, do with me?" asks Taylor raising his left eyebrow.

"Awww...Tony, don't tell me you didn't tell him..." Says Tommy also having a Italian accent.

"Sorry, I didn't have time guys got here to quickly" Tony replied.

"What are you guys talking about?" Taylor asked.

Oh well....looks like we'll have to show him instead" Said Carrie, bearing her razor sharp fangs.

Wide-eyed Taylor looks at Tony bearing his fangs as well as Gloria and Tommy..."What...what are you?" he says, scared shitless.

"Aww...come on...don't tell me you've never heard of a Vampire before" Carrie says.

"If I were you, I'd run..." says Tommy laughing evilly.

Taylor started to run into the forest while hearing the vampires right behind him. I should know this place better then them, I've been living here for all my life...why they sound like they're from New York. Taylor took a sharp turn to the left, going towards an old friend's house. Wait a minute...should I be really waking up someone I haven't seen in about a year?

"You can't run forever Taylor, we'll get you!" Shouted Carrie.

Yes! Taylor thought, running as fast as his legs could carry him. Running onto the top of a hill, Taylor came to a sudden stop. "Shit!" he said, "Where's that damn bridge?!?" Looking down at the wild rapids below. Turning around he looks at the 4 vampires.

"Aww...poor Taylor, it's either get your blood sucked by 4 vampires or diving to the deadly rapids below...looks like a no win situation to me, right guys?" Said Tommy.

"Right!" came three answers.

As the vampires came closer and closer Taylor kept on backing towards the cliff more and more. Then suddenly the rocks below Taylor's feet gave way and Taylor went falling towards the........


Taylor sat up with a cold sweat and looked at the clock that read 5:03 am. Thank was just a dream...or should I say, a nightmare.

Waking up, Felicity sat up on her elbows looking at Taylor "Sweetie, what's wrong?"

"It's okay hun, just a nightmare, you can go to bed..."

"'ve woken me you want to talk about it?"

"Um...well...sure..." Taylor said giving Felicity ever detail that he could think of his nightmare.

15 minutes later

"Oh sweetie...what a horrid nightmare..." Said Felicity as she moved to give Taylor a hug. Taylor yawned. "Are you tired again? Do you think you can get back to sleep Taylor?"

"I guess the best way to find out is to try" Replied Taylor giving a weak smile. Smiling back, Felicity layed on top of Taylor's chest.

"Hey sweetie?" Felicity said a few minutes later.


"I have to tell you something..."


"Well...I want us to be together....forever..." She said, bearing her razor sharp fangs.

Taylor didn't even scream as she dug her fangs into his neck.