The Taylight Zone - Anthology Eight

08 - Soul Possession - Juliette

"So, Luce, you up for a game of b-ball?" Taylor asked, spinning the ball on his finger.

"Actually, I think I'll sit this one out.  I haven't been feeling well lately," Lucy replied, and stretched out on the bench.  Taylor gave her a sympathetic look, then punched Isaac in the arm.

"Looks like you're up, dude!" he said, and immediately tossed the ball over Isaac's head and through the net.  "Score!"

"I swear, Tay, sometimes you have the most peculiar sense of accomplishment.  I didn't even know I was playing yet, and you throw the ball over my head and call it a score?  Shouldn't the game have started before a basket can be made?" Isaac gave Taylor a pointed look.

"Hey Zacman, you wanna play?" Taylor offered.

"No, thanks.  I'll sit out with Lucy, maybe I can help her feel better," Zac replied, turning to Lucy.  "Would ya like some orange juice maybe?  That's supposed to be good for you."

"Oh don't worry about her!  She can take care of herself!"  Taylor insisted, passing the ball to Zac.  It bounced off Zac's thigh.

"OW!  Dude, have some courtesy!  She's sick and I want her to get well!" Zac cried.  With that, he got up and went into his house for a glass of orange juice.

"Pussy," Taylor muttered under his breath, and tossed the ball through the net again.

"I don't know why I got sick all of a sudden.  It just sort of crept up on me," Lucy explained to Zac inside his house.

"Well whatever it is, it won't go away with you just standing here.  Go lie down on our couch, maybe some rest will help," he ordered, even leading her over, one hand on her back.

"Well I must say you're being alot nicer than Taylor.  In fact, I've started to feel a little better just since coming inside!" Lucy noted.

"See?  All that activity outside must've somehow worn you out," Zac replied.  Just then the door flew open and Taylor came running inside.

"Dibs on the N64!" he cried, as Lucy winced.  Taylor plopped down on the floor and cranked the TV's volume.

"Taylor!  Lucy is trying to rest!" Zac scolded.

"Well she can either rest someplace else or play Mortal Kombat with me cause I called dibs," Taylor retorted childishly.

"Sorry Luce," Zac apologized.

"No, I'll play with Taylor," Lucy replied wearily, picking up a controller.  After numerous games, all won by Taylor, Lucy couldn't even hold the controller.  It fell to the floor with a loud THUNK, and Lucy slumped back against the couch, eyes closed.

"Lucy!" Zac cried, rushing to her side with a damp washcloth.

"What a wimp," Taylor commented, then stood up as if he was about to leave the room.  Instead, he sat in a recliner and stared heavily at Lucy.

"Lucy? Speak to me!" Zac insisted, staring her straight in the face.

"I've almost got her Zac.  There's no point in trying to save her now," Taylor said in a voice much deeper than his own.

"Taylor, stop it.  She doesn't deserve this.  Let go," Zac replied in a calm, breezy voice.

"You don't have the power to give her her soul back.  The only person who does is Isaac, and he's completely clueless."

"WAS completely clueless," Isaac corrected from the stairway.  He made his way down and stood in front of Lucy, blocking Taylor's view.

"Hey cut it out!" Taylor cried in his own voice.

"No.  I've seen you take other fans, make it look as though they passed out, in order to gain the attention of other fans, but I can't let you take our friend," Isaac replied.

"Oh, but Isaac!  I need her!  I'm running out of teenies!" Taylor whined.

"Stop whining.  I'm shutting you down, Taylor, so Zac can give Lucy her soul back.  If you try to take it from her again, I'LL take YOURS, understand?" Isaac said.  Taylor grumbled, nodded, then fell asleep.  Zac turned to Lucy and started talking to her, wiping her face with the cloth, touching her as much as he could.  Eventually, she opened her eyes.

"Whoa, Zacman, I musta played too hard or something!  I went out like a light there for a second!" Lucy exclaimed.  She paused.  "Hey, and I feel better too!"

"Yep!  We cured ya," Zac said, and gave her a hug.

"Aw, you always make me feel better, Zac," Lucy said.

"Sure do," Zac replied.  "But Ike helped."