The Taylight Zone - Anthology Five

06 - As the Stone Crumbles - K. Blur

"Hand me the blue" asks Zac, staring Tay darkly in the back.

"Come and get it yourself!" snaps Tay, not bothering to look back.

"Fine" replies Zac. He gets up and slaps Tay upside the head on his way to get the blue crayon.

Tay swifty grabs Zac's leg and knocks him hard on the thighs. Zac falls hard on his stomach and elbows.  "Ow, Taylor!" screams Zac, painfully.

"That is what you get for slapping me, you little brat," replies Tay, giggling in the process.

Everyone was pretty tense. The tour had been hard for them all. It was definitely taking it's toll. On the road, sleeping in uncomfortable beds made them all pretty uptight. One thing they were looking forward to was
Halloween. At least then they could go out in public and not be noticed among the thousands of others.

"Can I get this one, Mom?" asked Zac, holding up the Scream costume.

"A little scary, dont you think, Zac?" replied Mrs.hanson while giving Mackenzie a boost into the cart.

"No, mom, it isnt, PLEASE can I get this one?" pleaded Zac.

"Fine, Zac, alright" replied Mrs.Hanson

Taylor stood at the back of the store, glaring at Zac, all the while thinking about how Zac was so selfish. Ever since they'd became famous, Zac had been so self-undulged.Taylor didnt mind except when in public with Zac. Isaac was bothered by it, too. Taylor and Isaac tried to tell Zac, but he wouldn't listen. Standing there in the store Taylor was plotting a way to make Zac never want to be so popular again.

It was Halloween, and about 3 hours untill trick-or-treat time. Zac already had his costume on, and Mrs. Hanson was busy getting the little kids ready.

Taylor didn't dress up this year.  He was just going to wear a mask and run the kids around the neighborhood, and then come back for some well needed relaxation.

"Mackenzie, all you have to do is run up there, I am sure that is only a dummie" whispered Taylor, re assuring his little brother that that gorilla on this mans front porch was only a dummie. Mackenzie reluctantly went up to the door, got candy, and bounded down the steps and glued himself to Taylor's leg. He finally let go, and they walked on.

"BOO!" yelled Zac at some little kids. He loved doing that. He didnt know why, it was a sick pleasure. he turned down some street called Dyer, and noticed it was very desolate.

And dark.

"More candy for me" Zac muttered.

He went to the first house, and no answer.  The second house was decorated to the max. He knocked, and was answered by a screeching cat, then the door opened. Some old man lifted a bag of candy. "Would you like some, sonny?" asked the man.

"Thanks" replied Zac, greedily.

He walked, perring in his bag for the snickers bar he had been given not only 2 seconds ago. He didnt see the man in front of him.

"Oh, I am sorry dude, excuse me" said Zac, still looking for the candy bar.

The man stood in his way again.

"Umm, I said sorry" said Zac, his voice a little shakey.

The man stood still. he was at least six foot. He took Zac by the arm and led him to a black 4 door sedan. Zac couldnt scream, his mouth was full of snickers.....

"Alright, Mackie, theres mom, go there, tell her I am going to find Zac so we can finally go eat" Said Taylor.

He turned and walked. The last place he spotted Zac was only that one road called Dyer. Taylor searched, the heard a car screech behind him.

"Shit!" screamed Tay, jumping quickly to avoid the car.

He turned quickly enough to see his brother in the back, ducktape over his mouth, trying to scream.

Taylor bounded after the car. he ran as fast as he could, and managed to follow it to an old warehouse. he snuck in as the automatic door closed behind him. Zac was pulled from the car by, what looked like, Marilyn Manson.  As they stepped into the light, Taylor immediatly knew it was Manson. He pulled the ducktape off of Zac's mouth.

"Now listen here you self centered mmbopper, I am tired of your band and your little groupies.Let me guess, Hanson cant survive without a drummer, can they?"

"Umm," said Zac, terrified.

Taylor was about to make his move when his pager went off. Manson turned and saw him hiding in the shadows. Taylor tried to run but was quickly seized by Manson's band members.  He and Zac were both tied to a chair. Taylor remembered he had his knife with him. He cut them out and ran for the door, barely escaping. Manson was right on their heels.

Taylor tripped, and saw Manson in the air, about to land hard on top of him.

Manson landed with a grunt. His eyes closed, and he rolled off, for Taylor's knife was firmly embedded in his chest. Zac was also chased, but managed to hide behind some tree's. When Manson's members saw his body, they ran toward it, ignoring Taylor.

He and Zac ran home, and Zac was never EVER so self conceided again.  3 months later.

"Hello" says Zac, almost dropping the phone.

"Hi there, little bopper" said a raspy voice on the end.

"IS this another prank call. Who is this?" said Zac, a little scared.

"The question is, not who I am, but WHERE I am." replied the voice.

The glass behind Zac broke, and he was pulled out by unknown gloved hands, all the while screaming, but not heard, for he had made his family so mad with his attitude that they went out to dinner and forgot him.

With Zac's own blood, on the wall, wrote, "Feel this pain and strife..."