The Taylight Zone - Anthology One

06 - Someone Else - Diana

I'm leaning against the side of an elevator, ready to get off at the main floor, with my brothers. Getting reading to face the screaming mob of girls that greet us where ever we go. Getting ready to plaster a fake smile on my face, and wave.

We get off, and the screaming increases. People are trying to get to us, break though the security that surrounds us. Trying to touch our coats, our hair, trying to make contact. I can hear our names being screamed.


"Oh my God! Isaac!"

"Zac! Over here!"

"I love you Taylor..."

The words are echoing in my ears. I love you Taylor...I love you Taylor..I love you....

I'm forcing myself to smile and wave now. Just a little more. A few more feet until we're outside, and in the bus to take us away from all of this.

I love you Taylor.

She doesn't love me. She loves Taylor Hanson. The keyboardist for Hanson.

You're so cute!

I'm just another pretty face.

Taylor! Look over here! Over here! Oh God, over here! Please!

I turn my head. Another smiling, screaming girl with my name written all over her face. Mrs. Taylor Hanson in bright red marker. I wonder if that washes out easily. They're all the same.

I love you Taylor! Be mine forever! I love you Taylor Hanson! You're so cute! I would do anything for you! I love you!

It's too much. I stop walking. My breathing is deeper now, and everything's spinning. Everyone's a whirl of girlish voices. High pitched shrieks and screams.

I love you Taylor! Taylor! Taylor Hanson!

That last voice sounds familiar. My eyes snap open. My head hurts. The walls around me are white, and unknown to me. It looks like a--

"You're in a hospital honey." It's my mom. Her eyes are filled with concern for me. She loves me, yes, she loves me. "You fainted. The doctors say that it was all that screaming." She smiles wryly.

It was the screaming.

I love you Taylor Hanson!

It's still ringing in my head. I slump down, onto the white hospital bed. Everything in hospitals are white. It's uncanny. A nurse comes in. She's saying that mom has to leave...visiting hours are over Mrs. have to leave Taylor...he needs rest....

No, she can't go. I make a feeble attempt to get up, but I can't. Mom is ushered out the door, and the door is shut, with a small click.

God, please, God, I wish I was someone else. Anyone else.

Sunlight hits my eyes. It's morning.....


I'm instantly awake. I have a concert to perform at. I have fans to face. I have to sing, to play...rolling out of bed, I look at the white hospital gown I'm in. Looking for my clothes, I pull them on, and walk out the door.

No one seems to notice.

"It's a grey sky today, with the sun peeping out between the clouds.." The radio rambles on. I'm in the back of a yellow cab, on my way to the concert hall. I have to get there before 10. I have to.....
I pay the cab driver. He mumbles something that sounds like "Have a nice day." in broken English, and drives off, to look for another person to transport.

My hands are stuffed in my pockets, as I quicken the pace. I'm inside the hall, and I duck my head.

Please don't recognize me.

No one does. People pass by, chattering. I pick up the words "Hanson..concert..." I can't be late.

I sneak into a door, which I know leads to the back. The stage is just ahead of me. No one's in sight.

"Hey guys! I'm so glad you could be here today! Our first song is going to be Weird..."

I wince as Isaac's voice booms through the speakers. But wait...they can't perform without me. I play the keyboards.

The opening notes of Weird drift through the speakers.

I sing lead.

"Isn't it weird, isn't it strange..."

Someone's singing. They even sound like me. Who did they hire to replace me?

"Even though we're just too strangers on this runaway train..."

I'm sprinting now, towards the stage. When I get there, I look out from behind the curtains.

"We're both trying to find, our place in the sun..."

There he is. I can see his back. He's around my height, with the same build, and the same, no, with my clothes. His hair is long and blonde, and hands down to about his shoulders.

Bitterly, I see that he even has a rattail. Probably fake, an attachment of some sort.

"We've lived in the shadows, but doesn't everyone?"

The crowd is silent. Not a single scream. Everyone is silent as his voice is projected through the concert hall.

Suddenly, I can't stand it anymore. I should be there, singing, playing. I should be there. That's my part, my job. I rush out onto stage, and tackle the imposter.

Wires snap. The keyboard is knocked over. A deafening crash echoes through the stage. Someone screams.

I can faintly hear Isaac calling for help.

I twist his arm, behind his back, and jerk his head so that he faces me.

Startled, I almost lose my grip, as I find myself staring into a pair of frightened blue eyes I thought only belonged to me. What frightens me more is the reflection in those blue eyes.

A boy with short, brown hair, and icy green eyes. Me.

Someone is dragging me off him now, and he stands up gasping. His face is one I'm familiar with. His voice is familiar as he asks "Who are you?"

"You have to believe me! I'm Taylor Hanson!" I have to get out of this bed. It's not comfortable like the one in the hospital. It has straps holding me down.

The men dressed in white chuckle and shake their heads. One of them is holding a needle.

"But I'm Taylor Hanson! Let me go!" I'm begging them now. My voice sounds different. It's strange to hear.

"Stay still son." He leans down, the needle in his hand.

I jerk around, trying to escape. I have to get out. I have to go home. My mother loves me...

There's a small pain in my side. It stings briefly, before my eyes close.

"I'm Taylor Hanson! You have to believe me." My voice is raw from screaming. "Y-y-you have a-am..T-taylor....Han..."

*Author's Note: Thank you to Stephen who felt sorry for me, and gave me the general idea for this. And no, actually, I don't really know who I think is the real Taylor. *grin* I mean, you do believe him, don't you?*