Ever Lonely

06 - Promise - Kimberly

They met in a performance art cafe on the corner of Main St. and 1st Avenue. It was a Monday night and the clouds blurred the sky into a bleak reminder of the growing darkness. The streets were cold to the touch and were greeted by only the quickest of wheels and feet that evening.

They had come to see a relatively unknown local band perform. For some reason, the club was closed that evening and the performance was rescheduled for the following evening.

They'd been the first two people to the club. He was tall with medium-length blond hair, blue eyes, pouty lips and a flair for odd fashion. She was short but lithe with dark, curly ringlets of hair trailing down her back, mint green eyes and gothic dress.

He hadn't noticed her right away and wouldn't have if she hadn't been pressed against him the way she was. She had seen him there though. She recognized him as her secret crush. She had a habit of hiding in the corners, observing, while he liked to be front row center, catching the spotlight whenever he could. Watching him gave her secret delight. Touching him gave her even more.

On this night, a small crowd made them intensely aware of one another. She was pressed against his shoulder, close enough that she had to breath on his neck, noticing that it gave him some discomfort. Suddenly, he turned around and they were face to face, hip to hip, eye to eye.

Silently, he grabbed her hand and pulled her from the crowd milling slowly around the closed doors. Suddenly, the darkness overhead didn't seem quite so dark anymore. A silent tune played in their minds and they joined hands and began to dance to the same beat. Then, hands were not enough. Lips touched and tongues mingled and feelings interchanged and entwined.

When they pulled away simultaneously, she asked him three words. "Always and forever?"

With two words, he became hers. "I promise."

With one word, she became his. "Ditto."