The Taylight Zone - The Nowhere Road Anthology

07 - Nowhere Road - Carli

Taylor and Isaac sat quietly in the burgundy sedan. Taylor was driving as Isaac flipped through the channels on the radio, trying desperately to fill the disturbing silence. After finally deciding on a top 40s channel, he turned in the restrictions of the seat belt and faced Zac, who was following on his motorcycle. He smiled and nodded at Isaac, who nodded back and turned back around. The next thing that Isaac or Zac knew, Taylor slammed on the brakes, sending Isaac into the seat belt. Zac, with luck, hit the brakes in time.
"Taylor, what the hell did you do that for?" asked a bewildered Isaac. But Taylor didn't answer, instead, he threw a punch and hit Isaac square in the face. Isaac, not wanting to hurt his younger brother, just sat there as Taylor pounded him repeatedly. After about 20 punches, he realizes that it was either fight Taylor or die. And with Taylor in this condition, he didn't want to leave Zac with Taylor any longer than he had to. He attempted to fight Taylor, and it was working until Taylor bit through Isaacs thin 'Pizza World' t-shirt. Zac watched his brothers arm fly out the window and started up to see if he could help in anyway. By the time he reached the backseat of the car, Isaac threw Taylor out the windshield onto the cold road. Taylor shook his head a little then went after Isaac in blind rage, tackling him to the ground. Isaac tried to move but Taylor had him pinned. Taylor grasped Isaacs head and pounded it repeatedly to the ground. Soon, Isaac lay lifeless. Taylor took the pocketknife out of Isaac's pocket and cut off Isaacs head. Zac suppressed the urge to vomit as Taylor grabbed Isaac's head and walked up the road, Isaac's blood invading the snow covered ground. Zac watched Taylor drop Isaac's head off the side of the road. Zac quickly grabbed Isaac's body and threw it into the open trunk, along with Isaac's arm. Taylor walked back, not noticing that Isaac's body was gone. He sat down where the first pool of blood lay, and burst into tears. Zac cautiously walked up to the sobbing Taylor and put his arm around him, comforting him.
"Tay, where's Ike's head?" Zac asked cautiously. Taylor got up and walked up the road to where Isaac's head lay. Taylor picked it up and brought it back to Zac. Zac closed Isaac's empty brown eyes and placed it, along with the body, in the trunk. Putting the motorcycle on the trailer behind the sedan, Zac got in the car after Taylor and they headed home. It was midnight when they arrived home. Zac went to the garage and got a couple shovels and motioned Taylor to follow him. They made a hole about 6 feet in length and about 3 feet in diameter in their back yard.  They went to the car and took Isaac's body and brought it back to the hole. Taylor went upstairs and grabbed Isaacs favorite things, his notebook, his hunter green sheets and Cammi, his first guitar, and brought them back and he and Zac wrapped Isaacs body in the sheets, and laid him in the makeshift grave. Gently, they laid the guitar on top of Isaac. Grabbing a pen out of his pocket, Zac found an empty sheet in the notebook and wrote:

I don't know why Taylor killed you, but I'm sure he didn't mean it. We will all miss you greatly and I hope you look down upon us from Heaven and guide us with the Light. Hopefully, this grave is only temporary, and I hope the neighbor dogs don't find you. You had a lot ahead of you in life, but now, unfortunately, you won't be able to live out those dreams. I'll think about you every day, as a brother should, and I'll keep an eye on the younger ones for you. I'll spread your love for everyone the best I can. I love you and I'll miss you.

Zachary Walker Hanson
November 17, 2001
Zac looked at the date, then added.
P.S. Happy 21st birthday.

Zac handed the notebook to Taylor, "You want to write anything?" Zac asked him. Taylor, nodded yes, and finding an empty place, he began to write.

I don't know what to say to you. Will I miss you? Of course, your my older brother and best friend. Do I feel remorse over killing you? Yes, I never meant to kill you, but as you saw, one thing lead to another and I reckon that you know what happened. But I do hope you know it was your fault in the first place. If it wasn't for you being the royal dickhead, you'd most likely still be alive. See, I told you not to fight with me, you'd never win. What did I tell you, I was, am, and will always be the heartthrob of Hanson. Not you, not Zac, me. Little ol' Taylor Hanson. No one cared if you had a 'great' voice or a 'heart of gold', you were always trying to steal my place in the spotlight. I've dealt with this long enough, Isaac, it was time for you to leave my place alone. And keep this in mind, if Zac tries, he shall only succeed in joining you. I was Mom and Dads favorite child, i shall Always be Mom and Dads fav –

Taylor didn't finish his sentence, he was on the ground, under Zac. "YOU KILLED HIM ON PURPOSE!!" Zac screamed, throwing punches, "YOU WERE SO JEALOUS OF ISAAC HAVING SUCH A GOOD VOICE AND ALL THAT YOU WANTED TO BE THAT YOU KILLED HIM!!!!" Zac was crying as he kept punching Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Hanson came out and pulled the fighting brothers off of each other. "He killed Isaac, he killed him," Zac cried into his mothers fleece nightgown.
"Taylor?" Mr. Hanson growled. "What have you done?" Taylor just smiled an innocent smile and shrugged.
"I didn't do anything, Dad, Zac just had a bad dream."
"Liar, you killed him! I saw you!" Zac screamed. Mrs. Hanson just held Zac close. "Check his clothes, they are covered in blood!!!" Mr. and Mrs. Hanson looked at each other with pained expressions. Mr. Hanson went over to Taylor and looked at his clothes, as Zac said they were covered in blood.
"Di, get Zac in the house, I need to talk to our son," Mr. Hanson said firmly. Mrs. Hanson did as she was told and took the sobbing boy into the house. When they were gone, Mr. Hanson just looked at Taylor. "What have you done?"
"You should have listened to Zac, he told you Dad," Taylor said, with an amused expression on his face.
"Where is Isaac's body?"
"Right there under the notebook and Cammi."
"Okay. Go inside, to your room and don't come out until I come for you," Taylor did as he was told and Mr. Hanson took Isaacs body out of the grave. Carrying the corpse, he went inside and called the police, when he heard a gunshot.
The next week brought two funerals. One for Isaac, and one for Taylor. When Mr. Hanson found Taylor, there was a note in his hand. Walker read it out loud at the funeral.

I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure that you won't forgive me. Zac was right, I was jealous of Isaac, but only because he lived the life I wanted. He wasn't wanted by tons of male and female fans as I was, but I also held a secret. I was gay. I had no interest in girls but I had to hide it. Isaac knew about it, but did nothing to comfort me. That's why I did what I did. I'm sorry if I hurt everyone, but I felt if had to be done.

Jordan Taylor Hanson
November 17, 2001