The Taylight Zone - The Nowhere Road Anthology

05 - Faith in the Unknowing - Leigh

When the aliens landed in the tiny town of Roswell, New Mexico, things were
sure to never be the same. Roswell was a quiet peaceful little town that is
until the “ACCIDENT.” I was never one to believe in the green big-eyed
Martians, but in the words of my editor, “Faith ,you are a journalist you
need an open-mind.” I was then determined to prove them all wrong and write an award-winning piece telling the “believers” 'I told you so.' But what I
never expected was to become one of them.

It all started on a Friday morning, I had been in Roswell for a week, and had
heard all kinds of loco stories about the Unidentified Objects that had taken
a home here. Many people claimed to have saw the craft and the aliens, and
some said they even had managed to capture them. All these stories were a
dead end. Many of the residents were hoping to obtain as much money off this encounter as possible. That is until I met a woman by the name of Margret Green. It was said that she was at the crash site and took pictures of the little green beings. I had thought that if I could get copies of these
so-called pictures I could put to rest  the scandal and perhaps make a name
for myself as the truth seeker.

Of course, Margret was hesitant to spill the beans. She told me that it
didn’t matter whether or not I believed her, and how she only wanted the
nonsense to stop. I told her I was a truth seeker and that I too thought the
latest tourist attraction was ridiculous. I don’t know, but something told me
that she really did sincerely believe that she saw something. Something also
made her put her trust in me. I needed to open my mind up to a world of new
possibilities. I mean after all, we exist right? I was now on the start of a new path to become a changed person. We spent the next 2 weeks, together as
much as possible.  It was all so interesting and intriguing and with such
amazing descriptions.  She told me of how these creatures were the most
mystifying and beautiful beings she ever saw and how she shared an emotional bonding with them. I was very curious as to what bonding she had experienced with them and she said death. She told me how she watched the sadness in their eyes as one of them was taking their last breaths. Can you believe that...breaths? She herself had tears filling her eyes. The story was just amazing. It definitely pulled at my heart. A few days later she allowed me to see the pictures promising that I would only share these with her and not the rest of the world. She feared for their safety. She was right they were in fact the most astounding heavenly beings I ever saw. I then took one of the pictures home with me that night. I kept staring. I couldn’t believe how amazing they were. The next day I had to find out more, no longer was I interested in getting a story, but more about getting a glimpse of their world. Margret told me that there was still much to share and that I had to be patient.

About a month and a half later, Margret arrived at my hotel  door. I was once
again gazing at the picture and wondering what they could teach me.  Margret simply said, “It is time.” Then  she asked me if I had FAITH in the
unknowing. I simply said Yes. I found myself nearly 4 hours later being led
to Lovington another town a few miles away from Roswell. It was nearly
nightfall when we reached a cave. It was there I first looked upon them.  The
pictures certainly did not do them Justice. I found out that Margret had been
able to establish communication with them, and had been visiting often. I
felt a tinge of jealousy that is until he walked over to me. He had the most
captivating blue eyes; I could literally see myself falling into them and never returning. He then sang to me. Every time he used his voice it was perfection, even in the small mistakes he made. He told me he came from the Planet Albertane, and that his name was Taylor Hanson.

It was then I became a believer and never again did I return to Roswell.