The Taylight Zone - Anthology Nine

20 - Someone Else's Eyes - Sarah

His legs were carrying him to a place he wasn't sure of.
Where am I going?
The eyes of the blurs around him followed his form flying down the street.  Something in his mind told him to keep going...until he reached his destination.  What that was he was still unsure of.

He turned the corner of the busy street in Boston.  His legs suddenly locked, his body stopped all motion.  There in front of him stood a girl about his age, with long jet black hair and startling green eyes.  Her ruby red lips held an emotionless look, but her eyes were locked on his.  he kept staring until his eyes began to water.  Going against his will he closed them.
A strong sensation swept through his body.
The sensation of movement tingled his limbs.
He felt…different.  Something was there that wasn't before, something was also missing.  He opened his eyes, and looked at.....himself…?
Wait...this isn't right.  Why am I looking at myself?
He looked down and was shocked to see black flares, black tank top, and a button up black shirt with black boots.  These clothes weren't his..they were hers.
But this isn't possible...
He put his hands in front of his face, and saw soft skin, short gentle fingers.  They weren't his, they were hers.

He picked his eyes up and looked to where his body stood.  His question shot between them before the words were even formed.
What is going on?
You will see.
See what?
My life, and I shall see yours.
Never in your life have you ever wondered about how fortunate you've been, or what you life could be like.
His body turned to leave.
His body turned to face him again.
Where am I going to go?
My body will take you.
What will I be called?
Nicollette-Anne, and call me Taylor.
Taylor turned and left before Nicollette-Anne could answer.
Nicollette looked around at the people, rats, and garbage that surrounded her in the dark alley.
God help me...What did I do to deserve this?
She felt a body next to her shift.  A terror rose in her body that was new.  Instincts told her to cover her chest with her arms.

"Hey there sweet thing.  You up for some love tonight?"  She wanted to say no, but the words never came.  Her lips were soon covered with the man's dirty mouth.  Nausea enveloped her.  hands were all over her body.  A small "no" was pressed through her lips between his kisses. She felt his weight lift.

"You dare say no to me?!"  A sharp sting shocked her, and his weight was returned.  His hands traveled down below her waist and pulled off her remaining clothing.  An unimaginable pain shot through her spine as she felt him inside her.  She went numb and stopped moving, stopped fighting as the tears took over.  One last kiss was left on her lips as the man rolled over and fell asleep. She stood, grabbed her clothes, and ran.
The hotel towered above the small dark form outside the lobby. Nicollette smoothed out her hair, and dirty clothes.  She marched quickly passed the man at the front desk, and up to the floor she knew he was on. Knocking frantically on the door; the sobs took over, and she fell to the ground.

The sound of the door opening startled her.  She lifted her eyes, and looked in his.

"Come inside." was all he said, and he helped her in.  Taylor helped her out of her clothes.  After wrapping a towel around her, he took them down to the lobby to get washed.  When he returned, he unwrapped the blanket and placed her in a bath of warm water.  He carefully washed her body and hair.
"You're probably wondering how much longer this will last." Taylor said to Nicollette.

"Yes, I am."

"Until you learn the lesson to be learned."

"But I can't take this any longer!  I was raped!  I lived with the homeless, and rats, and garbage!  I know I was nieve before, but I swear I'm not anymore!  I will respect women!  I'll contribute to charities.  Anything, but please, please give me my body back!"  tears started to fall quickly out of Nicollette's eyes.  Taylor wrapped his arms around her bare shoulders.  Nicollette closed her eyes.  A sensation began to sweep through her.  She felt movement.   A sense of fear forced her to open her eyes.  She saw black hair, and felt herself holding someone in a towel. She pulled back and saw....he was himself again. Their eyes locked, and the real Taylor began to cry.

"I had no idea people actually lived through things like that."

"Now you do."

"I'm sorry."

"You did nothing Taylor.  Don't apologize."

"Do you feel what I felt last night now?"

"Yes, the pain it there."

"The feel of him?"


"His lips?"

"Yes."  Taylor leaned forward, and pressed his lips gently to hers, and pulled away a moment later.

"I felt that you needed a gentler kiss."  Nicollette smiled.

"You learned all you were supposed to.  In a matter of a week."

"I'm a fast learner."  Taylor looked at Nicollette.  She was, perhaps, the most beautiful girl he's ever sen.  Maybe not in looks, but he knew she was.  He lived as she did.  He WAS her.  He loved her.
Taylor never forgot about the lesson Nicollette taught him.  He never told her of his love for her.  He saw her every once and a while, but he knew she knew he loved her.

He started working for charities, and raised money for the homeless.  All his girlfriends, he treated with great care.  No one knew about the experience he'd had.  He never talked of his meeting her, or his wish to love her.  He never told anyone of the week his lived through someone else's eyes.