The Taylight Zone - Anthology Nine

10 - More Than Anything - Alecia

"Here at the studio we have the three AMAZING brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac to talk about their new album and take all of your calls!!"
"Thanks for the intro DJ  Marky Mark!" said Taylor sarcastically.
"Let’s take our 1st caller!! We have Jenny on the line from Memphis,
Tennessee to ask you guys a question. What do you wanna say to these
guys Jenny?"
"Well, 1st I want to say Hi to Zac!! And I have a question, what does it feel like to have your popularity slip so fast?"
Isaac came in with a quick answer, "Well, we don’t think of it as our popularity is slipping, we still have a large group of following fans and we think of each day as a blessing."
"Yeah," Taylor cut in, "We know a lot of bands lose their longevity within one year, we are very fortunate to have stayed around so long and to have another album out. We think our fans are going to like it and maybe you will start hearing about us more often."
"Whatever, but I’ve got news for you, I think your music really…"
"Ok…lets take another call!!" Mark replied as he hit the disconnect button.
Renee, a radio station operator that takes calls from the back, walked in and whispered into Mark’s ear, "I’m sorry, but there are no more calls for the guys. Well, actually, there are calls saying to take them off the air!!"
"Well, Zac, how was the experience of making this new album?"
"It was really great actually!! We had so much support from our family and friends, and Chris Sabec, he worked with us on Middle of Nowhere, helped us so much on the new album!"
"That’s just great. Well that’s about all the time we have with Hanson today guys!! Come back and see us again, will you?"
"Of course," Isaac replied, "When we’re in town, we for sure will stop by!"
"Ok, we’re off…hey, I’m real sorry about the calls today."
"Hey, it’s no big deal. You know you’re gonna get it when you’re a musician and all. All people have different reactions." Said Isaac.
"Well, we’re off!" Yelled Taylor to the crew.
"Bye guys!!!!" Replied Mark.
They started walking towards the tour bus when all of a sudden Zac said,
"Why!! Why do we take all this crap from all these people!?! We’re
talented and we know it!! Why are we being criticized all the time?"
"Zac, we all know our popularity is starting to fade away, but it’s all because of all these new boy bands like ‘N Sync, 5ive and 98."
"Well maybe we should do something about it." Isaac said in a creepy voice.
"Whatever Ike." Taylor said hopping into the back of the bus.
* * *
"I can’t believe barely anyone came to the show!!" Zac yelled after the
promotional concert in Detroit.
"Yeah," Taylor complained, "We used to have thousands show up at our
concerts, but here we have a free concert and only hundreds show up….WITH HATE SIGNS!! What should we do about this guys??"
Meanwhile Isaac looked deep in thought as he examined his guitar. He
mumbled something under his breath, ‘I could put that on my guitar, or
"What do you think we should do Ike?" Zac interrupted Isaac’s conversation with his guitar.
"Nothing." Replied Isaac, "Absolutely nothing."
"What?" asked Taylor.
"No, just listen, they’ll learn. They will come to our concerts. They will buy our CDs. They will like…no LOVE us!!"
"Ok Ike, and how will this miracle happen?" Zac questioned.
"Hahaha," Isaac laughed in a real creepy way, "I’ll handle it all."
Later on that day, Isaac took a box of mysterious objects and his guitar into a nearby shed and locked himself inside. He stayed there for hours,
and his brothers started to worry.
Zac brought up to Taylor, "Maybe we should go in there."
"Nawww…you know Ike, he likes to be alone and have little pep talks with his guitars."
All of a sudden Isaac opened the door and walked out to the stage where
they were to perform the next day.
"I want you guys to stay away from the stage for a few hours. I have a really cool set up for the concert tomorrow and I can guarantee it’ll be TO DIE for!" Isaac told his younger brothers.
"Whatever," said Taylor, "come on Zac, we have some setting up to do too."
*          *         *
The next day before the concert Taylor thought the stage felt, and looked a little different, but he knew Isaac made it look extra special to attract a bigger crowd.
"Are ya ready for the big show guys?" Isaac asked his brothers.
"Ready as we’ll ever be!" Replied Zac, "I hope you’re special stage set-up works!! We NEED fans!"
"Oh don’t worry, this show will go down with a bang….I ASSURE you!!!"
Isaac said in that strange voice.
Isaac walked away to his place on stage. Taylor looked at Zac and asked,
"Is it just me or is Ike acting a little…um, weird??"
"No Taylor, he just wants popularity more then we do!! I understand him."
"Ok, I hope you’re right Zac." Said Taylor running out on to the stage.
Before the concert started, Isaac looked at Taylor and Zac with a sympathetic face and said, "It’s been great having this group for so long! I really love you guys. And I will always love you, no matter
Taylor and Zac just looked at each other and shrugged it off.
The show was going great, and whatever Isaac had done to the stage,
really attracted a huge crowd!! Then all of a sudden a girl started to
scream. A nearby witness yelled, "This HUGE firecracker just came flying
out from under the stage!!!! It hit her in the arm! I saw it!!"
Isaac glanced at the girl and smiled. Everything was going according to
plan, except some of the fans were leaving, thinking there would be more
accidents and firecrackers, but the ones who stayed should have thought
A few songs went by and the firecracker was identified as a freak accident. All of a sudden a huge explosion came from the back of the stage hitting Zac. Following that an explosion near Taylor’s keyboard flew him out into the crowd. Isaac looked at the mess he had created and said, "I didn’t want it to end like this guys, but with all this, we’ll finally be popular again! I love you guys. Following his short speech, a huge explosion came from his guitar, ruining the rest of the stage, killing the audience, and more importantly, it killed the Pop singing sensation, Hanson.
Isaac said he loved his brothers, but he really wanted popularity….more