The Taylight Zone - Anthology Nine

07 - Taylor and the Kisses - Emily

As they kissed Taylor thought to himself, this is the way it’s supposed to be.

Taylor Hanson read once again. “Why do all of the stories end the same way?? Either they become my girlfriend or someone dies!!” He asked himself annoyed at what he just

“Why do you even bother reading them then??” Isaac walked into the room.

“Because, I want to see what new so called ‘Hanson fan’ had come up with this time.” Taylor said disgusted.

“You better watch out for what you say. Someone might have heard that.”

“Yeah like some girl is writing everything we say and do and other people are reading it!!”

“Well you never know,” Isaac beamed winking at you.
“Ike I’m going to go to bed now. I’m sorry I got all upset at that stupid story. I just don’t understand why they have to think of falling in love with us. It just doesn’t make any sense.” What was he saying?? Taylor didn’t even know!! Oh well he thought I’m just tired that’s all. Then he drifted off into dreamland.

“Beep, Beep, Beep!!” his alarm clock yelled at him. He rolled over and shut it off.

“Time to start another sunny, not so cheery day,” those were the  first words of the beautiful, yet weird day, he was going to have. Something just didn’t seem right to him. Something was amiss. Something was different about his whole
world today.

He stood and stretched as he looked out the window. He saw a blonde girl about his age getting the newspaper next door. He didn’t think anything of it. Then it dawned on him. That girl didn’t live there last night!! Had the Barry’s moved?? No. He never saw a “for sale” sign. But, what was she doing there?? “Must be family visiting,” was all he could figure.

As he went down to breakfast, everything was moved around. The house was totally different. What was going on??

“Hi, Taylor,” Isaac said with a lot of energy in his voice.

“Hi, Ike,” He pondered whether to ask him or not. “Ike, does anything seem different to you??”

“What do you mean??”

“The house, did you guys move the furniture last night??”

“What?? Have you lost it Tay?? It’s always looked like this!!”  Ike left for the breakfast table as Taylor stood there with a confused look on his face. He decided not to think about it and went to what appeared to be the kitchen. As he walked in to the wonderful smell of pancakes he smiled and said, “Mom the breakfast smells gre....” he stopped in mid-sentence. He stared at the lady standing at the stove. Who was she?? Why was she cooking in their kitchen?? “Who are you??” He burst out.

“Don’t be silly Tay, I’m your mother!!” Taylor’s eyes got really wide. No, she can’t be my mom. She doesn’t look anything like her!! I’m in the wrong house. That’s it, I’m in the wrong house. But, how do they know my name?? Why do they know me?? Well, at least Isaac looks the same. Tay
thought to himself.

Zac walked in with a confused look on his face. “Did you guys move the furniture last night??”

“You two are going nuts!! Our house and parents have always looked the way they are right now!!” Ike blurted out.

“That strange lady is mom??” Zac asked. “Wait, I know she got plastic surgery last night!!”

“Zac can I talk to you in the living room??” Taylor pulled him into the other room. “You noticed it too??”

“Noticed what??”

“That everything looked different!!”

“Yeah how could you not??”

“Zac I don’t know what’s happening but, we got to get out of this house!!”


“Duh, go through the front door!!”

“Ok. I got to get dressed first.” Zac replied.

“Yeah me too.”

About 10 minutes later, they were down the stairs and out the door. They walked down the street a ways before they noticed that the street didn’t even look like their street at all.

“Tay where are we going??”

“I don’t know!! I don’t even know where we are!!”

“You’re in Tulsa Oklahoma,” They both heard a high voice say. As they turned around Taylor noticed it was the girl he saw earlier that morning.

“Who are you??” Zac asked in disbelief.

“I’m Taylor’s girlfriend silly!! Don’t you remember me??” the scary girl said to Zac in a little kid voice.

“What?!?” Taylor screamed “I don’t have girlfriend!!” he didn’t believe what he had just heard. Just then a car drove up. There was another girl he had never seen in his life yelling his name out the window of the car. She pulled up and practically bounced over to him. She was tall with
brown hair and very skinny.

“Did you miss me Taylor??” she asked him. “I knew you would be happy to see me!! After all I came all the way from New York.”

“What are you talking about?? I’ve never met you in my entire life!!”

“Taylor,” The blonde girl said. “Is there something you should tell me??”

“Uh no, I’ve never met you!!” He couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Well, then whose that girl??” She said pointing to the brunette.

“I don’t know!!” He yelled out.

“Sure you do Tay, I’m Kristine!” She said in  matter of factly way. “But, who is she??”

“I don’t know!! I don’t know you, and I don’t know her,” he said pointing at the blonde.

“Tay you remember me, Ashley,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“Taylor,” Zac whispered, “What’s going on??”

“I don’t know,” Taylor whispered back. Ashley and Kristine were glaring at each other. Taylor could feel the tension. “I think I’m going to go now ok??” Taylor hesitantly said as he grabbed Zac’s arm and ran.

“What’s the matter with him??” Kristine asked Ashley.

“I don’t know. But I have a problem with you!!” Zac and Tay watched as they got into a cat fight.

“Taylor, this is kinda freaky. Where are we and how do we get home??”

“I don’t know. This whole thing is way to weird!! It sounds like we’re in one of those Hanson fanfic stories!!” He yelled out. “Wait!! That’s it!! We’re in a Hanson fans story!!”

“What??” Zac was totally confused now.

“Ya know those stories girls make up about us??”


“We’re in one!!”

“But, why were there two girls in this story??”

“I don’t know,” Taylor said stroking his chin. “Maybe we’re in all of them rolled into one or something.”

“Well now that we know where we are, how do we get home??”

“Well, do you remember that in every one I either kiss someone or someone dies?? Well, maybe I have to kiss all of them then we can get home.”

“That’s a lot of girls Taylor!! How do you expect to do all of that in one day??”

“I don’t know. But, what I do know is that I have read exactly 138 fanfics. So when I kiss all 138 girls then we can get home.” Zac looked at him like he was disgusted with Taylor. “What?? I like to know how much I’ve read!!”

“Well, you better get started!!” Zac said. they both went back to the Insane Ashley, and anorexic Kristine.

“Taylor!!” They both said in unison.

“Hey!!” Ashley can I talk to you??”

“Sure,” she said in a real snotty voice to piss Kristine off. As Zac and Kristine watched Taylor and Ashley kiss Zac was amazed at what happened next. Ashley disappeared as Taylor kissed her!! Taylor looked in front of him as he opened his eyes. He thought he had gone nuts. The girl just disappeared.

“What happened??” Zac asked

“I don’t know!!” Taylor yelled back

“She disappeared because, it was the end of her story. That fanfic is over.” Kristine replied.

“So every time I kiss a girl their story ends??”

“Yeah,” she said quietly.

“Well, you’re next!!” Zac replied.

“No, I don’t want my story to end!!”

“She’s right Zac.”

“What??” he asked confused.

“We need her. She’s really smart so I’ll kiss her last!!”

“That sounds good to me!!” Kristine said as Zac and Taylor went to search for more girls.

As they found girls come up to Taylor acting like they knew him, Tay kissed them and they disappeared. They only had three left, when they had searched all of Tulsa.

“Well, why haven’t those last two girls showed up yet??” Taylor said thinking out loud.

“Because, they are the ones in the hospital and the story won’t end till you say goodbye to them before they die.” Kristine once again gave the information.

“Well let’s go!!” Zac shouted. All three ran to the hospital. It was going to be hard to find two girls they didn’t know in a huge hospital.

“How are we going to know if they are part of a Hanson fanfic??” Taylor asked.

“Well,” Kristine started, “you can’t tell physically, you’ll just know when you see them. You’ll get a feeling.”

“Like what feeling?” Taylor asked.

“I can not tell you anymore. I will come back when you have kissed the 137th girl.” With that she disappeared into thin air.

“Well, we better start looking Zac.” They searched everywhere. Every floor was different from the next. They still didn’t find either one of the girls. Right as they were about to step into a room, Zac screamed out.

“What is it Zac??” Taylor asked.

“I can feel it taking over me!! the force of fanfic!! I’ll be a different Zac soon!! Go Taylor!! Go without me!!” Everybody witnessing this did not in the least bit think it was weird.

“No Zac!!!!!! Come back!!!!!!!” Taylor yelled as he held onto Zac shaking him. Zac’s eyes had shut and he looked like he was dead. Then he woke up.

“Taylor why are you shaking me??”

“Oh no!! It’s got him!!” Taylor yelled as he pushed Zac away. Taylor ran into the nearest hospital room. he could hear Zac asking questions from outside the door. he sighed and looked at the young girl lying on the bed. Then she spoke to him.

“Taylor, is that you??” He then noticed the warm fuzzy feeling inside his gut. That must’ve been the feeling Kristine was talking about.

“Yeah it’s me.”

“Taylor, I don’t feel so hot. I think I’m going to go now. Taylor Just remember I love you forever.”

“Goodbye,” he whispered to her. Then she disappeared just like all the others. “Only one left to find.” he tried to sound like he had no emotion. This dying girl thing didn’t exactly thrill him.

For almost an hour he looked in and out of the hospital rooms trying to find that one girl he needed to kiss. Finally at exactly 11:30 he found her in the intensive care unit. “Goodbye,” he said the last time. He crept out of the room and sat in the chair right outside the room. He wanted to go home. He wanted the regular, Zac, Isaac and mom and dad and macki, Zoe, Jessica and Avery back. He sat there for a while just thinking. Finally at almost 11:58 Kristine appeared before him.

“I see you have kissed all but one girl. Now it is my time to go. Kiss me and you’ll go home.” It now was 11:59. Taylor just looked at her. He could feel the fanfic force pulling him in. He needed to kiss her now!! He leaned in and she moved away.

“Kristine, it’s pulling me in!! I need you to kiss me now!!”

“You silly boy!! You thought I was actually going to kiss you?? I want you to stay in my fanfic!! I’m going to love you forever and ever!! You’ll love me too. We’ll move to New York and you’ll never see any of your real family again!!” She was so into fantasying that she didn’t even realize that young Mackenzie was running down the hall and headed straight for her. He rammed right into her which threw her at Taylor. Their lips locked and she pushed away
and screamed at the top of her lungs, “No!!!!!!!!!!!!” with that she disappeared.

Taylor stood up and shook his head. “Now that was a very weird experience.” Then he heard someone calling his name. It was faint but, he recognized the voice. It was Isaac. Taylor was right about to look around the corner when, he saw Isaac’s face right in front of his.

“Taylor are you ok??” Isaac asked as Taylor woke completely up.

“Yeah I’m fine why??”

“You started screaming while you were sleeping. I thought something was wrong.”

“Nope. I’m fine.” Taylor realized it was just a dream.

“Well, breakfast is ready and mom wants you to come downstairs.”

“I’ll be there in a minute,” he said drowsily. He went to look out the window. He stood there thinking about his weird dream. Just then a girl with blonde hair at the house next door came and got the newspaper.