The Taylight Zone - Anthology Nine

02 - The Right Way to Hand Over America - Amerika

"I never said we were pop," Isaac said. "We never thought we were pop.
We always considered ourselves rock revival."
"Rock revival..." Mike MacKenzie said thoughtfully. "Explain that."
"Just that we play the music almost forgotten by our generation," he
said. "I guess you couldn't even say forgotten, because you have to
remember in order to forget."
"So you're trying to put the classics back into circulation?"
"Yeah, you could say that," Isaac nodded. "We're trying to sort of
educate people our age about the music that makes up our roots. Most
kids don't know or don't care where the music we have *now* came from,
and so far, I think we've turned a lot of kids on to the music that
inspired us. We hope we can do that continually throughout our career."
"Well, we all think you're doing a great job," said Mike MacKenzie, "And
we hop to see you doing so for a long time."
"Thanks, Mike," Isaac smiled, pulled the .22 from his jacket, aimed it
at Mike MacKenzie, and fired.