The Taylight Zone - Anthology Eight

03 - The Perfect Plan - Ashley

He watched and waved goodbye as they screamed and cried. It always happened this way. He was only leaving the stage but they couldn’t handle it.

Why? He could never figure out why, but he knew he was sick of it. He stood there with a fake smile plastered to his face. He looked at a girl in the front row holding up her handmade sign declaring her "love" for him. "They’re so pathetic." He thought as he left the stage.

Twelve more shows on the tour. Twelve. He would get to watch them faint, scream hysterically, and cry a dozen more times. He couldn’t handle it. Too much stress, way too much stress.

"Tay, is something wrong?" His mother asked. He found that people were asking him this question a lot lately.
"No mom, I’m fine, really."
"Are you sure? You just don’t seem like yourself lately."
"Yes! I’m ok! I’m fine! Just leave me alone please!" Taylor snapped back.
"If that’s what you want, then fine, we’ll all leave you alone. No one needs to be around you if you’re going to be like that!" With that, she left the room.

Stress. The stress was unbelievable. It was getting worse than he thought it could ever be. He was now contemplating suicide. It sounded crazy but he couldn’t get along with anyone anymore and the fans seemed to be even more obsessed at each show.

They wanted to be just like him…..

Do everything he did…..

Go wherever he went.

It just got worse. He was going downhill.

He had to get out of the hotel. He was going for a walk. He played the argument back in his mind. The angrier he got, the faster he walked. He didn’t know where he was going to go. He just had to get away from there. He had to think but someone got in his way. "Woah! Oh… sorry mister."

The individual he ran in to was strange-looking. Sort of creepy. "You. I’ve been looking for you."

"Me? Why?"

"I’ve got something for you."

Taylor felt that he could trust this person. He knew it was crazy and he had been having some pretty crazy things going through his mind lately. He wasn’t the slightest bit afraid of the complete stranger standing in front of him. "Here, take this. Have you ever read ‘Romeo and Juliet’ boy?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I have." Taylor had so many things going through his mind. He was analyzing this mysterious man as he talked. "It’s the same stuff used by Juliet. Don’t ask where I got it. But I know you need it and I know you want it. You have that look in your eyes."

Taylor was speechless. "Thanks." He ran back to the hotel as fast as he could. Not out of fear but out of excitement.

"What just happened?" He asked himself. He asked himself. He examined the small bottle in his hand. "What have I got to lose? No. I’ll just wait till tomorrow night. We were all going to go out to dinner tomorrow night. I’ll just tell them I don’t feel good. Simple."

The next night came quickly. The plan was going along perfectly. He let out a heavy sigh as the entire family left the hotel. He picked up the bottle and drank the contents without thinking about it. "When I wake up, everything will be ok……. everything will be ok……. everything will be ok………"

He awoke, on a hospital bed, just as planned. Still a little disoriented. His family came in one by one and talked to him. He wasn’t listening. His plan had worked. They came in, showered him with hugs, kisses, flowers, and gifts. It was just how he planned it. The perfect plan. His perfect plan. He decided to turn on the TV.

"Police say every girl was wearing a Hanson shirt. A rather bizarre clue that could help the police figure out a reason for the mass suicide killing hundreds of teenage girls. We will have more about this story tonight at 11:00 on the Channel 8 news. Wait….. this just in. Police say they have found 3 local newspapers so far with the same headline that reads ‘Taylor Hanson is Dead’. Police are now saying that the suicides were a result of this inaccurate article. More on this story tonight at 11."

He turned the TV off quickly. "Oh no. What have I done?"