The Taylight Zone - Anthology Seven

27 - Not Who You Think - Carly

"Ciara, C'mon, you said you were going to go rollerblading with me before we left for L.A. to record the new album," Zachary Hanson said to his freind, Ciara Tabnisa. Ciara sighed and grabbed her rollerblades.

"Zac, you leave tomorrow, must you bring me out every two hours to rollerbalde?" Ciara sighed. It had been about 7 months since Ciara moved in and was adopted by the Hanson family. Ciara is a 14 year old runaway and one day she ran into (quite literally, I might add) Zac on his way home from his freind James Joianin's house. After hanging out with Ciara for about a month, the Hanson family adopted her, with all the legal papers and everything.

"Yeah, I want to run my energy low so I can sleep well in the van."

"Zac, you are the most hyperactive 13 year old I have ever met, what do you mean 'run my energy low'? I don't think it is possible," Zac's older brother, Taylor, said, coming outside. "I mean, last time I checked, you had about 4 boxes of lime jello for breakfast," Taylor said shaking his head and going back inside. The two sighed and bladed circles around the driveway. After about an hour of this, Zac turned into the street to turn around. Out of the middle of nowhere, a humvee (think 'MMMBop' video car type thing) came by and ran by Zac, knocking him to his back. A swerving red pickup truck, seeing Zac get knocked down, tried to get over to where he was to keep other cars from going over him, accidentally pushed on the gas too hard and ran over Zac, crushing all but a few bones in his body. Ciara had her blades off and ran over to Zac, who's breathing was shallow and raspy.

"Zac, c'mon, stay with it. You can do it," Ciara said to Zac. Sitting up she screamed, 'TAYLOR!!! SOMEONE! ZAC HAS BEEN HIT!!! HURRY CALL 911!!!"

"Ciara, no, let me die, I. . my body. . . ." Zac stared mumbling incoherencies and crying about not wanting to die and all when a thought hit Ciara.

"Zac, listen to me, remember when I said I was specail?" Zac nodded, his caramel eyes filled with fear and tears. "Well, I am, really, I can switch us. I can switch our souls. You could live as me, I could die as you. You could still live. What do you think?"

"Ciara, why? Why would you do this for me? Both of us deserve to live," Zac's horse voice spoke out, dry, like sandpaper.

"Zac, we both know I don't exactly have the best life. At least you have a mom that loves you and a dad that is willing to do things for and with you. I never had those things. And if you left, I'm afraid of them thinking it was my fault. I would feel it was my fault. You understand?"

"OK. . . . Ciara, I'll do this. . . for you. I don't want to feel like you are mad at me because of this," Zac said. Ciara nodded and leaned down to kiss him. She opened his mouth andsucked his soul out of him and replaced it with her own. Zac, now in Ciara's body, let tears fall from his eyes. Ciara, in Zac's body, smiled and closed her eyes for the last time. Wiping the tears fall from his (her) eyes, Zac (as Ciara) kissed 'Zac' on the cheek, and whispered "I'll never forget you Ciara, I won't tell anyone about this until I feel that they need to know," into her (his) ear. Taylor placed a hand an Ciara's shoulder and lifted her up. Burying her face into Tay's shoulder, Ciara started to cry as Taylor led her from Zac's dead body and over to the paramedic to make sure she was okay.

(Author's note: Just so you know, I'm still going to put Zac's words and motions as 'he' and 'his' and the like, that way y'all don't get confused. Just remember that no one knows yet. CZ)

2 months later

"Ciara, come on, we are going to be late for the Grammys," Taylor said running out to the car in front of him. As promised, Zac didn't tell anyone. Neither Taylor or Isaac knew the truth.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," he said, grabbing his coat. Taylor and Isaac had made him (as Ciara) the replacement for Zac, actually playing like Zac, in a way, but because that 'Ciara' said that 'Zac' wanted her to take his place. If they knew the, truth, I wonder what they would say, Zac thought as he got into the car, next to Taylor. Taylor looked at him and smiled a way he'd never smiled before, as if there was an attraction forming. What's with Tay looking at me like that? I'm his brother. . . Zac thought, momentarily forgetting he was in Ciara's body and that Taylor, along with the rest of the world, saw his as a girl named Ciara who took over the deceased Zac Hanson.

"Yo, Ciara? You alive? I swear, you seem to act like Zac lately," Isaac said smiling, come on, we gotta run from the crowd. Zac nodded and rushed through the crowd of teenyboppers lining the red carpet. After playing the latest single, a really sappy/sad song entitled 'We know you miss us (but we'll see you soon)', and the three recieved an award for one of three nominations, the group headed back to the hotel to have their excited chattering keep them up almost all night. Taylor, felling really good about himself, told Isaac about his feelings for Ciara.

"Ike, I'm not sure on why I like her, I just. . . . . . I just like her, there is way too many reasons for me to list them. Well not really, but you get the idea," Taylor's heart was going about as fast as his mouth, (about 200 miles an hour) just thinking abut Ciara. Isaac laughed and patted Taylors head.

"Tay, if you like her, just go and tell her. Thats all I can really tell you," Isaac said shaking his head. Taylor got up and went over to Zac's room and asked 'Ciara' if they could talk. Zac let Taylor in with a confused look on his face.

"Ci, lemme tell this to you before I merely explode. Ciara, I like you. . I like you a lot. I've liked you since the day you moved in. I want to be with you. We are only related by adoption, but I don't care if you're my adopted sister, I. . . I love you, Ciara, I really do," Taylor moved closer to Zac.

"Tay. . . I dunno what to say, I mean, wow, I. . .. whoa. This is weird," Zac said, not wanting to let Taylor feelings be shattered. (You see, when Taylor likes a girl I mean really likes a girl, if she doesn't like him back, he mopes around and isn't his normal self for about three weeks. Or at least until a new girl comes along.) "Tay, I really like you too. I was just afraid of what you'd say if I told you," Zac said, felling really weird. Well, at least Tay is a happy camper now, but what about me? Do I go on letting Tay think that I am Ciara? Or do I go on and tell him who I really am? For now, I'll go out with Tay until things seem to calm down. I just hope this is for the best. Taylor gently put his hands behind 'Ciaras' ears and kissed her lightly. Pulling back, he saw that 'she' was smiling and kissed her again until his tounge had penatrated through 'her' lips and they soul-kissed. After they broke apart, Taylor asked 'Ciara' to go out with him and 'she' agreed and for a while, everything seemed at least halfway normal.

3 years later

Taylor and 'Ciara' have been going out for the past three years and Taylor was never happier. Zac decided that some time this year, he was going to tell Tay about himself. One night, about the middle of June, Taylor felt it was time that he lost his virginity to Ciara. He loved her so much, that he couldn't think of another way to show her how much he loved her. That night, he thought would be the night, that he, Jordan Taylor Hanson, would lose his virginity, to Ciara Anna Tabnisa. Isaac was out with some girl he met a few weeks prior to tonight, Mr. and Mrs. Hanson had taken the younger ones to the drive in movies. They were going to stay for both movies, which was Mulan 2: Return of the Huns and Last Night on Earth. This gave Taylor and 'Ciara' about 4 hours to themselves. The two were making out on Taylor's bed, when Taylors hand began to travel south to the short red miniskirt that 'she' was wearing. Zac realised what Taylor wanted and froze.

"Tay, wait, I have something to tell you, Tay?" Zac's words didn't exactly reach Taylors ears, or if they did, he didn't respond to them. "TAY!, I'm not who you think, LISTEN TO ME!" This caught Taylors attention and he sat up, holding his ear.

"Geez, Ci, you sounded like Zac when you screamed like that, ow,"

"Tay, I have to tell you this. I should have told you sooner, but I know how you get whe a girl doesn't like you back," Zac said, knowing that this was as good as time as any.

"Ciara, what is it? Babe, what is it?"

"First of all, I'm not Ciara, Ciara died a about three years ago. I saw it happen. I was there."

"Wait a minute, the only one who died about three years ago was Zac. And that was when he got ran over that car."

"Taylor no, I'm Zac, Tay, Ciara and I switched bodies. My soul is in this body, Ciara's body, and Ciara's soul, is in my body. Ciara wanted me to live. She said that I was really needed here and that she didn't want to feel like it was her fault I died. Ciara gave me her body so I could live on. See why 'Ciara' seemed to act like me? Tay? Tay are you okay?"

"No, no freaking way is this possible. I mean. . . Zac? Why didn't tell me sooner? I would have held my feelings back. "I would have let my feelings die with Ciara. Zac, I'm just really confused right now." Zac left Taylor to be alone with his thoughts. Right now, Zac had to tell everyone else. He just hoped that everything went well.

"I still can't believe that Zac is in the body of Ciara, All this time, we thought that he was dead." Walker Hanson spoke to Diana.

Diana smiled. "Well, I guess this is one of those secrets 'no one knows' type things like in 'MMMBop." And with that, everyone seemed to get used to the fact that Zac was sorta a girl now. No one outside the family and really close freinds knew the truth. For now, Zac is Ciara, Ciara is Zac. Until the time is right, no one will know the secret.