The Taylight Zone - Anthology Seven

26 - Love You to Death - A. Tank

"Ain't it funny how life can take a turn when the end is near. . ." Taylor Hanson murmured, the song Amigone still stuck in his head from listening to the Goo Goo Dolls CD earlier. "Welcome," the familiar voice greeted him when he signed online. "You've got mail."

An email from brittany6142 caught his eye, this wasn't one of his friends. Wasn't his mailbox supposed to filter out this kind of stuff? He opened it anyway.

Ami, I can't wait until you come up here to visit me. It'll be so much fun, I promise. I'll also find a way for us to meet Hanson at the concert next week. You know how I love Taylor. ::sigh:: I'm going to meet him. Whatever it takes Ami. It'll be fun, I promise. Can't wait to see ya. - Britt

Who is this Brittany girl? Taylor wondered. Why am I getting her mail, and how is she going to meet me? She has no backstage passes. Oh, well. Her loss, not mine.

* * *

Taylor checked his mail later that night, waiting for an email from one of his friends back home in Oklahoma. No such luck. But an email from some Amigirl7643. Could that be the Ami that Brittany had written to? Maybe.

Britt ~ Yes, I know how much you love Taylor, and how much you want to meet him, so if you can find a way that'd be great. But I wouldn't get your hopes up, it's really hard to get past all the security and stuff. Next week is going to be so much fun though, meeting you and going to the Hanson concert. I better get going, talk to you later. ~ Ami

"Come on Tay!" Zac yelled from somewhere inside their huge hotel suite. "We've got to go practice for that bit we're doing on Melrose tomorrow!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming!" Taylor shouted back, signing off.

* * *

Flopping down on his bed, exhausted from the practice they had been through, the last thing Taylor wanted to do was anything that involved thinking. But Zac, who obviously thought otherwise, was begging Taylor to go online under his screen name. "Why don't you just use your own, dumbass? That's what it's there for," he replied irritably.

"Tay, you're the dumbass. Come on, puh-leez?" Zac begged, tugging on Taylor's limp arm all the while.

"Yeah, sure, whatever Zac."

"Well, I need the password!" Zac whined.

"Try 'Zac is a dork' and see if that works," Taylor responded.

"Thanks!" Zac shouted, oblivious to actual content of the password. It worked though, and in a moment Zac was online. "Where should we go first?" Zac asked himself. "Ah, the mailbox. Let's see what letters we have saved in here. . ."

The two emails from Brittany and Ami were still in Taylor's box, and Zac quickly read through those along with some other emails from his other friends. "Why is Tay saving emails that these girls are writing each other?" Zac asked him. The moment he exited the mailbox, the "You've Got Mail," message was heard, and Zac eagerly clicked on the mailbox, hoping it was some juicy bit of something or another that he could tease Taylor about. No suck luck. Another email from that Brittany girl.

Ami, I promised you we'd get to meet Hanson, ok? That means we're going to meet them, no matter what. I don't care what I have to do, but I'm going to meet Taylor. Whatever it takes. I love him so much, he has to know that. I love him, that's all there is to it. I have a plan. . . It HAS to work, it just has to! - Britt

What's this all about? Zac wondered. Why do these emails keep showing up in Taylor's box? It's not like he's supposed to be getting them or anything. Hmm. . . I wonder what that plan of hers is. Maybe I'll just have to find out, Zac thought, and started typing.

* * *

The next week was filled with press conferences, appearances on every talk show in the nation (or so it seemed), and photo shoots. Not once did Taylor have time to check his email, or even think about Brittany and her friend Ami.

It was the day of the concert, and as they neared the theater, the two girls popped into Taylor's head again. As he studied each of the fans that waited outside, he wondered if any of them were the two girls whose emails he had been receiving. Once he thought he glimpsed a sign that said the name Brittany, but they passed by so quickly he didn't have time to verify it.

After running into the building, trying to avoid the cameras, Zac pulled Taylor aside. "What?" Taylor asked irritably. He had been exhausted this past week and was incredibly moody. "Zac, we have a show to do, I don't have time."

"Tay, this is important!" Zac whined.

"Like hell it is, I'm sure it can wait," he said and then walked off quickly.

"Taylor. . . I think you need to know this," Zac uttered under his breath as he watched his brother leave.

* * *

Brittany knew what she was doing. She was ready, she would meet Taylor Hanson if it killed her, literally. She hoped, though, that the plan would work and it wouldn't have to come to that. She was one of the girls who had been waiting for hours to see Hanson arrive. Getting here early would help, although it was not imperative. She had hoped that Taylor would see her sign, remember her emails, and take her backstage. No suck luck. Front row tickets would ensure him seeing her sign though. She couldn't wait.

* * *

All throughout the concert, all Taylor could concentrate on was the sign right in front of him. In the front row, right below him, was a sign that read I Love You To Death Taylor. Love, Britt. What was that supposed to mean? It has to be the same girl that I'm getting the emails from, Taylor though. But where's her friend Ami? Shouldn't she be here too? It looks as if she's here alone. I think I'll have to talk to her after the show, if she hangs around.

* * *

Brittany smiled coyly as the large, muscular man approached her. She knew well enough that he was coming for her. Coming to take her backstage so she could see her beloved Taylor. "I assume that you're Brittany?" he asked as he neared.

"Yep, that'd be me," she answered calmly. "Why are you asking?"

"Please, just follow me," he requested.

* * *

Zac had seen the sign too, and shuddered at the thought. She loved him to death. To death. He had to talk to Taylor before he invited her backstage. He had to make his brother understand that this girl wasn't nice, sweet, caring Brittany. That there was no Ami. That it was all a scam.

Zac wasn't dumb, and after a couple tries cracked this Brittany girl's password to her account. IloveTaylor. What a stupid password. So obvious, yet Zac was thankful. He had read her email. Her other email, sent to real friends. He had read the plans.

* * *

"Hi Taylor, I heard you wanted to see me," Brittany cooed as she entered the small dressing room. She set her sign down on a table and wandered over toward the couch he sat on.

"Um, yeah," he responded, struggling to smile. "Where's Ami?"

"Ami? Oh, Taylor," Brittany chuckled, sitting down too close to Taylor. "I promised that I would meet you, didn't I? And here I am, in a dressing room with the Taylor Hanson, alone. You know how much I love you Taylor, don't you?"

"Uh. . ." Taylor stuttered. "I don't think- Maybe we-"

"Shh. . ." Brittany whispered as she pressed her forefinger onto his lips. "I love you to death Taylor. That's all there is to it."

* * *

Zac, after talking with a couple of security guards, rushed to the dressing room. It was where Taylor had last been seen. Hopefully he was still there with Brittany. Pushing open the door, his mouth dropped open but no sound escaped. His eyes strayed from the two motionless bodies. A crumpled note on the coffee table read:

I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death I love him to death