The Taylight Zone - Anthology Seven

21 - Guardian Angel - Sarah

Taylor's bright, blue eyes became fixed on the bright light. His tired legs began to move towards it. His mind was a whirl of nothingness, and a strange sensation suddenly tingled all over his body.

His eyes slowly opened, and focused on his surroundings. Everything was white. It hurt his eyes to look at, and he shut his eyes as tears began to form in them from the luminosity of the whiteness. His hands raised and wiped the wetness from his eyes. After blinking several times, he finally opened the fully, and focused his baby blues on the room he was in.

It was fairly empty. A bed, table with chairs, and a book case was all the furniture in the room. Everything was a bleached white, the whitest he'd ever seen. The walls, the sheets on the bed he was in, the chairs and table, the ceiling, floor, and door....all were a sterling white. The color of purity, peace; light and wisdom. His eyes cast downward and noticed what clothes he was wearing. His button-up collared shirt was a pure silverish shade, and his jeans were black, the color of death....the only color that differed from everything in the room.

'Where am I?' he thought.

The door opened suddenly, and in walked a young girl, maybe fifteen, but no older.

"Hello Taylor." He voice was sweet, like an angel's harp.

"H..hi..." Taylor squeaked.

"I know you are frightened, but don't be. Please. You are safe here. I will take care of you." she said.

"Wha....who are you? What am i doing here? Why will you have to take care of me?" Taylor's mind began to spin with questions begging to be answered.

"Woah, slow down there." She said, moving towards to bed where Taylor lay. "My name is Serena, and I'm your guardian angel."

"My WHAT?!?!" Taylor screamed. Serena sat down next to him, her long, flowing, white gown falling gracefully to the floor. She placed her hand on his, and gently rubbed the top of his soft hand with her thumb.

"Shh, quiet now. I'm your guardian angel. I've been looking over you, watching you, for many years. Making sure you grew up right, and that you were okay. I'm sorry I couldn't have helped more." Taylor looked at her, confusion evident in his aqua irises.

"What?" he asked, "Why" A surge went through him, and he felt nothing but pain. His body doubled over, and he curled himself into a little ball on the bed. He tightly shut his eyes, trying desperately to find relief, but he found none. Instead he saw himself. He was on a bed. Blood was coming from the cuts that filled his face, mixing silently with the tears he cried. A girl was there. he didn't know her name. She had dark blonde hair, and green eyes. She was hurting him. Badly. he wished she would stop whatever it was she was doing to him. He couldn't see exactly what it was. Pain blinded him. It hurt so bad. His mind screamed begging for it to stop. He saw the knife in her hand, with blood dripping from it. His clothes were torn, and carelessly laid on the floor with hers. Where he was, he didn't know. It looked like a cabin. There was a fire glowing in the fireplace. He screamed out as a soul killing stab of pain spread throughout his entire body.

He became mildly aware of Serena's hand that was gently running through his soft, golden hair. These were memories, he realized.

"OH GOD, MAKE IT STOP!! PLEASE, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!" He yelled out. Tears cascaded down his rosy cheeks, leaving a wet stain on the perfect sheets of the bed. Suddenly, the pain left him. The pictures were gone. He slowly opened his eyes, and looked at Serena.

"I'm sorry. I just should know why you're here. How you died." she said softly, and pushed the tear-dampened hair out of his eyes. Died...that word echoed through his head. 'I died'..Taylor's mind said.

"I..I don't understand." he choked out as he sat up.

"You were raped Taylor. She kidnapped you from your hotel after a concert, raped and killed you." She cautiously placed her arms around him as the shock filled his mind and a realization took over.

"Oh God.." was all he could say.

"I know this is a shock, and I'm sorry i had to be the one to tell you.She didn't get away with it though. Right after you died, the police came in, and she was killed in a struggle." Taylor stopped her from continuing. He didn't care how she died, what happened to his killer. He just wanted rest.

"I..I'm sorry. I'm just really tired right now." he whispered.

"It's quite alright, Taylor. You've had a lot to bear today. Lie down, and rest. I'll see you in the morning." She softly kissed his cheek, and stood from the bed.

"Good Night." she said, and left the room. His mind was swirling at the idea of this. he was dead. He'd never see his family again. The band was done with...he thought for sure his brothers wouldn't continue without him. 'Maybe they should' Taylor thought. He laid his head softly down on the bed. 'Maybe I'll actually like it here......wherever this is...Is this heaven?' He closed his eyes, and fell asleep listening to his own thoughts.

Three Months Later:

"Serena?!?! Where are you??!!" Taylor's voice rang through the white country house like church bells on a Sunday morning.

"Right here, sweetie. you don't have to yell." Serena appeared in the doorway. Taylor looked at her and smiled. She looked beautiful. She had on a long, white gown. It was trimmed with lace, and sewed with gold ribbon. It gathered near her chest, and flowed freely to the floor. The sleeves were long, and off her shoulders. It seemed as though she walked on air ad she moved over to him.

"What are these?" he asked gesturing towards the books that filled a small, wooden chest. Serena's eyes widened. Quickly, she closed the lid of the chest.

"Nothing." she lied.

"They don't look like nothing. Please tell me Serena." Taylor's eyes silently pleaded her. She reluctantly gave in.

"*sigh* These are the books of your life, Taylor." She said, picking up five books, but one remained.

"What's that one?" Taylor asked, pointing to the last remaining book. Tears formed in Serena's eyes. Slowly she sat down at the table. Taylor silently followed.

"That book's.." her voice lowered, "That book shows you how to return to human form.:" Taylor's eyes widened, as tears fell from hers.

"WHAT?!!? You knew how I could return to my family, and you didn't tell me?!?!" he yelled angrily. Serena looked at him, her caramel eyes rimmed with red.

"Please, don't be angry. I...I...couldn't tell you. I didn't want to loose you."

"You don't want me to be angry? I have every right to be angry!!" Taylor yelled. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I....I was lonely without you. I didn't think. When you came here I had someone. A friend. I never thought it would lead to this. I always thought this would never happen to me, but...I...I fell in love with you." Her sad eyes turned to look at her hands which were folded in her lap.

" love me?" Taylor gasped incredulously.

"Yes. I didn't always have that book, Taylor. I knew it existed, but I needed to find it. When I did, it was too late. I'd already fallen for you, and I hid it " His eyes had softened considerably, and the anger had completely left him. He placed his hands over hers, much like she had his first night there.

"I'm sorry i yelled. I was just...angry. Upset really." He apologized.

"It's okay. I can understand that. Do you..." She swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat, "Do you want to leave here? Go home?"

"Well...I...I'm so sorry Serena, but yes I do, " Her tears fell faster, "But I do love you." A look of surprise took over her face, and she lifted her head to look at him.

"I need my family Serena. I'm miss them Serry"

"I know Taylor. I knew this would happen. I just..wished it wouldn't." she stood, and held her hand out, which he took. Slowly, she lead him over to where the book sat. Opening to the right page, Serena began the chant that would send him home.

"I'll never forget you. I'll always love you." She said after the last words of the chant were spoken. Leaning closer to him, she placed her lips on his, and softly kissed him. The bright, white light returned in his eyes. The feeling of her lips on his started to diminish until it was gone.

There were voices everywhere. He recognized them. His family's voices.

"He's waking up!!!" one yelled. It was Zac. He knew that voice anywhere. Taylor fully opened his eyes, and saw his entire family looking over him.

"Oh sweetie!! Thank God you're alright." His mother cried as she wrapped her arms around her son. Doctors came in and out of his hospital room constantly, checking to make sure she was okay.

Taylor remained in the hospital for two weeks before being sent home. He hadn't asked how long he was in a coma, or what had put him in it. The questions plagued his mind.

"Hey guys? How long was I out?" he asked his family after a week of being home.

"Three months, sweetie. We'd almost given up hope of you ever waking up." His mom said. Taylor's heart skipped a beat.

"What...what happened that put me in there?" he asked quietly.

"Oh, sweetheart, you don't remember?" he did...but he wanted to know for sure, so he shook his head no.

"You were kidnapped by a girl named May. She took you from the hotel late that night, and took you to a cabin miles out of town. She raped you, and tried to kill you. Thank Goodness she didn't, and the doctors were able to save you." His mouth went dry. Serena was the only thing on his mind. Was she real? Did he love her? And her him? His thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. He rose from his chair to answer it. Upon reaching the door, he opened it to find a beautiful girl with long brown hair and caramel eyes. Taylor's eyes widened.

"Hi, Taylor." Her voice was sweet like an angels harp. He stood there, unable to believe she was really there.