The Taylight Zone - Anthology Seven

11 - Reflections - Erin

"FIVE...FOUR...THREE...TWO..." Isaac Hanson escaped his house just in time. His parent's New Year's parties were getting louder, busier, and stupider each year. Any other year, he, Taylor, and Zac would have entertained themselves by spitting grapes down at people from the stairs until they got caught, but this year, Taylor was sick with some sort of flu or another, and Zac was celebrating at a friend's house. His younger brother and sisters hadn't been much fun, either. All they wanted to do was play Barbies or Power Rangers, so it looked like Ike would have to entertain himself.

Isaac walked through the back yard. God, those people were noisy. His ears were still ringing from being in the same room with them.

He neared the creek in the back of his house. Sitting down at the bottom of a hill, he leaned back and rested for a moment before sitting back up. He stared at his reflection in the water. It was an exact, unflawed clone of himself.

Gently, he touched his fingers to the glass-like water. His reflection did the same. He swirled the water around a little, causing the reflection of his face to blur. He would play this game when he was younger, too. Just sitting for hours and hours playing with the reflection in the water.

Suddenly, Isaac pulled his hand back. When he had touched the water before, a tingling feeling had crept up his hand and into his arm. When he pulled his hand away, the feeling stopped. Curiously, he slowly touched the reflection again. The same feeling crept over him. He smiled, and tried to pull his hand back, only to have it stay stuck to the water. His smile faded and he tried to pull his hand back once more. Again, his hand stayed glued to the spot that it had been in when he touched it the first time. A wave of panic flooded over him. The color drained from his face. It felt as if the life were being sucked out of him by this force. He tried to scream, but nothing came out of his mouth. Right before he blacked out, he could have sworn that his reflection was evily glaring at him.

"I hate being sick. Being sick sucks." Taylor mumbled to no one in particular. He was lying on his bed in his room. Alone. He was extremely bored.

Suddenly feeling like he was going to be sick for the umpteenth time that day, he raced to the bathroom. When he got there and sat down for a minute, he decided he wasn't going to be sidk, and got up to leave when he suddenly caught sight of something in the mirror. He turned back to the mirror. The reflection did the same. Then Taylor realized what was wrong with the reflection.

It was Isaac's.