The Taylight Zone - Anthology Seven

02 - Willow View - Jenny

Author's Note: This is only my second time writing for the Taylight Zone, and already it would seem that I write about mental problems. I'm not saying that I only write what I know, but my older brother got out of Willow View a month ago, so it's fresh on my mind. I'll try something else next time.
"Taylor! Time for your meds!" Margie called down the hallway of doors. He flinched. Usually, he liked Margie, except when she gave him his meds. Reluctantly, he came out of his room at the end of the long hallway. He went up to the nurses station and took the little cup with two pills resting on the bottom, and the little cup of water.

"Margie, I don't think this stuff is working." he complained, looking down into the little cup.

"Well, you'll just have to talk to your doctor about that." she said and he downed the pills and showed her his mouth was empty.

"If you tell them it's not working, they'll change it and keep you here until they find something that does work." LeeAnn whispered to him, she was waiting to use the phone to call her social worker.

'Oh shit. Damn. I wonder when Ike and Zac are going to come visit, I haven't seen them since the first couple days I was here.' He thought, as he walked back to his room. When he got there, his roomate, Josh, was doing it again. This boy was trying really hard to be a psycho. Tay didn't believe the boy needed to be there, he just needed a vacation from life. Josh would be talking to you, and in the middle of a sentence, he would toss his head back and back snoring noises like you would think he was asleep. Then, he would wake up and keep talking.

"Josh!" Tay kicked his roomate. "Josh! Wake-up! It's almost time for breakfast, and then school." Taylor told his strange roomate. Josh moved his head from the wall and sat down on his bed. 'Why the hell would they put me in here with these people. Their the ones who need help, I don't even know why I'm here. Where the hell are Zac and Ike? They better not have went ahead with the tour without me.' He gritted his teeth. He heard them call his name to line up for breakfast. 'Good. I made a level today. I'm not on assault anymore,' he thought.

Taylor went and lined up behind Justin, who turned and smiled at him, then turned back to his conversation with Julie about nasal sex. He'd heard that Justin was bi-sexual. But then, so were Autumn and LeeAnn. Finally, the door was unlocked and Janet, the meanest staff member, led them down the hallway to the lunch room. He hated this place. If you weren't really really good, you would have to eat on the unit, with the kids who were on Suicide precautions, and had MOUs. There were alot of acronyms to memorise too. EBT, early bed time, MOU, meals on unit, DOP, destruction of property. After getting his tray and sitting down at the table with the other kids, he started to think about his brothers again.

Autumn grinned at him from across the table. He rolled his eyes and hoped this girl would stop pinching his butt. He was a little afraid of the suicide patients. If they weren't afraid to kill themselves, why would they be afraid to kill someone else? Also, he was afraid of hurting them and making them want to die even more. He was afraid of most of the people here. There were people there for anger problems, they could hurt you, there were people there for hearing voices and things. Then there were miscellaneous people like Josh. He shivered.

"Autumn. Do you know if my brothers have gone back on tour?" he asked her, hoping she would know. She looked nervously at Janet, who shook her head as if to say 'tell him what he wants to know!'

"No, their on break since your not there. How could Hanson go on without you?" she said sweetly.

"Good. I would be mad if they did. I hope they come to see me soon." he said, and went back to his breakfast.


"No! I won't go back to school until you let me call my brothers!! You let Courtney call her sister!!" he screamed. He hated being restrained, especially by a woman. Espy was holding his arms behind his back and holding him to the floor.

"You can't do that Taylor! Wait until your doctor gets here!" she replied, he continued to struggle wildly.

"Well now, what seems to be the problem here?" Dr.Geis's voice came from above him. Taylor struggled to face her, but no sucess.

"They won't let me call my brothers!" he said angrily.

"Now, Taylor. Will you agree to calm down and talk to me if Espy lets go of you?" she asked calmly. He felt a prick in his behind, and he knew they had given him some more tranquilizers.

"Ok, ok fine." they let him up and he followed Dr.Geis back to her office.

"Now, Taylor, do we have to talk about this again?" she asked in her annoying little voice.

"I wish you would quit saying that I'm an only child. I won't believe you, my brothers were always there, don't tell me what is and isn't real." he demanded, feeling groggy already.

"I just don't know what to say then. I'm going to have them double the dose of your meds and you will be on all precautions until tomorrow." she explained.

"Ok, if it's just until tomorrow. As long as I still get my pass this Saturday, I really want to see my family." he said yawning.

"Alright Taylor, we'll see what we can do. I'm having them fix you up a bedin the quiet room so that you can get your rest." Dr.Geis told him.

"Ok, goodnight Dr.Geis." he really didn't feel like arguing about his brothers being real anymore. He just wanted to go to sleep. and get some rest. 'Goodnight, Zac and Ike, wherever you are.' he thought as he climbed into the bed in the quiet room.