The Taylight Zone - Anthology Six

21 - A Brother's Love - Carly

It was a normal day for the Hanson family on a sunny but chilly December 9th in the year of 1998. They were in L.A. filming their new video, "More Than Anything" off of their concert CD. Ikia Crumbly was the director and she led Isaac, Taylor and Zac into a room, tieing them up, she announced to everyone that she was taking them hostage and if anyone made and attempt to save them, their heads would be blown off. Ikia took them to her summer home in Tuscan, Arizona. Stripping them of all but their underwear, she threw Isaac and Taylor into the bathroom and locked the door. "Attempt escape and Zachary dies," she told them through the door. Tieing Zac to the bed, Ikia stripped herself of her clothes and kissed Zac agressively, not noticing the tears sliding down his face. Throwing Zac into the bathroom after an hour of trying to fuck him, Ikia locked the door and left the three boys alone in the bathroom over the night.


"Yeah, Zac?"

"I'm cold," Zac told him, shivering.

"Tay, get a couple towels out from the closet please," Isaac told him, pulling Zac into his lap and wrapping his arms around him.

"Ike, there aren't any towels. No washrags no nothing. Just us in our boxers."

"We could just huddle together to keep warm," Zac said his teeth chattering. Nodding, Taylor put one arm around Zac and the other around Isaac. Taylor felt Isaacs arm go around him and felt a tingling sensation. The next night, Ikia took Isaac out and preformed oral on him, and the following night, did various things to Taylor that you would normally find in a porno. This happend for three months and then other things started happening.


"Yeah Tay?"

"Can I tell you something?"

"Tay, I'm your brother, you can tell me anything," Isaac said smiling. Ikia had Zac out and was making him preform oral on her. Isaac shuddered at the thought of Zac doing such a thing but then he remembered that neither Zac, Taylor or himself wanted to be in this situation.

"Ike, I've loved you more than humanly possible for a brother. I want to be your lover and for you to be mine," Taylor closed his eyes and prepared for a blow. When none came, he opened his eyes, he saw Isaac with his jaw clenched and his eyes closed. Taylor cautiously kissed Isaacs lips and noticed that Isaacs lips had loosed up a bit. Kissing him again until his tounge could come through, Taylor kissed Isaac madly until he was pushed away.

"Tay, I love you as a brother and all, but. . . "

"Shhh. . . Ike, I know you want me too, I can see it in your eyes. No one will know. We don't have to tell anyone. We just. . ." Taylor's words were cut off as Isaac started to graze Taylor's skin lightly with his lips. Making his way up to Taylors neck, Isaac slowly sucked gently, until a lovley purplish-red 'love bite' had appeared. Taylor had put his hand on Isaacs leg and rubbed gently. Isaac put his hand around Taylor's neck and pulled him closer and they soul kissed. When they heard the lock being undone, they broke apart just as Zac was thrown into the room. Taking Isaac out of the room, Ikia slapped Taylor across the face and spoke at him like an inanimate object.

"That was for being a bad lover in bed last night, you little freak," she slurred. It was obvious that she was drunk. When the door closed, Zac climbed into Taylor's lap and clutched tightly as if his life depended on it.

"Was the hope drunk when she became a director?" Taylor said to himself. He rocked Zac gently until the 13 year old had fallen asleep. When is this going to end? he thought as Isaac was thrown into the room, his lip bleeding.

"I don't have enough energy for you, boy," Ikia said locking the door. Isaac and Taylor heard the 'thump' of Ikia hitting the matress. Sighing, Taylor laid Zac down on the rug and tended to Isaac, who was mumbling incoherencies. Two years past and every night one, two or all three boys would be forced to do something with Ikia. Isaac and Taylor made out with each other in the bathroom more and more. Then one day, a light shined through the dark clouds. Ikia left to get a pack of ciggarettes and unknowingly left the bathroom door unlocked. Taylor noticed this and crept out of the bathroom. Grapping a couple blankets and the cordless phone, he went back into the bathroom. Wrapping a blanket around a sleeping Isaac and a sleeping Zac and then himself, Taylor dialed 9-1-1 and told the police everything they needed to know. As soon as he hung up, Ikia came back and woke Zac up and forced him to drink a Mudslide. As soon as the 20oz bottle was gone, the police arrived. Zac started feeling queasy and Taylor held Zac's hair back as he emptied his stomach of the nasty tasting substance.

Two weeks later

Isaac, Taylor and Zac were back home and restarted the band were they left off. Ikia was arrested for child endangerment and was on death row for other convictions.They finished the 'More Than Anything' video with Coquina Roberts. Isaac and Taylor hid their feelings from the rest of the world in fear of being killed. One day, before a concert on their latest tour, Isaac and Taylor were making out in a dressing room with the door closed. Zac burst in and screamed.

"What in the name of big toed bald men are you doing?!?!?!"

"Zac," Isaac laughed, "We knew you were coming and were pretending to try and scare you. . . oh Hi Mom!"

"Taylor, Isaac, you are 18 and 21 years old and you are trying to scare your 16 year old brother. Hmm, I don't know who's acting more mature nowadays, you two or Mackie," Chuckling, she left the room. About a month after that, things sort of took a turn for the worst.

"So, what is your girlfreind status? Ya three still single?" Colt Cuberson asked them.

"I'm married to this girl named Shelby who lived in Ohio. She was a fan and the first to let me in her pants. JUST KIDDING FOLKS!!!! I'm not married. Don't even got a girlfreind," Zac said laughing.

Dagnabit, Taylor looks so fine right now and I better answer, Isaac thought. "Tay and I don't have girlfreinds because we are each others lovers." As soon as Isaac realized what he said, Taylor grabbed him by the arm and pulled him off the stage.

"Ike! what was that about? Everyone knows about us now!!!" Taylor screamed. The tears falling from Isaac's eyes brought tears to Taylors as he wrapped his arms around Isaac's waist and whispered "I'm sorry, I know you didn't mean it,"

"That's it, you two are now officially disowned from this family. We expect you to be out of the house by Friday," Diana exclaimed, storming off. Taylor and Isaac sighed as Zac awoke in a cold sweat.

It was just a dream he thought as we went down stairs for breakfast. Taylor and Isaac were already up and setting their stuff by the door. "Guys?" He asked, "Is it a reality that you to are each other's lovers?" Taylor and Isaac nodded. "Oh, Um. . . Can I live with you guys instead of here? Mom and Dad were discussing about how they can't stand to look at me without thinking about what you two did. So can I?" They nodded again. "I'll get my stuff." After three hours, Zac's stuff was packed and put into Isaacs Jeep Wrangler. Climbing next to Taylor in the cab, Zac watched in the corner of his eye as Taylor gently kissed Isaacs hand. Feeling a pang of feeling unknown to him, Zac felt slightly aroused. Shaking the thoughts from his blonde head, Zac asked Taylor if he could use his shoulder for a pillow. Getting acceptance, Zac leaned his head on Taylors shoulder and breathed him his deep scent. Later that night, Zac asked a question that would forever change his life.

"What is it like to be kissing each other?"

"Different that kissing a girl, that is for sure. Close your eyes, both of you please." Isaac said scooting next to Zac. Isaac gently pressed his lips to Zac's and was caught off guard as Zac hungerly opened his mouth and slid his tounge into Isaac's mouth. Isaac shrugged and made out with Zac. After about ten minutes of that, He did the same to Taylor and instructed Zac to do the same. About half an hour later, after Isaac registered Zac into the local high school two blocks away, the three were laying in bed with their arms around each other. They continually made out with each other every night unti half way through the second semester of the school year, things made the sunny sky go dark in the kids minds. Zac was in his band class and, to his delight, got to play drums in the marching band. Well one of them anyway. Mr. Geonett, the band instructor, told Zac to pair off with the other drummers and help them lean the various parts they needed to know for the next parade. Twenty minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

"Zac, quiet down for a moment, yes?" Mr. Geoneet asked Taylor and Isaac who were standing at the door.

"Yeah, we have to pick our younger brother up for his doctors appointment," Taylor said, showing the note. After Zac had been dismissed and the three were outside, A man in a long flowing gown opened fire on the passersby and killed everyone, including the Hansons. Then, realizing what he'd done, turned the gun and shot himself. Diana turned on the T.V. and screamed when the saw the bloddy remains of the three children she wrongfully disownened.

"This is how God is making me pay for my sins," she screamed. She Felt herself being shook but her mind didn't register. Suddenly, she saw her husband, Walker's, face, filled with concern. Getting out of bed she went to the boy's room. Satisfied that they were still alive, she smiled until she noticed Taylor's hand was gently caressing the bulge under Zac's boxers. Sighing, she got down on her knees. and prayed. "God, My boys may have stronger feelings for each other than they should. If they do, I won't dispown them as long as you don't shun them, Amen." Sighing, she went back into her room and fell asleep in the arms of her loving husband. Isaac, Taylor and Zac did turn out the way that Diana drempt, but they didn't die. They got shunned in the areas that they were most popular. They did what they loved and loved what they did. Even though it meant giving up the popularity in means of being happy.