The Taylight Zone - Anthology Six

16 - Dead on Arrival - Lee

"Looks like someone finally decided to move in the house for rent. About time." Taylor thought to himself. There was a house that had been for rent for about 7 months now, and someone had finally decided to move in it. From his view of the front yard of the house next door, he could see a young girl outside moving boxes into the house.

He got up, deciding to go introduce himself to the girl presently outside. As he walked through the kitchen to the back door, he informed his older brother of where he was going. "I am going to go meet the neighbors. Be back later." Isaac just looked at him strangely. Taylor shrugged it off, and continued heading for his destination.

As he approached the girl, he stopped, noticing her complection. She was extremely pale, almost like she was sick. She looked very fragile, and her long blonde hair was stragely and thin. Taylor tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and Taylor gasped at the beauty of her eyes. They were a deep grey, almost cream color. He could see the waves of cunfusion roaring through them, so he decided to make her aware of who he was.

"Hi, I am Taylor. I live in the house right next door." he said, pointing to his house. He was taken back by the fear that seemed to occupy her eyes now. The girl just looked at him with a sense of insecurity, and turned back around to the work that previously had her attention. Taylor, presently more confused than the girl, took the hint,politely exusing himself.

"I am sorry to bother you. I see you don't want me here, so I will be leaving." he said, turning around to walk back in his own yard. The girl didn't even shrug or show any sign she had heard him. She just continued to unload the boxes from the moving van. As Taylor got half way back to his own yard, he stopped at the sound of her voice.

"Hey! Wait a second." she yelled. Taylor began walking back to where she was. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ignore you, but I was un-aware of your presence." Taylor just looked at her confusingly, awaiting an explaination of why she would not have noticed him until now.

"I was in a deep daydream. I tend to do this often. I drift away, oblivious to any and all surroundings." she explained, with a small laugh. "When I go into thought, I think very deeply. It may take me a while to snap back into reality."

Taylor found this very hard to beleive, but had no right to judge if she was speaking of truth or not. "Oh that's alright. But as I was saying, my name's Taylor." he said at an attempt to re-intrduce himself, extending his hand to her. She took his hand, replying, "Hi Taylor, nice to meet you. I am Angel. Angel Cryes."

When she shook his hand, Taylor noticed how cold and limp her hands were, but did not think much of it. "Well it's nice to meet you too, Angel." he said politely. "Shall we go inside, get aquainted? These boxes can wait." Angel asked. "Plus, I need a couple of tips on what all there is to do in Tulsa."

"Ah.. looks like Angel is outside. I must go and say hi." Taylor said quietly, talking to nobody in paticular, although his two brother's were occupying the room he was in also. Isaac had noticed Taylor seemed to be talking about the people next door, but had noticed no signs of people living in the house next to their's. He also noticed the "For Rent" sign was still standing in the front yard. Curiousity raging through out his body, he decided to get up and see the Angel person Taylor was constantly talking about. Seeing no one outside of the house, he turned to Taylor.

"Tay, I don't see anyone." Isaac said to Taylor, who was now looking through the closet for a shirt to wear. "Oh she's not out there anymore? She must have went in." he replied, not turning from his search for a shirt. "Well why is the "For Rent" sign still in the yard? You'd think they would have taken it down by now, it's been a week!" Isaac said, glancing out the window. Taylor walked over from his spot in front of the closet, and looked strangely at Isaac.

"Ike, buddy, there is no "For Rent" sign in that yard." he said. Isaac looked at Taylor in disbelief. He couldn't beleive Taylor was so oblivious to the sign in the front yard. "It's right there Taylor. You need glasses?" Isaac said with a mock of sarcasm in his voice. "Whatever Ike, whatever. I'm going to see Angel now. Tell dad and mom I'll be back by 6:00." Taylor said, walking out the door, leaving a very confused Isaac to think.

Walking up to the Cryes front door, Taylor rang the door bell. He waited for some one to open the door, allowing him in, but got no response. "Now I know I just saw Angel 5 minutes ago.. There must be someone home." Taylor thought to himself. His thoughts were interupted by a middle aged man walking up the steps of the front porch Taylor was now standing on. The man had a older looking woman at his side.

"Excuse me, but who are you?" the man asked, directing his attention to Taylor. "Oh, I'm Taylor. Who are you?" Taylor replied, asking the man the same question. "I am here to give this woman a tour of the house. She is interested in renting it." the man answered. Taylor looked at the un-familiar woman, who smiled warmly at him, and nodded in acknowledgment of the reason she was there.

That woman certaintly isn't Angel's mother, Taylor thought. Speaking up, he said to the man, "I'm sorry. You must be mistaken. The Cryes have been renting this house for a week now." The man and woman exchanged confused glances. The man turned to Taylor.

"No son, you were mis lead. Nobody by the name of Cryes have rented this house. You haven't heard the story of the Cryes who previously wanted to rent this house?" the man asked. Taylor shook his head. "What? What is it?" Taylor asked. The man sighed. "I'm sorry. I have no time to explain. This woman would like to tour the house, and I must let her do so. I am sure you will be informed of the tragedy through the papers." the man said in a hurry, ushering Taylor off of the porch.

Taylor had no other choice but to leave, confused.

Taylor woke up the next morning, confusion still present in his body. He was completly dumb founded as to how the Cryes moved out so quickly. He and Angel had become good friends. Shared their secrets with each other, and bonded greatly. She and Taylor had quickly become the best of friends. Leaving his thoughts, he got out of bed and walked down the stairs, greeted by the smell of eggs and bacon.

He got a glass of orange juice and sat down at the table across from Isaac, who was tensly reading the newspaper. "This is so sad." Isaac said out loud, breaking the silence that had formed between his self and Taylor. "What is?" Taylor said, getting up with his orange juice, walked over to Isaac."This is." Isaac answered, pointing to an article in the newspaper. Taylor took the newspaper, gasping. He sat down, slowly reading the small article the newspaper had named the "News of the Day". The color drained from Taylor's face as he read it.

Tragic Death

It has been discovered that a car containing a family of three had a terrible wreck. It has been said that the family were on their way to a local house here in Tulsa located on S. 77th Street, when they ran into a ditch, killing all three of the family members immediatly. The bodies have been identified as the "Cryes", consisting of a mother, Liz, father,Harold, and a young daughter, Angel Cryes.

Taylor dropped his orange juice, the glass breaking into peices as it hit the floor. "What?" Isaac asked. Isaac got no response. Taylor just stared straight ahead, eyes wide, and a dazed look occupying his face.

Isaac just shrugged, and then remembered suddenly. "Oh yeah! Tay, someone called for you this morning. Something about saying good bye." Isaac said. Taylor snapped out of his trance. "They leave their name?" Taylor asked. "Yes.. it was a girl. I think her name was.. Angel."