The Taylight Zone - Anthology Six

06 - Lost Soul - Jenny

She was the kind that was not quite right. She was the kind that needed help but no one saw that she was in need. She was an obbsessed fan. Her life was Hanson. Hanson was her life. She would go to sleep and wake up hearing their music. Her days were filled with going on the internet and watching their videos. She would record anything having anything to do with them, and watch it a hundred times. If she had loved Hanson anymore she would've been a Hanson.

It wasn't so much the Hansons to her as much as it was the idea of the Hansons. They were something for her to hold onto. They were something to live for. The walls of her room were covered with pictures of them. Every part of her wardrobe had something to do with them, If it didn't when she bought it, she would make it by writing something about them on it. Her favorite was Taylor. He was the sunshine in her world. She would talk to the posters as if they were real people, and act as if they were listening. She was a very lonely soul. At school, when she actually went, she would sit by herself and do anything having to do with Hanson. She always got rather bad grades because her life was so consumed with Jordan Taylor Hanson and his brothers that she didn't think she had time for homework.

Every night, she would lay down in her bed and talk to her posters until she cried because she hadn't even met them. She was what you would call a Manac Depressive, which means she doesn't get enough of a certain chemical in her brain to act normally. She would go from singing her heart out happily to crying her eyes out in a corner in a matter of moments. She often thought of sucide on these nights, but the idea of Hanson and all their perfection kept her going.

She would get poster after poster and picture after picture of the brothers. She would memorize every little detail of every little picture. She would become fasinated by the way they stood, the way a certain hair was usually out of place. But what engrossed her the most was Taylor's eyes. She could stare at these eyes for hours and just be hypnotized. She believed that the Hansons had some kind of ESP and could see through the eyes of the posters and that they could hear her and see her and so she would stare. She would stare and talk. To her, the eyes seemed to understand, to move, to feel. She knew she was crazy, she was just waiting for someone else to know it too.

She wasn't attractive, so she thought if she were gone it wouldn't be a great loss to anyone. She weighed about 215 pounds and her hair was frizzy and nasty and she never took very good care of herself. She had scars all over her face from when she obsessivly scratched her chicken pox in second grade and she had over flaws from her having obsessive compulsive disorder. She would pull her hair out if she found a single hair with a single flaw and she would pop her knuckles and pull out her eyelashes and alot of other things. She was bad. She was very bad. She needed help. But no one ever noticed.

One night, when she was staring at her favorite Taylor poster, it seemed to speak. It told her that The Taylor Hanson could never possibly love such a hideously screwed up creature, and that she would never be loved by anyone. She believed it. And she decided that it was time.

She went to her closet and opened the Hanson covered door and searched the back. Finally, she found them. She found the bag of pills that she had collected from around the house months ago. It was one of those sandwich bags, and it was filled to the top. So, sitting on her bed staring at Taylor Hansons smiling face, she took them. She took them all but five before she became numb and lay down to wait to die.

Today, in Edmond, Oklahoma, a teenage girl attemped sucide. Although we cannot release her name at this point we can't release what the cercumstance was. She tried to overdose on pills, from a bag containing mostly anti-histamines. Even as she was getting her stomach pumped, she kept saying, over and over, "Taylor, I love you. Will you love me now?". No one yet is completly sure who this is but maybe it's better left unknown. That's the news for tonight, I'm Lynda Maydinaw. Good night.

Isaac's eyes widened in surprise as he watched the 10 o'clock news go off. He turned to his younger brother, who was staring at the screen with a strange look on his face. The look that he always got when this happened.

"Oh no, Tay. Not again! Please tell me you didn't do it again!" Isaac grabbed his brother by the shoulders and shook him, but Taylor's expression remained the same.