The Taylight Zone - Anthology Six

05 - Whispers in the Dark - Angel

Well, I guess, I guess I should start from where it began, yes. When the screaming started that horrible screaming behind my eyes and constantly ringing in my ears. It could drive a person to do things. Insane things and well I guess it did.

Then came the hallucinations. Seeing the walls change shape and the stuffed animals come to life, a blazing fire in the fire place we didn't have. It caused me to change my sleeping habits. I slept all day and was awake all night. Ahh the night my only comfort. There was no one in the night.....besides me. In the night I could marvel at the thing that I saw. As opposed to hearing people say "get help" or "where is the straight jacket?" If they only knew what was coming to them… if they only new.

I was 12 years old when the voices started. There were so many voices it sounded like a soap opera. But there was one very distinct voice. It was a deep dark voice. It told me what to do. First the voice told me to get rid of Taylor. At first I didn't want to but then he remind me of how jealous I was of Taylor. Taylor with his perfect hair and perfect teeth and perfect voice. It made me realize that i would never be the center of attention with him around.

I took Taylor that night. I crept into his room and made my way over to his bed. I stood over him looking down at his fair face, and the faint smile he had on his face made me laugh because he wouldn't be smiling for long. I took the clothe that I soaked in paint thinner and placed it over his mouth and nose to make sure that he wouldn't wake. I then took his pocket knife out of his top door and slit his wrist. I wiped his finger prints off and placed the pocket knife in his hand and left the room smiling.

I was then told to get rid of Zac. The hyper bouncy baby boy. He had to go. I had to make it look like and accident. After Taylor's death, Zac had stopped eating and became very depressed. The doctor had prescribed him an anti- depressant (Prozac. Isn't that ironic.) and medication to make him eat. He was to take the anti-depressant once a day and the medication that would make him eat twice a day. He was under strict orders to take them on time and not to take more than prescribed. Two weeks after the death of our beloved Taylor I went into Zac's room which was down the hall from mine. I went into his medicine cabinet and switched his medications. I put the Prozac in the bottle of the medication that would make him eat and the medicine that was to make him eat in the Prozac bottle. I left and went back and slipped into my bed where I began laughing and eventually fell into a restless sleep.

I awoke the next night at about eight o'clock to hear my mom crying. I knew what she was crying about. Her Baby boy Zac had died from an over dose because of taking the wrong prescription.

That night I listen very carefully to what the voice told me. It warned me to be careful. When I knew everyone was asleep I walked up to the third floor and into my father's office. I went directly to his shelf of collectibles and took his cigar cutter from the shelf and made my way to the first floor into the den where he was fast asleep.

I was jealous of him as well. I knew his worst punishment would not be death. Because he wanted death and there was no way I was going to give him what he wanted. He loved music. His worst punishment would be never to play again. I was jealous of how his slender finger slid over the smooth strings of his many guitars. He knew he had a talent and he knew how to use it. I hated him for it.

I walked to the side of the leather couch where his hand was laying limp off the side. I slipped the cigar cutter out of my pocket and placed it around his index finger. I was about to cut his finger when his eyes snapped open and he saw me. He pushed me to the ground "JESSICA?!?" he yelled at me. I was speechless "Isaac" I stuttered starting at him in horror as he yelled for mom and dad. They came down moments later and Isaac explained what i was doing.

And that's how I ended up here.

Secluded in the same white jacket with the same white walls.