The Taylight Zone - Anthology Six

01 - Run Away - Cassie A.

November 3, 2000

"Urry, Zac... This is getting urgent... You have to choose. Now. You stay here, or you go with us. We won't get mad if you choose to stay, but we don't have time anymore..."

"I'll go."

Ike smiled at is brother and said: "You know what you have to do, now. We're going tonight. Prepare yourself"

Zac sat down on the trundle, and finally decided to sleep. He have to get some sleep if want to be ready for tonight.

* * *

"Air!!! My god, it is really true...I'm outside, I'm breathing some outside air..." said Taylor, a big grin on his face.

"Man, I've be waiting so long for that... We're free man!!! Free!!!!" yelled Isaac even more exited than is brother. "This is the greatest moment of my life!!!"

The two brothers weren't paying attention of Zac who was still unsure of what he was doing. It was true that they needed some air, some time far of the fans, their parent who were so different now that they were full of cash. They were always fighting, but the two oldest brothers were getting closer and closer every moment they were passing together, elaborating a plan to run away from their home and their prince life. Zac was so afraid that now they are free, his two brothers would forget him totally. That's the only reason why he followed them on their adventure. They were in the middle of a world tour, they were presently in Montreal,Canada. For not be reconized, the two boys had prepared a lot of changes in their looks. Ike had made is hair longer and longer,they were very curly. They were now flotting in is back. In is bag was hidden a dark brown hair colorant.He would do this tonight. He had baught some corneal lentils,his eyes were now a dark shade of green, and a pair of galsses who were transforming him. Tay simply cutted is hair about one inche long, and bleached them. They were kinda white. His eyes were a dark brown. Zac, who took to much time to decide if he was going or not, was still the same. He was so afraid of what could happen to them, all sorts of ideas were aunting is mind and he was really nervous. His brothers didn't seemed to be that worried. Zac tried to calm himself down. He was walkind behing is two sibblings, wondering what they were going to do now.

* * *

They started by a joint. Zac was now really afraid. Were his brothers drug addicts??? He went to sleep with this idea torturing him. His brother offered him some of their drug several time in this evening and he had resited. He was now afraid of behing rejected if he continued that way.

* * *

When the morning came, the boys continued to sleep in an alley near to the Montreal Olympic Stadium, where they were supposed to give a prestation that evening. When they woke up, it was near two in the afternoon. Zac started to walk around the small alley, unable to hide is extreme stress. Tay tried to calm him down, with no success. Taylor was getting angrier and angrier. " Your not yoursellf anymore!!! You can't have fun anymore!!! "

"I'm scared, Tay!! Don't you understand that!!"

"I can't, and I can't stand you anymore!"

Taylor was so mad, he fastly walked away, Isaac stood up and fallowed is bro, trying to calm him. But Tay was uncontrolable. He started to run and crossed the fist side of the street whitout looking at the trafic light, which turned green when he crosssed the other part of the boulevard. When he got crashed, ike could just ear metal noise, a scream and then, nothing. This was the end. He wasn't just sure that tay was dead, he felt it in is body, is mind is soul. He was gone. There was no reason to run anymore.

* * *

"I'm sorry Ike!!" Zac pleaded, crying. But his brother didn't answered. He was starring at nothing, and looked so dead. He was looking like he was gone with Taylor. Isaac was a maniaco depressive person, it was confirmed two years ago. He was entering a strong depressive phase. When he was depressive, he could stop to eat, stop to move, just let himself die of solitude and pain. He was able to attempt to his life, he has done several tentative in the last years. Zac was now really affraid.

* * *

Zac took a look at his depressive brother. Since the accident, he hasn't moved. It was now 6'o clock. Zac was so worried. He just wanted to return home and tell his parents. Their freedom was getting a little to scary for the young Zachary hanson. He was still afraid. Walker would kill him, and Isaac would never forgive him. He was alreay to much dead. He decided to wait. Maybee Ike would choose to get out of his deep sadnes and quit montreal. Wait.wait.wait.wait and wait. wait for what?? This guy was already dead. his soul was dead since a long while. Zac was wondering if his brother had already been alive. he was remembering every moment Isaac smilled in a complete life of crazyness. ike was some kind of crazy... when he wasn't totally empty, which was rare, he was mad. he was violent, bizzare. he wasn't normal. His only way to escape the hell he was living everyday was playing music... an taylor. they were so close. when they were together , he seemed almost normal. People were thinking he was just a bit weird, but everybody in the family, and really close friends knew he was sick.

* * *

Zac woke up early. He looked at his brother, who was galncing at him with this dead look. every time he did this, zac was never sure if is brother was alive. he waited for ike to move , but he didn't made a move. For an entire day. zac was sur he was alive, until he saw the syringe. It was just there, on the ground, waing for zac to see it. isaac has overdosed himself, surely the last night. zac gasped in choc. He didn't cry for him. he hugged his dead brother with no digust and just said:

"It was better for you... goodbye."

He took Isaac bag, in which he was carying everything, cash, and dope. He took off a joint, lighted it, and smoked it entirely, in the memory of his two dead brothers.

"I'll keep a great souvenir of you guys... Thanks for being there. Wach for me from there you are. Maybe i'll go see you, someday.