The Taylight Zone - Anthology Five

13 - Thank You... - Saralynn

"What do you mean you're too old?!" Taylor whined. "You can never be too old for trick-or-treating!"

Isaac sighed. "Tay. I am almost eighteen years old. I am not going around knocking on doors and begging people for candy. End of story. If you want my company tonight then you'll hafta come up with something better to do." There was no way that Ike would change his mind.

Tay pouted. He looked into the livingroom where Zac had his eyes glued to the television set. "Zac, what do you want to do tonight?"

Zac, who was laying a few feet from the TV on his stomach with his legs up inthe air either didn't hear his brother or chose to ignore him. Whatever he was watching must have really been interesting.

"Yo, Zac. You there?" Taylor tried again.

Luckily for him, the show took a break for a commercial. "Yeah. What is it?"

Taylor was beginning to become impatient. "I asked what you wanted to do tonight? Ike refuses to go out trick-or-treating."

Zac smiled, an idea formulating in his head. "You guys should watch this show. It's really neat. They're talking about doind seances and talking to spirits on the other side." Zac grinned, waiting to see if his brothers took the bait.

Isaac, being the sci-fi freak of the family and lover of the unusual and strange, immediately smiled. "A seance. That would be awesome. Plus, there's a graveyard near-by. Why don't we hold it there?"

Taylor frowned. This was not what he had in mind as a way of spending his Halloween night. "Are you two sure about this?"

Somehow Zac managed to pull himself from the brain-rotting screen and turned his attention completely on his brother's now. "Ike, I think I have a book on this." Before anyone could answer, he ran down the hall to the bedroom he shared with the two eldest of the Hanson family. A moment later he was back in the livingroom. "Here," he said, handing the book to his oldest brother.

Isaac quickly thumbed through it. Quickly he found a page that peaked his interest. He scanned the page of the old, brittle book. "Well, according to what's here, we can do this. All of the materials that we'll need, we already have here." Isaac smiled. "I'm in. Zac?" Zac nodded eagerly. "Tay?"

"Why not? It's not like I have anything better to do."

Isaac and Zac eagerly gathered the needed supplies while Taylor just watched. Soon they had everything they needed stored in a small sack that Zac had found.

Leaving a note for their parents who were at a masquerade, they walked to the graveyard which was only about 10 minutes away by foot.

Soon they arrived, Isaac and Zac almost running into the deserted cemetary. They quickly found a clearing where they set everything up. The three boys sat in a circle and, upon Isaac's inspection of the book's ritual, clasped hands.

Ike began reading the page, first to himself, then out loud.

"This isn't going to work." Taylor tried to stand up, but was forcefully pulled back down by the two hands that held his.

"Shhhh. You can't break the circle," Zac whispered.

Taylor just shhok his head. He looked around him and realized how creepy a dark graveyard on Halloween night really was. He began to shiver.

Just as Taylor was about to speak out against this whole scheme again, something quite happened. Nothing on the physical level, but what can only be described as a mental breeze.

Help me... a soft feminine voice whispered from somewhere deep within the graveyard. Please....

"What the hell..." Taylor looked around as if the source of the voice would magically appear.

Zac glanced around nervously.

"This is what's suposed to happen," Isaac said. "This is exactly the way the book describes it."

Taylor decided to take the initiative here. "Where are you?" he called out.

I'm cold. It's dark here. The faraway voice replied. I've been here for so long. the voice whispered despairingly. The owner of the voice couldn't have been any older than Zac.

Zac decided to take a turn. "What else can you tell us?"

In the light, I could see a river, rushing by... long poles extend into the water...

"The bridge!" Ike exclaimed. There was only one bridge in Tulsa. "Is that where you are?" Isaac asked of the ghost voice.

Help me...

"What do you need us to do?" Taylor was scared now. He never thought it would turn into something like this.

"Hello? Are you still there?" Zac queried.

Silence as dark as the lightless midnight sky above them.

"I think she left." Zac seemed sad.

"I can't believe that you talked me into driving you here. Who know's what we might find?" Isaac complained as the stepped from his Jeep.

"Ike, shut-up. She said she was here, so that's why we're looking." Zac looked pointedly at his brother.

"No, Zac, she didn't. She described where she was and we assumed she was talking about this bridge."

"Hey guys, come here!" Taylor called from under the bridge. He had gone scouting ahead while the other two argued.

"What is it, Tay?" Ike asked as he joined his younger brother under the bridge.

Zac climbed down on the other side. "I can see it!"

Taylor pointed out the white lump that lay on the bank about half way under the bridge. The three boys cautiously made their way to the shape.

"Ohmigod." Taylor was the first to reach it.

Zac gasped.

Isaac, being the older brother, immediately took control. "Zac, go back the way you came. Tay and I'll meet you up there. Come on Tay."

They all meet up by the car. "We hafta call the police."

The three boys returned home and called the local police station, asking for Homicide. They proceeded to tell the detective that they had found a body under the bridge. The Detective took down their names and phone number and told them that they may need to come down later to talk

The next morning they recieved a call from the Detective asking them to come into the station.

When questioned separately, Isaac, Taylor and Zac each told they same story about the seance and finding the body under the bridge.

No one really believed that it could be true, but no one could disprove it either.

Besides, why would three very famous teenagers want to kill an eleven year old girl?

The Hanson's attended the somber funeral of 11 year old Jayne Lemmings. At the very end of the procession, they had sung a heart moving a capella rendition of With You in You Dreams.

With tears in their eyes, they each placed a flower on the grave of a girl they had met through her death.

What happened next would remain in the hearts of the three brother's for the rest of their lives even though none of them would ever admit to hearing it.

A gentle voice seemed to whisper on a breeze... Thank you...