The Taylight Zone - Anthology Five

02 - Cecilia's Night - Allyson (with Eryn)

Author's note: Well, I must admit it's wonderful to write a story for this Halloween story. I know it's not as......adultish as it might be, but that'sbecause I had my friend, Eryn, who doesn't think that adultish, help me. I'm also trying to find out if I'm the youngest person writing on this.....I'm 13, in cause you're wondering. If anyone's younger, please let me know. Anyway,most of the credit goes to Eryn for this story, due to my major case ofwriter's block after writing When The Clock Strikes. Anyway, please read this with a light heart. Thanx. ~ Allyson & Eryn.

By the way, this story has a few cats that talk by telepathy. In the order that you could tell them apart, here's the key:

Chaos: Red
Ebony: Green
Jasmine: Yellow
Jasper: Lavender
Scorn: Light Blue

It was her night.

All Hallow's Even was coming.

Cecilia was awaken by her cat, Ebony. Ebony always woke her a day before the night, so that Cecilia could get prepared.

"Ebony, what is the use of eternal life without eternal youth?" Cecilia asked as she sat up from her bed.

You wanted eternal life. You never mentioned eternal youth.

"So, this is my problem?" Cecilia looked annoyed. She got out of bed, and headed for her wardrobe to find some clothing for the coming days.

You mentioned no specifics. It is not my problem if you did not go into detail.

Cecilia ignored this comment from her cat and worked on locating all her necessary materials. Her crystal ball was somewhere in her downstairs laboratory. That much, she knew.

"Ebony - where's my crystal ball? You know, the one tinted red." Cecilia made her way through the cobwebs and layers of dust in her house. "And, I believe I told you to keep my house tidy during my absence."

I refuse to be your housekeeper. And, on the topic of the location of your red-tinted crystal ball, it is in the downstairs laboratory.

Cecilia stepped through the doorway, and began her decent to the downstairs laboratory. "Ebony, I believe I took you in - this is not your house, and while you remain here, you will follow my requests. Understood?"


"How is the rest of the crew?" Cecilia asked, not actually worried, just asking in routine.

Well, Jasmine's awake, Scorn is asleep, Jasper is out mousing, and Chaos is making sure his claws are razor sharp.

"I thought I told you, also, to refrain Jasper from his mouse hunting." Cecilia had reached the bottom step, and made her way to the far desk. As Ebony had said, her red-tinted crystal ball was resting on the shelf.

I an not to be responsible for a collection of kittens that won't and don't listen to me half the time.

Cecilia sighed. "Ebony, this will be the last time you are in charge."

At that exact moment, Chaos strolled into the room, and smiled.

Great. That mean's I'll be in charge, right?

Cecilia looked from cat to cat.

My lady, would you truly leave the fate of this household in the paws of such an.....animal?

Cecilia sighed. Ebony had a point.

"Alright. Let's get going. The night is coming, and I don't want to be late."

".....and remember to let Wicket out, and the candy is on top of the fridge, and-"

"Mother, I think we've got it." Isaac rolled his eyes unnoticeably and practically shoved his parents and younger siblings out the door.

"That was a tad rude, bud." Taylor glanced out the window, and watched the rest of the family head out. "Where's Zac?"

"He's going out the front door for a walk before it gets too dark out." Zac stepped into the kitchen, and headed for the refrigerator for a bottle of Diet Pepsi.

"Are you crazy? It's Halloween night, and all the weirdoes are out." Taylor looked at Zac with a hint of confusion.

"Whatever. I'm gonna get my weekly walk in, whether you like it or not." Zac grabbed his jacket and shoes, and was out the door before they could even protest.

I'm gonna catch that mouse, even if it's the last thing I do!

Jasper rounded a corner and practically ran over a sleeping Scorn.

Excuse you!

Scorn stumbled to her feet, and glared at the kitten that had aroused her from her peaceful slumber.

Sorry! Gotta catch the mouse! Gotta catch the mouse!

Jasper tore off, leaving a mumbling Scorn on the rug.

Wow. What's Jasmine gonna say when she finds her kitten run over in the street? I'd best go find her.

Scorn walked off in an attempt to find Jasmine, Jasper's mother, in the giant mansion.

Okay - where'd he go?

Jasper looked around at his surroundings. He had been chasing the mouse for a while now, and the little rodent had disappeared into the night. Jasper's sense of time told him that it was around 9:00 p.m., and that Cecilia would want him home soon. He looked around for the direction of home.

Wait a second - forget the rat! Where am I?

Using his flashlight-like eyes, Jasper peered into the darkness. He was somewhere near a house, but it was a little while away.

Wait a second. Is that something moving?

Indeed, there was a figure, about the height of Cecilia's dead little sister. It was heading to the left.

Curiosity got the best of Jasper, and he headed towards the figure.

"Man is it cold." Zac tightened his coat around his shoulders and began to walk faster. It was nearing 9:00, his watch told him, and Zac knew that Isaac and Taylor would get nervous if he stayed out too long.

"Okay. Let's see. That's Pine Circle, and that's 123rd Street, so Harrison would be......that way." Zac turned to the north, and began walking.

He tripped over something.

It was quite unexpected, for he hadn't seen anything, but he indeed tripped over a furry animal.

Yeouch! Watch it!

It talked. That was the last thing Zac was expecting.

"Okay, Zac. You're going crazy. Chill." He pulled himself to his feet, and looked down with curiosity. He saw a small gray kitten with bright blue eyes looking up at him.

"Aww. And what's your name?" Zac knelt down, and picked it up.

My mother calls me Jazzy, but it's Jasper to you, buddy.

Zac ignored this thought that came to his head, and began heading for his house, with the shivering cat tucked next to his waist.

"I'll call you Jasper."

He what?!?!?!

He's out mouse hunting. He literally tripped over me trying to catch a mouse, and ran out the door.

Jasmine and Scorn stood in the dining room near the water bowl. Scorn had just delivered the news of the missing kitten and Jasmine was furious.

That little kitten is going to get a beating when he gets back! I keep telling him over and over to stop it, but he just won't listen to me!

Well what can I say. Maybe he likes fast food.

Jasmine ignored this rude comment, and left a giggling Scorn behind to find Cecilia.

At that moment, Chaos walked in.

Fast food? Oh, you mean like McDonalds and Arbys. Hah! Yea, that's funny, Scorn! I like it. I'll use it on one of my friends.

Cecilia had finished collecting her needed supplies. It hadn't taken as much time as she had planned,so she was starting early.

My lady, it is reaching 9:00. Are you ready?

"Yes, I believe I am." She sat down in her velvet chair, and looked into her red-tinted crystal ball. Ebony hopped up behind the ball, and looked in with her.

"I see....the perfect candidate. I - oh, my. He has Jasper!" Cecilia sat back in surprise. "Ebony! Go get Jasmine, Scorn, and if you find Chaos, bring him too. Hurry!"

Ebony turned around, hopped off the table, and was out the door in seconds.

"Jasper, you stupid little kitten." Cecilia sat back and rubbed her face. She could feel it. Her age was returning.

Time was running out.

"Hey - guys! Check this out!" Zac slammed the door shut. He strode into the living room where his brothers were watching TV, and dropped Jasper on Isaac's lap.

"Whoa. Um, Zac? Where did you get a kitten?"

"I found it at the junction of Pine Circle and 123rd Street. I actually tripped over it." Zac threw his coat and shoes in the closet, and sat down on the floor in front of the couch. "His name's Jasper."

"And how did you come to that conclusion? He has no tag, no identification, no nothing." Taylor glared at Zac.

"Umm.....he told me?"

"Um, yea. Right, Zac." Isaac said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He took the cat, and placed it on the floor. "Well, if it's a stray, we'll put out signs for it in the morning. For now, let's get something for it to drink. It looks a tad thirsty."

You have no idea, buddy.

Isaac froze, looking at his brothers. "Um, did you hear that?"

"No?" Taylor said hopefully.

"Did it talk?" Isaac asked no one in particular.

Well, um, YEA! I guess you could call it that.

All three brothers dropped to their knees, and crowded around the cat.

"You can talk? How?" Taylor asked it.

Well, I'm a witch's cat, and she gives us the gift of telepathy.

"So, Zac. You really weren't lying when you said that he told you his name, were you?" Taylor asked, licking his now dry lips.

"Well, no, I wasn't." Zac glanced at his brother, unsure what to say.

Anyway, guys, I was out mousing, but now it's getting really late, so I need to get going.

"Um, yea, okay." Taylor got up, and opened the door. The cat rose, and walked over. It stopped, and turned around.

Do you know where Pepsia street is?

"Pepsia? Isn't that the street...." Zac began.

"...with the so called 'haunted house'?" Isaac finished, getting up.

Yea. Well, it's not haunted. Our lady, Cecilia, lives there. She sleeps all year, except now. She awakens on All Hallow's Even.

"All Hallow's Even. Hey, Isaac, isn't that..."

"Halloween. Yes, All Hallow's Even. That's what the ancients called Halloween. Hey, cat. Your 'lady' is pretty old."

Well, not really. She's actually around 5,000 years of age, but she looks like she's around 20.

"Weird. Well, Pepsia Street is just down this street, then aleft at the first intersection. Your house should be along there." Taylor motioned for the cat to leave.

Thank you. I will tell my lady about your kind help.

With that, Jasper headed out the door, and disappeared.

"Alright. Jasper has left the house, and is heading this direction." Cecilia announced to the waiting cats. Jasmine let out a happy sigh, and plopped on the floor.

I cannot believe the kitten would be this stupid. I thought he would be more careful.

I don't care how you thought he would be. As long as he is okay, then that's all I care about.

Jasmine, relax. I truly don't think he meant to get himself lost. He's just enjoying being a kitten.

Yea, besides, he likes fast food, remember. Hah!

Every cat groaned.

Cut the kitten a little slack. He's just having fun.

Well, can't he have fun where it won't put him in danger?

But then it's not fun.

Will you SHUT UP?!?


"Silence!" Cecilia glared at her pack of cats that were arguing. She'd had enough! "Look - Jasper is reaching the front gates. Ebony - take Jasmine with you and greet him."

Obediently Ebony rose, and Jasmine followed him. They made their way down the stairs, through the kitchen that needed dusting, and over to the front door. Jasmine bolted out the door, down the steps, and along the path. Ebony followed.



Jasmine ran over to her kitten and grabbed him with her paw.

You stupid little child! You had me worried sick!

I'm sorry, mommy. I was found my a kid, and he took me to his place. They were nice and all, and-

Yes. We know of the kid. He's your lady's target.

A few hours later.......

"Zac. That's the fifth time you've beaten me. I'm done playing." Taylor threw the controller at Zac, got up, and walked over to the kitchen. He opened the fridge, got a can of Coke, and sat down at the table.

"Aww, Taylor, you're a sore loser." Zac turned the game system off, and joined his brother at the table.

"I wonder what happened to that cat." Taylor suddenly said aloud.

"Who knows? I'm sure he made it to Pepsia Street, and to his house. Then, we'll never hear from him again. Just you watch."

Quite suddenly, there was a strange scratching at the front door.

Zac and Taylor looked at each other.

"You were saying?" Taylor asked. He got up, went to the door, and opened it. Greeting him was a pure black cat, with bright yellow eyes.

"Um, and you are...?"

Ebony. I am the lady's messenger. You and your friend are to come with me.

"Are you kidding? How are you gonna make me and-" Taylor stopped talking quite suddenly. His eyes went hazy, and he looked lost in his own world.

Ebony walked by the suddenly lost Taylor, and hopped on the table. He turned to look at Zac.

You are coming with me.

Just like with Taylor, Zac suddenly got a hazy look in his eyes, and he also looked as if he was lost in his own world.

My lady tells me there is three of you. Where is the third?

"He went out shopping." Taylor said quietly, with a lost sound in his voice.

Very well. Let's go.

Ebony hopped off the table, and walked out the door, with Taylor and Zac following slowly behind.

I don't believe it! It worked!

I never had a doubt.

I did!

Shut up.

"They are nearing the front gates. Scorn, Jasmine, and Chaos - go open the doors for them. We need to hurry. The time it running short." Cecilia got out of her chair, and headed for the downstairs laboratory. Scorn, Jasmine, and Chaos all walked to the front door, and, with a little effort, got the door open. At that moment, Ebony was only a few yards away, with the two boys behind him.

Where does she want them?

She headed for the downstairs laboratory. I guess you take them there.

Very well. Let's go.

With that, Chaos, Ebony, Jasmine, Jasper, Scorn, and the two mindless boys all trooped down the stairs to the Youth Chair.

The Youth Chair was a velvet chair where the lady's target sits. She would feed them a liquid, and then she could steal their youth, leaving them in a lost state of confusion. The could then turn them into anything she wanted, and they would stay that way forever. Because Cecilia liked cats, the person would be reborn as a cat, and would go from a kitten to an adult cat, and would then stop aging for the rest of time.

Cecilia was in her kitchen, preparing the liquid. It smelled very much like a mix of herbs and spices, complete with fresh fruits, but none of the cats had any idea how she made the liquid. She hadn't told any of them. She didn't plan on telling them.

When the cats reached the Youth Chair, Ebony ordered Zac to sit in it. Obediently, Zac sat down, and Taylor was told to wait in a corner. He did so.

My lady. They are ready.

"Great. So am I." Cecilia walked into the room, holding a steaming bowl of what looked like water. She approached Zac, who still looked like he was sleeping with his eyes open. She put the bowl to his lips, and tilted it back. The liquid poured into Zac's mouth, and muscles in his throat automatically swallowed it. Cecilia then cupped his head with her hands, and placed her lips to his. When contact was made, Cecilia could feel a strange pulsating throbbing in her veins. A bizarre heat covered her, and she could feel the years roll away.

When she leaned back, she felt regenerated, renewed. She glanced over at the second child in the corner, and laughed. She turned back to the drained child sitting in the Youth Chair.

"I still like cats. You will be.....a calico cat. I don't have one yet, you know." She touched Zac on his head, and, with a flash of light, Zac began to shrink and grow fur. Soon, he was a small kitten sitting in the chair.

"Awww....I need to give you the gift of telepathy." She took the kitten, and walked over to a desk. She picked up a small vial of black liquid. She poured some in the kitten's mouth, and waited. The first words came.

Oh, you've got be kidding. I'm

Three Years Later

Isaac yawned, and got out of bed. It was Halloween Day.

Exactly three years after Zac and Taylor's disappearance.

Isaac walked over to a small safe he had in the back of his closet. He opened it, and pulled out a magazine that was beginning to turn a yellow tint. The top headline was:

Taylor & Zac Hanson Disappear
No Trace Left Behind

What had happened? Where had they gone?

He remembered the amount of shock this put on the world. It was like so many people were crushed. Isaac was one of those many people.

What had happened?

No one knew.

Taylor and Zac were trying to doze.

They couldn't sleep.

It was so hot out, which was weird, because it was All Hallow's Even. Normally, it was quite cold.

Taylor, can you believe that we've been cats for three years?

Zac, get over it. I mean, who cares? At least we got a break from fame. Anyway, the only thought that plagues me is what ever happened to Isaac?

Well, I don't know, but-

Suddenly, Jasper rounded a corner, and tripped over them.

Sorry! Gotta catch the mouse! Gotta catch the mouse!