The Taylight Zone - Anthology Four

05 - Sibling Rivalry - David

Each brother stared at the other one. All three of them, jealously staring.
"Taylor get's all the fucking attention" Isaac said in his head.

"Zac is the little cute kid in the group" thought Taylor.

"Both of them, they get all the attention" wondered Zac.

After the concert, they always felt this way. Jealous, mad, confused. Being
on the road was getting to them.  Sibling Rivalry had reared it's ugly face in
their family, and nothing could have stopped it. That's when they hurting, killing, toture started, all because of a lack of attention each brother thought they had.....

"Thanks for coming you guys!' yelled Tay over the screaming crowd. The
sound of his voice made them scream even louder. Both Zac and Isaac
glared at him, both with unhappy looks on their faces, and it made Taylor feel wierd.

They walked backstage, and the arguing started.

"What the hell was that, Taylor? All those OHS! and COME ONS!? What are you  doing and thinking while your out there!?!"

Taylor ignored Ike. He didnt feel like arguing.

"Yeah, Tay. I mean, god, just sing for them, dont make them go into a mother fucking mob," snapped Zac. Taylor still didnt answer. He just wanted to sleep, sleep away the whole day.

Taylor awoke the next morning. He glanced at his watch. 5:43 in the morning? He wondered why he was up so early. He got, and walked down
the hall to the kitchen. As he opened the fridge, he felt a sharp blow in the back of the head. He fell to his knee's, and felt the whole kitchen spinning around him. Another blow, and he knew this time it would be fatal.

The funeral for Taylor was short and quick. Fans lined the cemetary gate, and family cried in grief. Zac and Isaac smiled to each other, both knowing of how he died. The police report had said the Taylor feel, and hit his head, but Zac and Ike knew the truth. They had gotten rid of their brother, but before long, sibling rivalry would consume them too.

Their music career was at a stand still. Concert dates were shortened,
and less fans came. Without tay, the group known as Hanson was incomplete. Ike and Zac were now alone in the spotlight. They were
interviewed individually, and both became houshold names. They too began to dispise of each other, and each wanted the spotlight so bad, they would kill to get it.

Zac sat on his bed, reading fan mail. A $50 bill? Who would send MONEY? Oh well. Zac stuffed it in his pocket. He heard a crack above him, but thought nothing of it. He heard an explosion, and the roof caved in on him.

Isaac comforted his mom at Zacs funeral. Although he was happy Zac was

 Ike had to act as if he was deeply hurt. Isaac was the only one left in the spotlight, and he was happy now.  But, he got too much spotlight and wished he had his brothers to back him up. He was contantly doing tv shows, commercials, interviews, and it did get to him.

Ike stood in the middle of the room. with the noose above him. The letter on the counter wrote "I killed them, both Tay and Zac. Now, I regret it, and will join them.". Isaac stepped onto the block of ice, and fit the noose around his neck.before long, the ice melted, and Isaac finally slipped. All three of the brothers were now dead, and no one had the spotlight, after all, the spotlight made them, and now it broke them.