The Taylight Zone - Anthology Three

07 - Opposite Sex - Katie

Taylor opened his eyes.  He felt the drops of sweat slide down his face.  He
sat up and glanced around, making sure that everything was in place in his
new bedroom.  He flicked on the light, and saw that everything was just how
he had left it the day before.  It was messy, just the way he liked it.

Taylor smiled and breathed a sigh of relief when he found nothing wrong in
his room and shut off the light.  He rolled over so his back was to the wall
and placed his bare back against it.  His room was oddly hot, and the cool
wall felt good against his back.  He slowly fell into a restless sleep.

Taylor began to dream.  He dreamt that he was in a giant mall.  He smiled to
himself when he saw a pretty girl staring at him through a store window.  He
walked into the store.  The girl looked much like himself, blue eyes, blond
hair that just brushed her shoulders, and about his same height, too.  He
smiled at her.  The girl didn't smile back.  Taylor frowned and began to
focus his attention on the rack of clothes in front of him.  He then realized
that they were womans' clothes and left the store quickly.

Taylor then found himself inside an accessories shop.  He first looked at the
rack of necklaces and made his way over to the scrunchees.  "I could use of
these," he said quietly to himself.  Then he felt a light tapping on his
shoulder.  He turned around.

Taylor saw a tall woman in her mid-twenties smiling down on him.  "Hi, I'm
Jill.  Are you looking for anything in particular?"

Without thinking, Taylor said, "Yes, do you have any metallic mascara?"
Realizing what he had just said, he covered his mouth and blushed with

Jill didn't seem to notice that it was sort of odd for a teenage boy asking
for mascara, and she led him to the table filled with everything from
press-on-nails to hair extensions.  Taylor felt his energy pumping as his
eyes grazed the table.  He picked up a bottle of purple nail polish that said
"TRY ME!" in big, bold letters on the front.  He unscrewed the top and
painted his thumbnail.  Realizing what he had just done, he wiped his thumb
quickly on his jeans.

Taylor didn't know what was coming over him.  He was starting to act pretty
feminine.  No one seemed to notice though, except for himself.

The dream continued on, with Taylor going into different womans' stores.  He
even found himself trying on some bell-bottoms---the girl kind.  He couldn't
help himself.  "Maybe it's hormones," he thought as he slipped his right shoe
back on.  No one noticed that he was a male, too.

Taylor was beginning to get frantic.  He fled through the mall, which
consisted mainly of womans' boutiques and stores.  He found that there were
no doors leading out.  He sat down on a bench and buried his head in his
hands.  He didn't know what was going on.

Taylor felt someone brush his leg.  He looked up to find the girl that he saw
earlier.  She looked at him and laughed.  Taylor put his hand over his nose
and said, "It's my nose isn't it?  Do I have snot hanging out?"

The girl shook her head no, and laughed again, except this time her laughing
became more sinister.  She got up and sat on his lap.

A shocked Taylor tried to move out of the way but he didn't do it in time.
Before he knew it, the girl was gone.  Feeling slightly nautious, Taylor
walked to a restroom.  Not realizing it, he walked into a Womans' restroom.
He opened a stall door and pulled down his pants and sat down on the toilet.
He rotated his head around so that his neck would crack and out of the corner
of his eye, he noticed something was missing.  He looked down and....

...woke up.  Taylor sat up and realized that he was freezing cold.  He put on
a shirt and turned on the light.  He looked in the mirror and noticed that
his pecs were slightly larger.  Feeling a little odd, he went to the
bathroom.  He pulled down his boxers and sat on the toilet.  He looked down
and found that his male genitalia was gone, and instead of that, he had
female genitalia.  He screamed and pulled up his shorts, without even going
to the bathroom.

Taylor ran to his parents bedroom.  He opened up their dresser drawer and
pulled out his gift certificate and checked the "sex" part of it.  It said
"FEMALE" in big bold letters.  He sat down on the edge of his parents' bed
and his mom sat up and rubbed his back.  "We were going to tell you sometime,
dear!" said his mom.

Taylor nodded and walked slowly back to his (or should we say her) room.