The Taylight Zone - Anthology Two

05 - Robby's Cry - Tammi

He could only hear one thing. Only the loud screams, the shrill, high pitched, peals of screaming pounding in his ears like a unsteady drum beat. Zac squeezed his eyes shut and rubbed his temples hoping the horrible noise would go away. It was so loud, yet so far away, and it seemed to be squeezing in on his brains shattering his skull. The noise was unbearable. It was too much. Zac Hanson finally clenched his fists and gave out a loud, shrill scream much like the screaming inside his head.

He opened his eyes and saw that he was standing by himself in the dark hallway of the museum. The museum had once been an old mansion, belonging to a family who had lived their for centuries. The last of the family that lived their was a couple with two children; a boy and a girl as the tour guide had told his family.

"Then one day their daughter disappeared." he had explained showing the Hanson family a portrait of the family in the hallway. The tour guide has rambled on how shortly after the daughter died the mother and father died and soon after the son, and that was when they decided to turn the mansion into a museum. There was more that the tour guide said but he wasn't really listening, he heard something about how the sister and her brother were very close but he didn't hear the rest. Come to think of it nobody was really listening. Taylor had on his Walkman trying to interested, Ike was trying to keep Jessie from touching all the expensive and fragile items in the mansion, and his parents were occupied with trying to keep Avery, Mackie, and little Zoe calm.

And Zac, well he was too busy staring at the portrait to be possibly interested in some boring tour guide. He only focused on in the daughter and her little brother. The girl looked like she was maybe around Tay's age, around 15 or 16. She was really pretty too with long curly blond hair and these mysterious blue eyes. Her brother who was standing next to her was a boy about his age, he looked about 13 and had a tousle of blond hair that fell to one side like his and these big, mischievious brown eyes. He frowned, the kid actually kind a looked like him.

"Hey Zacy, that little boy looks like he could be your long lost twin!" Avery had exclaimed. The entire family, including the boring tour guide and turned to face Zac who appeared to be intently concentrating on the portrait.

"Hey he does kind of look like him!" Mrs. Hanson had said.

"Hmm no wonder, if that kid was anything like Zac and I was his parent I'd probably die too!" Isaac remarked as he grabbed Jessie's arm from touching a very fragile looking vase.

Oh wow, Zac thought. Some kid who's been dead for about fifty years that looks like me, big deal, he had thought, his eyes still focused on the girl.

He stared into her eyes, which were two deep pools of blazing blue. She had this look in her eye that trapped you under some sort of spell and all you could do is stare into them and be drifted into a faraway world. The longer he stared, the voices of his family seemed only like a whisper being carried off into the wind until they were gone. The longer he stared he could feel a strange buzz in his ears, the buzzing became louder and more painful until it became a loud shrill scream.

Zac shook his head again and looked all around him. He listened carefully for the voices of his family. He listened for the faint drone of Taylor's Walkman, the high pitched giggles of his younger siblings. Ike scolding Jessie or his parents, or even the boring tour guide. Now it was silent, pure silence, no sound at all, not even the screaming. He frowned, it looked like he had been standing in front of the portrait for quite a while and the rest had wandered off forgetting that he was left there standing. Standing there all alone. He soon felt his heart thump loudly in his chest. Thump, Thump, Thump.... On and on.

"Mom?" he called uneasily.

"Dad?" he called again looking around frantically.

"Ike, Tay, Jessie? Come guys where are you?" he cried running through the hallway until he reached the two heavy double doors leading into the other hallway. He twisted the knob and swung open the heavy door to find himself staring into a pair of very familiar, spellbinding blue eyes.

"Oh, lady you gotta help me you see I kinda got lost and..." he started but was cut off by the girl standing in front of him.

"Robby, what the hell are you talking about?" she asked an amused smile on her face.

Zac stopped panicking for a second and stared at the beautiful girl in front of him.

"Huh, what did you call me?" he asked obviously confused.

The girl rolled her eyes and grabbed his arm. "Very funny Robert, you think you can fool me?" she said harshly shaking him.

Zac raised an eyebrow. Whoever this girl was she was weird, and she was also kind of scaring him.

"Uh, listen, lady for one thing my name's not Robert or whatever you called me, the name's Zac, Zachary Walker Hanson to be exact, and secondly will you please let go of me, your kind of hurting my arms." he said. But the girl only dug her fingernails deeper into his skin. She glared at him, an angry, almost crazy look on her face.

"Oh please, you expect me to believe that, I know what you've been doing Robby! This time you're not going to run away crying to Mama, or Daddy! You know why Robby? You wanna know why you can't run to them and cry like a little baby like you used to, you wanna know why?" she sneered a maniacal smile playing at her lips. "You wanna know why?" she whispered into his ear.

Zac stiffened and his breathing grew short and slowly nodded his head. "Why?" he asked.

The girl who he know saw was wearing an old fashioned gown of some sort slowly released him but kept her grip on his arm.

"Because, I killed them." she whispered.

Zac shivered, he could feel her hot breath against his skin as she held him closely to her. Who was this lady and what was she talking about? He thought as his mind and heart paced as he darted his eyes back and forth. He then came across the portrait and his eyes fell upon the girl and he looked up at the girl and noticed how much she resembled the girl in the portrait. But as he looked into the girl's eyes the screaming began again in his head. Or maybe it was just him screaming. He screamed and tried to get away from the girl's tight grip but she only held him tighter around his neck.

"Let go of me, you lunatic!" he tried to choke out as he squirmed from underneath the laced covered arms.

"Oh, Robert, honestly you make me laugh sometimes, you think you can run away from me for the rest of your life?" she laughed a crazy possesing look in her eyes.

He could only pant and squirm from under her tight grip.

"Oh come on don't just stand there and tell me you don't know what I'm talking about!" she exclaimed throwing him against the wall.

Zac fell to the ground as he shrank into the shadow of the girl.

"I mean my entire life it was always, 'Oh yes, Robby's so cute and little, Robert's such a smart little boy, Why can't you be good like your brother Constance? Why? Why Constance?" she said mimicking her parents.

"My entire life I've been compared to my stinkin' 13 year old brother!" she cried throwing her hands up in the air pacing around.

"And you!" she screamed pointing an accusing finger at Zac poking at his chest. "You knew how much pain I was in and yet you just stood there and laughed at me while Mother and Father yelled at me and you didn't do anything about no matter how much I spoiled you and loved you!" she screamed clawing at her hair.

Zac couldn't do anything but just stand there in suprise at the girl who was walking back and forth in front of him. He opened his mouth to say something but snapped it shut as Constance turned around again this time holding a knife.

"Well Robert, my dear sweet brother." she walked towards him and held him comfortingly in her arms and pressed his head against her bosom. "I love you so much, you are and always will be my only brother and I love you so much more that mother and father ever could." she said almost tearfully.

For a moment Zac almost calmed down and hugged the girl back too. He realized how much pain this girl had been through, for some strange reason he felt so connected with her and almost pitied her, until he felt the cold, hard knife against his throat, and he was filled with fear again.

"I never want you to feel the pain I felt." she whispered coldly into his ear as she pushed the knife against his throat. "So remember when I kill you, I did it for you Robby, I did so you would never feel, or see the pain I felt or seen! I'm doing this because I love you!" she screamed and lifted the knife and prepared to dive the sharp, glinting knife into his chest.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" Zac screamed as the knife came in towards his heart. He screamed louder and louder and ran away, ran away as fast as he could.

"Robby, get back here I'm not finished with you yet!" she cried and he could hear her footsteps closing in near him as he swung open the door and ran and ran and ran until he reached a dead end. And all he could do is scream as loud as he could, the same scream that was so loud and sharp the scream that seemed to stop Constance from digging the knife into his pounding heart.

"Connie?" she froze in mid air.

Zac looked off to where Constance was staring and saw a boy that looked much like himself and sounded just like him. Constance slowly walked over to the boy a smile on her face.

"Robby? Is that really you? You came back for me!" she asked happily and ran towards him and hugged him tightly.

"Connie, I was waiting for you," the boy said. "Oh, Robby, I love you so much you know that don't you?" Constance asked in a sugar sweet voice. The words were like deja vu in Zac's mind as he feared what would come next.

"Yeah, I love you too!" Robert said oblivious to what was going to happen next.

"Then you have to understand what I'm going to do next I'm doing this for you." she said coldly.

Zac felt his heart jump into his throat as he realized what was coming next.

"Constance, I know you would do anything for me," he said happily.

"All right then," she said an evil smile on her face as she raised the knife and drove it right into poor Robby's heart.



The two identical screams of Zac Hanson and Robby Gordon split through the air blending together into one loud, shrill, scream.

"Zac, wake up."

Zac opened his eyes and looked around him and saw that he was still standing in front of the portrait looking into the girl's eyes once more. He looked around and saw that his family was about ready to leave and Tay was pulling him towards the door.

"Oh my gosh Tay!" he exclaimed and was about ready to tell his weird fantasy to his brother when he looked at the picture again and decided not to.

"What Zac, tour guide wants to show us the cemetery." Tay said.

Zac looked at the portrait again and decided not to tell anybody, he decided not to tell anybody how the family really died.

"Nothing Tay, just day dreaming again." he said.

Outside they walked through the tall black iron gates of the cemetery and walked over to four tombstones.

"Here are the tombstones of the family, as you can see Constance and Robert were about 3 years apart in age but they were very close to each other.." he rambled on.

Zac only heard the names Robert and Constance as he glanced down at the two tombstones in front of him.

Constance Marie GordonRobert Albert Gordon

As he walked away from the cemetery he could hear the faint sound of a young boy's cry.