Ever Lonely

26 - Angels & Trees - Unknown

The tree is a giant oak tree about 3 houses down from the Hanson pad. Diana and Walker's names are on it. Everyone who is the perfect couple has their names on it. Taylor was on it when he met Darlene. Isaac was put on it when he got engaged with Lisa. Zac Hanson's name had yet to be carved on it.

Zac didn't mind the single life. He was 14, he could blade, he didn't have to remember any anniversaries. He was a happy guy. Then he met Melanie. He didn't MEAN to fall in love. It snuck up on him.

Zac was blading one spring afternoon at the vert ramp. A girl his age showed up and Zac was in the middle of a complicated flip and he caught a glimpse then blacked out.,p> The next thing Zac saw was a pretty girl's face looming over him. Worry and concern was written all over that pretty face. "Are you okay?" she asked.

An angel, thought Zac. She had to have been an angel. She was gorgeous, and her voice was music more heavenly then he could ever make. "I'm fine." He sat up. "Ow." He laid down again.

"I'm taking you home." She went to the pay-phone. "Matt, could you pick me up? One of the Hansons fell on the vert ramp. Matt it's true! Just pick me up."

Minutes later, a black Jeep pulled up. A handsome redheaded boy, sort of like Seth Green but taller, got out. "Wow, Mel! You were telling the truth." The boy named Matt was wearing black leather pants and a white shirt. He lifted Zac up and put him in the car.

Zac laid down on his bed. His foot was bruised and he had a cut on his cheek making him look rugged. "Wow." Taylor looked at Zac from his desk.

"Wow what?" Taylor asked.

Zac looked up startled. "Huh? Oh it's you." Taylor made a duh face. "I met the most amazing girl today Taylor. If I didn't know better I'd say she was an angel."

"Wouldn't be surprised." Taylor mused. "You didn't completely maim yourself."

Before long MEL AND ZAC 4-EVER was carved on The Tree. Taylor slapped Zac on the back. "You may have found your match with that little redhead." He said mussing Zac's silky blonde hair.

"Maybe." said Melanie, appearing from nowhere.