Ever Lonely

24 - Wish Upon a Star - Saralynn

(written 9-22-98 for my friend Becky...plz keep in mind that this story supposedly is taking place in the future :) )

Becky lay in her bed. It was late and everything was dark. She gazed out her window, looking at the clear moonless sky.

She was lonely. Isaac was away, doing something for the band with Taylor and Zac. Isaac. Just thinking the name made her smile.

Becky searched the sky. There, exactly what she was looking for. The brightest star seemed to be glowing brightly in the heavens, placed there specifically for her. Isaac had always told her that if she was ever lonely then all she had to do was wish upon then brightest star and think of him, and he would know it. He would feel it and he would be there for her.

Becky concentrated with all of her will that Isaac would think of her. A few moments later, she fell asleep with a smile on her face and thoughts of Isaac running through her dreams.

Isaac felt strange. A warm, tingly feeling swept over his body.

Isaac gazed up into the sky. He immediately spotted a very bright star that he would, for the rest of his life, swear was shining down on him. Just for him.

A smile crossed his face as he opened the door.

"Home," he whispered to himself as he quietly closed the door behind him.

He slipped his coat off, leaving it on a chair as he walking through the peacefully sleeping house. He immediately made his way towards the bedroom.

As quietly as possible so as not to disturb the slumbering people within the other parts of the house, Isaac slipped noiselessly into his room.

He undressed, leaving his worn-out cords and t-shirt in a heap by the foot of his bed.

He looked fondly at the shrouded figure in his bed. She looked so peaceful that he almost decided to crash out on the couch.


But after being away from her for almost two weeks, he wasn't going to be away any longer.

Ike carefully crawled under the covers, wrapping his arms around Becky.

"I love you," he whispered into her ear before dropping into his own deep sleep.

At that moment, Becky's dreams became a little sweeter.