Ever Lonely

21 - Not Supposed to Happen - SinginGrrl

I’m not supposed to like you. You are my arch-nemesis. You’re a Joker to my Batman. Well, more like Catwoman. I’m not supposed to look at you twice.

You're a girl for gosh-darn's sake.

You shouldn’t be running through my brain. But when you smiled at me, my insides turned to Jell-O.

Stop it.

You aren’t supposed to do this to me!

You are just a girl! A very pretty girl, but –wait! What am I saying? You are a girl! I don’t like girls. They are grosser than Jimmy’s scab collection. They have cooties.

But you don’t.

I’ve known you forever, and you never did this to me before. Jimmy told me you were a witch, but I didn’t believe him. But now… did you cast a spell on me? I can’t get enough of you and your pretty long red hair, like fire.

Stop it! Get out of my brain! Do I have to pound you out? Get your green cat-like eyes out of my head! Get you and your flowered dress and your pretty face and cute button nose---STOP IT!

What am I thinking? I don’t like girls. Don’t forget, genius, you don’t like girls.

Isaac said it was normal to like you. He thought you looked like Tabitha. He said, "Sarah looks just like Tabitha" when him and Tabby went out. And Isaac has to like someone very much if he’s going to go out with her. Maybe I should ask you out.

NO! What am I saying?

Jimmy tried to tell me something mean about you, but I didn't believe him. Jimmy's a jerk, Sarah, I'll never believe him.

"Zac?" I look up to my other older brother staring at me. I have two you know. Older brothers that is.

"Yes?" I ask curtly, "What do you want Taylor?"

"Nothin'. Just wanted to let you know that Mom invited the Jamisons' over for dinner." He leaves the room, looking at me strangely.

So, you're coming for dinner, eh?

Jimmy’s coming over to play this afternoon. I can’t let him know that I like you --- wait! I don’t like you, do I? You’re playing with my head! Stop it!


Jimmy’s here and I’m nervous. My palms are sweating, and I can’t see straight and my tummy hurts. And it is all your fault! Wait, Jimmy doesn’t look so good either. What did he say? Girls aren’t so yucky? Girls are okay? Well, I already knew that Jimmy, when did you get a clue? When she kissed you? Gross Jimmy! Who’d kiss you, Jimmy?

Why’d you kiss him Sarah?

I hit him hard. Now I can’t leave my room until suppertime. I’m so mad. My bigger brothers are all downstairs watching TV. I can’t watch TV. I can't leave my room until you come over. I have to stay in my room because I hit Jimmy Parker and made his stupid nose bleed.. I didn’t think I could hit him so hard.

Now, I guess I know.

I'm 10 years old, is it too early to propose?

I hit him because you kissed him. I did it for you. You don’t like Jimmy. Jimmy isn’t right for you. He cried. You need a stronger man.

Like me.

Oh Sarah… why do you do this to me? Over and over and over and over you make me think about you.

Sarah, you look very pretty today. That's what I'll say to you when you get here.

Sarah, I like having you on my mind. I like the way you smile and I like the way you are around me. Sarah, I like you.

And as soon as I get out of my room to eat supper, I’m going to kiss you.