Ever Lonely

18 - Ever Lonely - Kelsy

She felt miserable.

Going to school, it was just a routine. She had no heart in it. Lisa despised going to school. She couldn't concentrate doing her homework anyway, so why should she enjoy school? That was the main reason why she didn't like it. She couldn't concentrate. It was hard to. But, Lisa had a good personality. She was a good friend. Lisa's best friend is Haley. Haley and Lisa knew something about each other no one else could ever quite understand.

"More homework," Lisa dropped her books on her bedroom floor. "School is really giving me a headache.." She collapsed on her bed and started to cry.

It was horrible – this depression. She felt lonely, confused, worthless, and many other emotions consumed her. Lisa thought no one really cared about her. The smallest comment somebody makes, the simplest situation, could break her heart. She turned good things into horrible things and felt depressed over it. Lisa had thought about killing herself many times. She just didn't know what to do. She couldn't bring herself to call a hot-line, talk to a counselor, or any of the importance. She couldn't even tell her parents. It was just too hard. And the pain was killing her.

Lisa picked up the phone to call Haley.

"Hello?" Haley answered.


"Oh, hey Lisa. What's up?"

Lisa couldn't hold it in any longer.

"I feel so horrible," Lisa moaned. " I want to know why the hell I feel like this!" Lisa broke down into tears.

"I know how you feel… I wanna know why I feel this way, too.."

Lisa and Haley talked more about their feelings. About an hour later, they said goodbye and hung up.

The next day at school, Lisa felt like hell. Haley knew what was wrong. She felt the same way.

During P.E., Lisa locked herself in one of the bathroom stalls of the girls' locker-room. Lisa stood with her back against the wall, then slumped down to the floor. Head buried in her hands, Lisa began to cry.

This is too much, Lisa thought through tears. I'm going to end this… forever.

Haley had the same P.E. class as Lisa. And being her best friend, she noticed Lisa was missing.

Now where'd Lisa go?

Haley frantically searched each of the locker aisles.

"Lisa!" She headed toward the bathroom stalls. "Lisa, are you in here?"

She stopped. She thought she heard someone crying.

Is it? Yes. It is. It's the soft sobs of… Lisa!

Haley slowly opened each stall door. "Lisa? Are you okay?"

Haley stopped dead-cold when she found Lisa in the last stall.

There was Lisa, sitting on the floor, with tears streaming down her face.

She had cut her wrist. Her blood was collecting in a pool below her. Lisa held her other hand over her open wrist. Still, it bled. Drip. Drip. Drip…

"Oh, Haley.." Lisa sobbed. "Please.. I made a mistake… I don't want to die."

"Lisa! Oh my gosh.." tears started to form in her eyes.

Haley took off her jacket, and wrapped it tightly around her friend's bleeding wrist.

"You wait here… I'll get help.." Haley ran to the teacher faster than she ever ran in her entire life.

In a minute, the teacher was by Lisa's side.

Lisa was now sprawled on the floor, holding her jacket-tied wrist with her hand. Her blood soaked completely through Haley's jacket. Lisa was about to pass out.

"Help….. please…"

In a few more minutes, the ambulance was here, and Lisa was taken to the hospital. Haley went with her.

Haley stayed by Lisa's side in the hospital the whole day. Tears fell from Haley's eyes as she held Lisa's hand. Lisa was out cold. She had about three IV tubes in her, and she was having a blood transfusion because she had lost so much blood.

It was almost 6pm.

Well, I guess I'd better get going.

Lisa was still out from the morphine and overall weakness.

"I'm going Lisa. Take care of yourself.." She knew Lisa couldn't hear her. But she felt better talking to Lisa. "I love you…" A tear fell from Haley's cheek, as she squeezed Lisa's hand one last time before she left.

It was two days after that horrible incident. Lisa had gone home a day ago, and was resting. Haley lay on her bed crying.

I can't believe what happened to Lisa, Haley thought through sniffles.

We were supposed to help each other, to look after each other. And I let her slit her wrist… Great friend I am, she thought bitterly.

Haley took out the knife she had sneaked from the kitchen.

I failed as a friend. I don't deserve to live.

More tears flowed down her face.

Just then, there was a knock on her bedroom door. Startled, Haley dropped the knife. It was her dad.

"Haley, dear, you have a package from the mail."

"Just leave it at my door, dad." Haley called, trying to hide the fact that she had been crying.

Slowly, Haley made her way to the door after she'd dried up her tears.

Haley cautiously opened the door. She picked up the package to see who it was from… It was from Lisa.

She opened the package. It was a cassette tape, with a note attached to it.

Haley took off the note, and started to read. It was a small message:

Dear Haley, Thank you for being there for me. You saved my life. I wouldn't have made it without you. Thanks for being such a great friend.


Tears of love filled her eyes. She had saved a life – her best friend's life. She was special to Lisa. She was very thankful that she was able to be there when a friend needed her the most. And all this time she thought she had only failed.

Two tears rolled down Haley's cheeks as she smiled and opened the tape jacket. The label read: "Ever Lonely" Hanson.

I've never heard this song before.

Haley popped the tape into her stereo and pushed play.

The song was a beautiful rock song, and those words sent a chill up her spine.

If you're every lonely you can call on me
I'll be here for you all you've got to do is call
I'm always waiting here for you
All you've got to do is keep on trying 'til your call gets through

Haley sat on her bed, eyes closed, and smiled, listening to the song. Someone loved her, and really cared about her. Her best friend. Her best friend told her that she had saved her life. Haley hadn't failed on her friend. And through this song, Lisa was telling Haley that she would always be there for her, too. And Haley knew that she would always be there for Lisa.

For so many years I have been your friend
And we've been through everything time and time again
But I want you to know that I still believe in you
All you've got to do is keep on trying 'til your call gets through.

I would like to dedicate this story to my angel, Joy. Thanks for everything. I would also like to thank Hanson for being such a big help in my life. They are truly blessed.