Christmas Time

08 - Taylor's Christmas Exploits - P. Lisa

"Of course Mom won't find out if you hide behind the curtains," Taylor exasperatedly told his younger brother, "She won't ever see you, so you won't ever get in trouble. Do you see now?"

"Uhh… I guess so, but only if you stand on the chair by the door, and watch for her," a three year old Zac replied, an unsure look superimposed upon his pudgy features.

It was Christmas time again, and the presents under the tree looked even more magical when the blinking colored lights illuminated their shiny wrappings. Issac, Taylor, and Zac had all received many packages, but three stood out in Taylor's mind, the ones that were all the exact same size, with the exact same paper, and sounded exactly the same when you shook them. One was for him, one for Ike, and one for Zac. He had to know what they were.

He had tried many tactics, the X-ray glasses from the Captain Crunch box, wheedling it out of his mother, and his most recent and desperate attempt, the Popsicle stick to the tape maneuver (in which he accidentally ripped Issac's and had to quickly mend it before his mother found out).

He was losing hope at ever finding out what his present was before Christmas, until tthe brilliant idea hit him. It was so simple, yet so effective, and it was working out just as he had planned.

As he stood atop the rocking chair, watching Zac eagerly rip through the layers of Rudolf paper, he initiated the second phase of his brilliant plan.

"MOM!!!" he called out, "Zac's opening a Christmas present!"

His mother came running, and Taylor directed her to Zac's hiding place with a pointing finger.

As his mother chided a crying Zac, and walked him to his room, Taylor twisted his face into a satisfaction laden grin. A gumball machine. Mission accomplished.