Christmas Time

06 - You'll Find the Reason - Kelly

He drove slowly up the hill. He always came to the hill on Christmas Eve, it was a tradition he had for himself. Nobody knew he returned to this hill year after year, to pray, reflect, and just gaze at the beauty at the unlimited bounty of the stars in the sky above. Well, except for her of course. But she was different. She was her.

This year he hadn't wanted to return. Too many memories. He had just gotten over it, the hurt, and he didn't want to come back. He never wanted to come back. But he couldn't stay away. Something was drawing him to the hill, something he couldn't ignore.

So here he was, another Christmas, another visit to the hill. It was really nothing special. Grass, yellow at this time of year, and a few scattered trees. The hill was, in reality, ugly. But he saw some undescribable beauty in it. Maybe because it was where he had met her. But he wouldn't think of her. He couldn't.

He climbed out of his car, and settled himself into the grass. He laid back, and marveled at the stars above him. It really was amazing, the universe was amazing. He was deep in thought, so he didn't notice the engine of the car as it pulled beside his own. He started as he heard a person sit down next to him. He turned to the person next to him, and realized it was her.

"Everything is different, but nothings changed. Are we going in circles?" The moon illuminated her face as she spoke. She sat there, a white figure against the darkness of the night. He knew what that was from. It had never been more fitting than at that minute. He paused for a minte before responding. "It's Christmas again."

"I-" He watched her, struggling to find the words. She couldn't seem to find them. Tears swelled, unfallen, in her eyes.

"Do you really remember how it used to be sitting under the Christmas tree?" He broke in angrily. She had hurt him so badly. He couldn't forget.

"Yes, oh, yes. All those lights, angel's hair, and ornaments. But they mean nothing to me without you." She was more beautiful than he remembered. But she had changed. She look older, like she has been hurt.

"Why are you here?" He said it quietly, defeatedly.

"You know why I'm here. I know you do." Tears were running down her face by now. But her voice was steady. Oh my God, he realized with a start, what if I had hurt her? What if I was the one who had changed her?

"Oh, reach down." He told her smiling slightly.

"Reach down inside." She tentatively returned his smile.

"Your heart, and see all the love." She was in his arms now. They clung to each other desperately. Both weeping, weeping over love refound. They clung to each other as if they were the last people on earth. To each other they were the only people on earth. The only ones that mattered to each other at the moment.

He whispered in her ear as he held her, "In your heart you'll find the reason."