Christmas Time

05 - Don't Drink the Egg Nog - Juliette

"Mom, can I have some egg nog?" Zac called into the living room.

"Sure, hon," his mother replied, and Zac grinned.

Stretching himselfas far as he could, he reached the tallest glasses on the highest shelf in the cupboard. He relished a sniff inside the carton, then filled the glass as full as he could without spilling it. He closed his eyes and took a careful, reverent sip.

"Mmmm," he murmured, then carried the glass delicately out to the living room. He sat down beside Taylor and watched the older members of the household engage in serious conversation about mortgages and contracts and interest rates. Every few seconds he'd take a sip of egg nog.

Around 9:30 pm he began to get a little tipsy. "Zac, what's wrong with you?" Taylor asked as Zac's head flopped over onto the arm of the couch, the flew up.

"N-nothing," Zac stuttered, and took another sip of egg nog.

"How long have you been drinking that egg nog?" Ike asked, leaning over Taylor.

"Uh, I dunno. Since six I guess," came Zac's slurred reply.

"Whoa, dude, you must've had alot!" Taylor remarked, then noted the low level of the glass. "Zac! That's a huge glass! How full did you fill it?!"

"All the way, why?"

"Zac, don't you know egg nog has alcohol in it? You're not supposed to drink that much!" Ike cried.

"Al-key-hall?" Zac asked, his eyelids drooping.

"Uh, Mom?" Taylor said. Diana continued talking. "Mom?"

No response.



"Zac's smashed."


"Yeah, Mom," Ike interjected. "He had WAY too much egg nog."

"Oh, Zachary! You were only supposed to take a LITTLE egg nog! Come on, let's get you to bed," she said, slinging his arm over her shoulder and easing him towards the stairs.

"But Mom," he protested drowsily, "gotta finish my egg nog..." Then he trailed off and fell asleep.

Taylor and Ike looked at each other. "I wanna try it!"

"No way, I'm older!"

"You always get what you want!"