Christmas Time

04 - I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas - Zorak

"Christmas means to me my love..." I barely sang along to my CD. My voice was going, and I could barely talk let alone sing, but I always managed to sing along with my CD. It was my favorite CD in the world. I know every lyric, note, moan groan and oh, coming from Taylor, Isaac and Zac's mouth. I should I was there when they record it. I am one of their closet friends after all. My name is Megan, but everyone calls me Meg (Taylor calls me Megzie). I smiled to my self referring the day we record "At Christmas" (the song playing now). It was snowing so much in London. We had the best time running around in the snow. "Snow, haven't seen that in a long time." I said looking out my window into the snow less sky. Only three days till Christmas and no sign of snow, "Damn El Nino" I whispered under my breath.

That's all I am asking for this Christmas snow and Hanson. Ever since I could remember my family and their's spent Christmas together. Christmas Eve we ate at my house, with all my family and all of theirs. Then on Christmas day at 9:30 my family would walk to their house and open our presents. The rest of the day we would spending have fun.

But not this year. They are off in New York, doing what they love to do. At lest their Christmas wish came true. All of a sudden by phone rang.


"Hi ya Kid"

"Hay Zac"

"How is it hanging in T-town?"


"Still no snow?"

"Nope, and Christmas Eve is tomorrow!"

"That sux"

"Your telling me"

"What's wrong Sunshine?"

"It's just Christmas wont be the same with out you guys, and even worse with out the snow!"

"Oh, Meg you know we all want to be home for Christmas but we can't. And the snow thing, I am not God, I just can't say make it snow and then have it snow,"

"I know Zac, I am not asking you to make it snow or anything,"

"I know Meg, but cheer up, it's Christmas after all, here Taylor want's to say Hi"

"Ok, put him on,"

"Merry Christmas Megzie,"

"Merry Christmas Tayles,"

"Heard your down. Don't be!"

I smiled, " I know Taylor but.."

"No buts, smile I can see your frown from New York. You know your still getting your presents from us."

"I know Taylor, but it's not that,"

"Oh, no snow no us, makes Megzie mad."


"Don't worry Megzie, I promise this Christmas will be good,"

"I hope so,"

"Hay, sorry to cut this short but we have to go now. Everyone sends their love and says Merry Christmas,"

"Ok, say the same for me, Love ya Tayles,"

"Love ya to Megzie, Later,"

"Later" I hung up my phone turned off my music and went to bed dreaming of a white Christmas.

Christmas Eve went by fast. I spent the day with my family. Right before I went to bed my phone rang.


"Merry Christmas Meg!"

"Merry Christmas Ike"

"I heard you were sad"


"Well, turn that frown up-side down!"I giggled, "See I knew that would work,"

"So, you always make me laughed,"

"That's what I am here for,"

"How are you doing Ike?"

"Fine, Christmas isn't the greatest here either. We spent about an hour trying to convince Mackie, that Santa can come to a Hotel room, even with a 3 foot plastic tree."

I giggled, "Poor Mackie, did he finally agree?"

"Yeah, barely. Anyway, how was Christmas Eve?"

"Fine, but it would have been better if you guys were here. I had only Bri and Mar to play the egg nog chug with me,"

"Who won?"

"Me of course, I always hated Egg Nog and yet and I still win every year,"

He chuckled, "you always complained about it too,"

I smiled, "Yep" I yawned.

"Well, I see your tried so I'll let you go. Merry Christmas Meg, remember turn that frown up-side down!"

I laughed, "Merry Christmas Ike," I hung up the phone and went to bed.

I woke in the morning around 9:30 to the sounds of "White Christmas," in my ears. I sat up and out of the concern of my eye I noticed my window. I jumped up and looked out of it to see snow. A big smile spread across my face. Then I noticed something the snow was only around my window and a little outside. Then I also noticed the song was close to me. I turned around to see three smiling idiots at my door frame.

"GUYS!" I yelled.

"Hi Meg!" Zac shouted, "Surprise!" he said holding out a bag of fake snow, "you said you wanted snow and this was the best I could come up with,"

"Thank you!" I said giving them each a hug, "why did you come?"

"Well, after I hung up with you last night, we gathered around our small plastic tree...." Ike began.

"And tried to sing like we always do but it just didn't sound right..."Taylor continued.

"Yeah Taylor couldn't hit those high notes that you do Meg," Zac jumped in.

Tay shot him a look, "So we caught the first flight down here,"

"And the snow thing was Zac's idea. He want to cover the whole city in snow..."

"But that would take up A LOT of bags of snow and this is the only one we could afford," Zac finished.

"Thank You guys sooo much!"

"Come on we are opening presents now," Zac said grabbing my hand and leading me into the front room where both our family's had gathered around the tree. I took my seat next to Zac and we began to pass around presents.

"Hay Zac" I said nudging him on the shoulders.


"How many windows did you put snow on?"

"Just yours why?"

"Then what's that!" I said pointing to the window.

"SNOW!" he yelled jumping up to the window. I followed him. Sure enough a light pour of snow was falling to the ground. Everyone got up and looked out the window to watch the snow fall.

"I did get my wish after all. This is the best Christmas ever," I said as we walked back into our seats and began to open more presents.