Club Albertane: After Dark

12 - A Time Forgotten - Starfalcon

The two of us stepped onto the porch.  I looked over at Colin, studying his well-muscled form.  I raised my glance to meet his soft blue eyes.  “I know this is hard Tay,” he whispered.  “Colin I can’t do this.”  “We have to,” he replied sadly.  I looked deep into his eyes and knew he was right, we have to do this.  But can I really kill someone?

I looked over at Taylor.  He was sleeping.  Staring quietly I watched the slow rise and fall of his naked chest.  He stirred slightly, I froze not even daring to breathe.  I did not wish to wake my blond angel, lying in quiet repose.  But Taylor’s eyes fluttered, opening to reveal his beautiful blue orbs.  He turned toward me.

“Good morning,” Tay said smiling.  I sighed, his smile still made me melt.  I said nothing and continued to stare.  Tay reached up and poked me in the head, “Good morning Colin,” he said chuckling slightly.  “Mornin’,” I whispered.  We kissed gently.  My mind flashed back to the first time we made love.

It had been early April.  We were both fifteen at the time.  The band was on the road doing promo.  The two of us were hanging out in his hotel room.  We were up to our usual tricks, a little kissing and a lot of frantic groping.  But things took a turn that night we took things farther.  We were jacking each other off furiously, our hands franticly working each other’s dicks.  He made me stop and gently pushed me down.  He grinned slyly as drug his body over mine and slowly wrapped his lips around my member.  I moaned softly as he gently worked his tongue over my dick and moved his mouth sensuously up and down.  Then I felt his fingers slide into me.  My back arched first in pain, than gradually it became pleasure.  I couldn’t even think why he was doing it.  He stretched my hole gently, working my insides with his fingers.  “I’m gonna cum,” I gasped.  He moved his mouth off my dick and did not finish.  I looked down at him in shock.  “Shhh,” he whispered.  He backed up a little and slowly lifted my legs.  I felt his rigid cock slide up to my hole.  I gasped.  He began to push in.  The pain was almost unreal.  I think I started to cry because he asked, “Should I stop.”  “God, no!”  I yelled.  He pushed all the way in and held still for a while.  It gave me a chance to get used to the pain.  Then he began pushing in and out.  It was the greatest feeling of my life.  Tay and I were connected, not just in heart but in flesh.  I never wanted it to stop.  He reached down and played with my cock, as his pumping became more intense.  That was all it took.  I went right over the edge.  I came furiously, grunting as I spurted my warm seed all over him.  My entire body contracted.  Tay moaned and I felt his cum explode inside me.  After a moment he collapsed atop me.  We slept like babes.

“Earth to Colin,” I said waving my hands in front of his face.  Colin’s eyes refocused on me.  I looked down to notice his visible erection.  “What were you thinkin about huh?”   “Nothing,” he replied with a grin.  I climbed on top of him wasting no time.  I reached back and slowly started massaging his cock.  “Oooo baby,” he hissed and grinned.  “Shut up,” I replied, “and fuck me!”  With no hesitation he rammed up inside me.  “Owww” I yelled, “fucker!”  I punched him in the chest, he only grinned wider, wolfishly.  He fucked up into me fast and furious.  Now don’t get me wrong, I liked it rough once in a while, but this hurt.  He rolled me over and pounded my ass, raking his nails down by back.  “Ahhhh,” I screeched, his only response was to fuck me harder.  With a grunt he rammed into me one last time, and then he was finished.  The he kissed me gently and whispered, “I love you.”  “And I love you.”

We didn’t get out of bed for another hour.

When we finally came out of the room it was already 10am.  No one was home at the Hanson “compound.”  I had started calling the new house that after they moved in.  This place was like a fortress.  Not like the old house.  But it was home to the rather extensive Hanson clan, so I felt comfortable here.  At least as much as I could, considering what I knew.

Tay and I had been good friends growing up.  I lived two doors down from him with my… dad.  It was an idyllic existence for a long time after Tay and I became friends.  Before that my dad was a bit of an oddball.  He seemed impatient all the time and very demanding.  It was like that for several years.

I first met Taylor when I was ten years old.  He was already into the music scene.  My dad had become friends with Walker and Diana at church.  After that, Tay and I were introduced.  We got along well, especially after we started talking music.  I played the bass, my dad had make me take lessons since I was five.  I got into it after a while.

Besides the music though, Tay and I were similar in a lot of ways.  We were both dreamers, we could sit and talk about tomorrows and nothings for hours on end.  We were passionate, sensitive, and caring. Kind of girlie boys I guess.  We were into the same movies, the same books, and the same games.  It seemed we were made to be together.

After the guys started playing instruments for the band, it was only natural that I offer to play bass for them.  My dad was thrilled.  Not so much for me but for the fact that I would be with Tay, as he put it, “Every step of the way.”  Back then I didn’t know what he was talking about.  He would just say he wanted Tay and I to be close.  I had no idea it went farther than that.

At fourteen Tay and I fell in love.  We kissed for the first time on a spring evening just after a concert.  We were both really hyped up after our performance in Spain.  I guess the excitement got to us, we hugged tightly.  After what seemed like an eternity holding him, he pulled back slowly.  We stared at each other, both knowing the other felt it too.  The spark when we touched was more than either of us could comprehend, and certainly more than our bodies could handle.  He leaned forward.  The kiss was flawless; time seemed to slow for a moment.  Nothing mattered except us.  That was the beginning.

After that things were different.  We would spend every free moment kissing each other.  We were like children with a new toy.  The experience was so new, and so innocent.  We had fallen in love.  For the first time we understood what it was between us.  Like all relationships, ours progressed, and grew as we grew.  We had our ups and downs.  We fought and we made up.  We grew together.

Colin was sitting at the table as I cooked breakfast.  He had that far off look in his beautiful eyes that he gets so often.  I worry about him a lot.  He’s got a secret.  Something so dark and terrible that he believes it would change my opinion of him.  Nothing ever could.

“French toast is ready,” I piped.  “Yum,” was his reply.  I put the plates down and sat, “So what are we gonna do today?”  “Well,” Colin said, “Ike and Zac will be home tonight, right?”  I looked up, “Yeah.”  “So,” he continued, “why don’t we get cleaned up and then go out with them tonight.”  I looked up at him again, “Then what are we gonna do during the day?” “I have to go home, I need to talk to my dad,” he mumbled.  “Oh,” I replied softly.  We stopped talking at the mention of his father.  Nothing killed a conversation faster than the mention of Robert Valint.

We showered together but Colin was in no mood for play.  I touched his back gently, but he flinched.  I backed off.  While we were shaving he whispered, “I don’t wanna go home.”  ‘Then stay,” I replied warmly.  “I can’t, I have to go home,” his tone displayed absolute finality.  There was no arguing with him now.  He dressed and left.  I hated not being able to help him.  He was my one and only.  I felt cold after he left.  I knew his father was a little odd, especially after Colin told me about his childhood.  But, why did other people like him.

I opened the front door to find my “father” pacing back and forth.  “Good morning Robert,” I said coldly.  “Did everything go well Colin?” he asked.  “Yes Robert,” I said impatiently, I knew where this was going.  “He is still in love with you then?  You had sex again?” he asked with that perverted gleam in his eye.  “God damn it!  Why do you ask me that?  You know we did.  We love each other!  And I’m not doing this for you!” I couldn’t help but scream at him.  The bastard grinned at me, “But by doing it for you, you are doing it for me.”  “Fuck you, Bob,” he hated people calling him Bob.  I turned and walked up to my room.  I knew he would follow.  The demented pervert had questions to ask.  I wish I had never figured all this out.  Ignorance is bliss and knowledge is misery.

I sat around the house all afternoon; I passed the time by reading.  My current selection was “Praying for Sleep” by Jeffery Deaver.  This book was pretty good so far; I’d read a few of his others novels, like “The Coffin Dancer” and “The Bone Collector.”  This one was just as enjoyable.  About an hour before Ike and Zac were supposed to be home I started cleaning up a little.  Admittedly there wasn’t much to be done; I was a bit of a neat freak.  With mom, dad, and the younger siblings away, the house was pretty immaculate.  Although that was mostly thanks to Lynn, the cleaning lady, who came in twice a week and dusted and vacuumed.  But I cleaned up my dishes and such and ran the dishwasher.   

Around six thirty Colin arrived.  He looked very tired and didn’t say much.  I finished my cleaning, and we sat on the couch.  “The Year my Voice Broke” was on The Independent Film Channel, so we watched that.  I put my arm around Colin and held him.  He snuggled close to me and dozed off for about a half an hour.  Ike and Zac didn’t come in until seven thirty, they were a little late.

“We’re home!” Zac announced as they walked through the door.  “How was your trip?” I asked.  “Fine,” Ike replied, “except for the ride home.”  I knew better than to let this pique my curiosity but, “Why?”  Zac chuckled as Ike replied, “Because jack ass here,” he pointed to Zac, “had chili before we left.  The whole car stinks.”  Zac grinned proudly and carried his bag upstairs without a word.  I just shook my head as Ike followed.  Then I heard Ike yell, “Jesus Zac, now it stinks up here too!”  Colin chuckled dryly, “This is gonna be an interesting night.”

Rather than follow them upstairs, I called up, “Hey guys you wanna go out tonight for dinner and a movie?”  “Sure,” Ike called back.  Colin and I walked away from the stairs.  “Stop farting Zac!” Ike screamed.  I groaned, “Yup definitely an interesting night.”

We walked out of the movie theatre into the cold night air.  Ike and Zac had enjoyed the movie immensely; Tay and I had enjoyed it too, albeit not as much.  It actually had a decent plot line, color me surprised.  I was feeling antsy.  Things with Robert were getting worse and Tay knows something is up.  I should really tell Tay the truth, but what would that accomplish.  He would still love me and I him, but he would think I’d gone completely nuts.  The whole thing was really hard to swallow, just thinking about could give you a headache.  I just wish this was only my imagination, unfortunately this is my life.

Ike, Tay, and Zac were discussing dinner.  T.G.I. Friday’s seemed the popular idea of the moment.  I could use a drink, unfortunately I hadn’t turned twenty one yet and I forgot my fake I.D. back at the house.  Heh, my fake I.D. Tay and I had cooked them up one afternoon out of boredom.  It’s just amazing what you can do with computers, especially Tay’s little set up.

“So what do you think, Colin?” Zac asked me.  “Friday’s is cool,” I replied.  “Its decided then,” Ike said, “Friday’s it is.”  We drove to Friday’s, Tay and I sat in the back.  Zac and Ike were cool with our relationship.  We hugged and kissed in front of them all the time, they generally didn’t give us any shit.  Don’t get me wrong; Tay and I were very discreet.  But it was nice to not have to hide it all the time.  So we sat in the back seat and snuggled.  We fit together so well.

We were seated within a few minutes of our arrival.  So fame had its privileges.  We caused a bit of a ruckus at first, but fortunately the crowd was pretty mature at this time of night so no one asked the guys for an autograph although plenty of people stared, some at Ike, some at Tay, and a few at Zac.  It takes real control to not kiss him at moments like this.  The reactions would be priceless but the cost to the band would be too high.

We discussed Ike and Zac’s little trip while we looked at the menu.  We ordered drinks, appetizers, and dinner all the while continuing our mindless chatter.  Around the time we ordered desert, the conversation took a serious turn.

“Colin,” Zac said looking concerned, “you’ve been real um… quiet all night.  Are you feeling alright?”  I smiled weakly, “Yeah Zac I’m fine.”  “You know if anything was wrong you could tell us,” Ike added, “We’re all friends here.”  It’s so cute when he tried to be my big brother too.  “Really guys, its nothing,” I lied, “I’m just tired.”  The three brothers looked worried, but we continued out chatter.  Even Ike and Zac knew something was up.  How much longer could I keep this secret, it was killing me.  I got quite a few more concerned looks that night.

After we dropped Colin off, Zac turned to me from the front seat, “Tay?”  “Yeah Zac,” I said, reading his mind, “I’m worried about him too.”  You have no idea what’s wrong?” Ike asked.  “No Ike, I don’t,” I replied a little curtly.  Ike was silent for a moment.  He then looked up, “Looks like rain,” he said quietly.  We went home and went to our rooms.  It began to rain very hard.

I couldn’t sleep that night.  The bed smelled like Colin.  My thoughts dwelled on him.  I was so scared for him.  I didn’t know what was wrong and he wouldn’t tell me so I couldn’t help.  It hurt to think about it but I just couldn’t stop.  I needed him.  I decided then and there that I needed to find out what was going on.  That’s when the pebble hit my window; I barely heard it over the rain.

I got up and padded across my room in my boxers.  I shivered slightly as I reached the window.  I looked down and saw Colin standing outside.  I ran down the stairs and threw open the front door.  “Come in!” I yelled.  “No,” he replied softly, “Come out here.”  I stepped out onto the porch.  He continued to stand in the rain.  His clothes were soaked, his hair matted to his head.  Were it not for the terrible look in his eyes this would almost be sexy.  “I have to tell you the truth,” he said grimly, “No matter what the cost.”

“First come in out of the rain,” Taylor pleaded.  I complied slowly, realizing he wouldn’t listen if I continued to stand here in the rain.  I walked heavily up the steps and past Taylor into the house.  Tay got towels, a pair of boxers, and a t-shirt.  As I dried off and changed he made us two cups of tea.  I trudged into the kitchen and sat down at the table.  He put out the two cups and then sat down.  “I have a lot to tell you, then I’m going to leave and you can decide what you want to do.”  “You aren’t leaving,” he replied, “Whatever this is we are going to face it together.”  I sighed heavily, “You may change your mind after you hear what I have to say.”  Taylor did not reply he merely waited quietly.  I began my tale.

About three years ago Tay and I had a bad fight.  It started over something stupid, as most big fights do.  I walked in on some pathetic fan kissing Taylor.  It looked really bad.  To my own credit I controlled my feelings, since creating a scene in front of a fan is out of the question.  I calmly walked out.  I didn’t speak a word to Tay until we got back home the following day.  The words spoken were cruel and short.  We broke up and I went home.

When I arrived home dad was sitting in the front room.  “Hey dad,” I said glumly. I called him dad back then.  “Colin,” he said looking up, “What’s wrong son?”  The concern sounded real, I bought it.  “I can’t tell you dad,” I replied softly.  He smiled at me warmly, put his arm around shoulder, and said, “Colin, you can tell me anything.  You’re my son; I will always love you no matter what.”  He sounded so sincere.

“Well dad,” I began, “I should probably start with the big one.  Dad, I’m…”  “Gay,” he finished for me.  “Son, I knew that.  Do you think I’m totally oblivious?”  My eyes widened, I couldn’t believe he knew.  He sounded so warm and comforting.  Like a parent is supposed to be.  I should have known it was too perfect.  “So the rest would be,” he continued, “you and Taylor had a fight.”  My jaw hit the floor.  He not only knew I was gay but knew I had a boyfriend and was being totally cool about it.  “Well, yeah,” was all I could say.  Dad and I had a long talk that night and when I went to bed I felt so much better.  I had the coolest dad ever.  If only I had known then.

The next morning I called Taylor.  I told him I over reacted to the whole thing.  Then I told him all about my dad and how cool he had been.  Taylor freaked out on me.  He screamed about my dad knowing and that he might tell his parents.  Then he hung up on me.  I thought my life was over. I needed to talk to someone.   I went downstairs and knocked on my dad’s workroom door.

“Dad?  Tay hung up on me,” I sniffled.  The door opened and he stepped out of the room.  He put his arms around me in a warm hug.  I was looking at his face, something looked wrong.  “There, there son,” he whispered, “You’ll get back together.”  “I don’t think so dad, I think it’s over,” I said.  This is where things got very strange.  “No son,” he said in a strange tone, “you have to get back together.”  “But dad what if…” I began.  Then he started screaming, “You will get back together!  You have to!  You do whatever it fucking takes!  You hear me!”  He finished his last sentence with a solid backhand.  I fell back, smashing against the wall.  He stalked back into his workroom and closed and locked the door.  I avoided him for three days after that.  I kept to my room when ever he was home.  It was on that third day that my dad wasn’t home and the doorbell rang.

Taylor stood outside.  He looked at me with his piercing blue eyes.  I quietly beckoned him in with my hand.  We went upstairs to my room.  We kissed, gently at first, but slowly it became more passionate.  We began tearing off each other clothes.  Our bodies hungered for each other.  This was our way of saying we missed each other, our way of making up.

I laid my beautiful, blond lover down on his back and gently kissed his lips.  I didn’t say a word, neither did he.  I slid my tongue down over his tight body.  I gently licked and sucked his sensitive nipples.  I could have taken to heaven just staying here, but I moved on.  I dragged my tongue down across his lightly muscled chest, his stomach, and through that little trail of hair from his belly button to his pubes.  I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock and began moving up and down.  The motion was achingly slow and he moaned his approval.  I then slid my lips over the head of his cock and teasingly worked my way down to the base.  His back arched and he moaned again in near ecstasy.  I worked my mouth over his cock, keeping in perfect rhythm with my hand motions.  I pumped faster as my tongue swirled around his dick and I tasted pre-cum leaking from his slit.  I moved my tongue under his cock head to the one spot that always pushed him over the edge.  He screamed in ecstasy and shot his sweet juice in my mouth.  I swallowed every drop, then sat back a moment.  I admired him lying there panting.  Then I reached out and lifted his legs slowly.  After lubing myself up, I gently eased my cock into his tight hole.  I stopped once I was fully inside him.  Our eyes locked and we gazed at each other intently for a moment.  Our souls whispered our apologies to each other.  I pulled out slowly and then pushed back in.  We kept the pace slow and easy, we wanted this moment to last.  I leaned down and kissed his pouty lips and continued to thrust gently.  As we kissed I came inside him, my cum spurting into his tight ass.  We stared at each other and said, “I love you,” at the same time.  We snuggled together and he fell asleep in my arms.

As I lay there holding him I looked up and noticed my door was cracked open.  I was sure I closed it.  I slowly disentangled myself from Taylor and walked across my room to the door.  When I reached it I saw why it was open, my father was standing there looking in.  I completely forgot my own nudity for a moment and stared incredulously at him.  He ignored me and looked at the naked body of my sleeping lover.  I felt my stomach lurch.  “He’s so beautiful,” my father whispered.  I was completely dumbfounded by his audacity.  Before I could say anything however he added, “I see you have matured rather well.”  I responded in the only means available.  I threw a punch at my father.

My father caught the punch with little effort and dragged me into the hall.  He closed the door and threw me down to the floor.  I stared up at him defiantly.  “I’m glad I watched your diet,” he said, “When I was your age I was kind of pudgy.  You, on the other hand, are simply magnificent.  More important, he loves you.  I always knew he would, people used to laugh at me but I was right.”  I interrupted his rambling, “What the fuck are you talking about?”  He looked at me, “Not to bright though I see.  Well the apple can’t have fallen that far from the tree, figure it out,” he taunted.  “You want Tay and I to be together, I understand that part.  But why, what are you hiding?” I asked desperately.  He smiled at me, “Does he like it when you fuck him?”  I ignored him, “Fucking tell me dad!”  “Don’t call me dad,” he replied, “You aren’t my son.  You are me.”  I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  My father was completely insane, wasn’t he?  I got up as he walked away and went into my room.  I lay down next to Taylor and stayed there until he woke up.  We talked about nothing important as though everything was fine.  The he went home.  I sat in my room crying for hours.

For the next few days I pretended to be violently ill.  Claiming diarrhea and vomiting will keep anyone away.  I stayed in my room and neither slept nor ate.  My mind whirled with my father’s statement.  “You are me.”  What the hell did that mean?  Am I some kind of clone?  No that’s just ridiculous.  I am me, I am not him.  He has to be crazy.  But nobody else noticed all this time?  I needed to know what the fuck he was talking about.  It was at this point that I decided to break into his private workroom.  If there were answers they would be there.  What I found went way beyond anything imaginable.

As soon as he left the house that morning I raced down stairs and ate like a horse.  I then went downstairs and, without a care for stealth or secrecy, kicked the door to the workroom open.  I tore through all the files, went through schematics to odd devices I didn’t understand, and finally my gaze settled on his computer.  I turned it on and began trying to figure out his password.  My blood ran cold as I typed an idea that came to me, ‘Taylovesme.’  I gained access to his files.  It only took a few minutes to find a meticulously kept journal.  I was scared to start reading it but I knew I had to.  I wish I hadn’t.

August 29th – Day 1
I have succeeded. I have successfully moved through time to the year of my birth. After removing the infant version of myself from this time I carried him forward to 1983, the year of Taylor’s birth. They will be the same age now. The paradox device is functioning perfectly, as I still exist even though I have altered my past.

September 5th – Day 7
I have now successfully altered all records so that Colin, as I have named my younger self, and I legally exist in this time period. As I expected this was easy considering my technological superiority in this age. I have appropriated a comfortable amount of money for Colin and myself. I will relocate us to Oklahoma and start setting my plans in motions. I will succeed.

His journal went on and on.  The more I read the more terrified I became.  He knew everything about me, about us.  He had pictures and growth charts on me: height, weight, medical records, IQ tests, transcribed conversations, and even DNA samples.  His was insane.  What was worse was the fact that I believed him.  I knew it was all true.  His journal laid it all plain.  He was in love with Taylor Hanson but couldn’t have him in his time.  So he set about changing the past.  And through me he was succeeding.
I finished my story and looked up at Taylor.  He looked at me.  His face was frozen in a blank mask.  He leaned forward and hugged me tight.  I cried, I couldn’t do anything but cry.

As I sat there holding Colin my mind swam.  This story was just so unreal.  Were it anyone but Colin I would have thought they were nuts.  But I believed Colin; I loved him too much not to.  “I love you Colin,” I whispered, “All this doesn’t change how I feel.  It doesn’t change who you are.  You are still Colin, the man I love.”  He looked at me in utter shock.  “No Taylor!” he said urgently, “If this continues, he will win.  We have to stop him.  This isn’t the way the world is supposed to be.  You and I aren’t supposed to be together.  And I can’t live with the knowledge you might be meant for something better.”  “But Colin I only want you, I don’t care if the world is wrong.  I can’t be meant for something better, you are everything,” I said.  “No Taylor,” he said resolutely, “This has to stop.  Robert has to die.”  I stared at him in shock, “Colin?”  “I have to kill him,” Colin said with finality, “I have to set the world to rights.”  He couldn’t understand.  Why was he so dead set on doing the right thing?  I realized that is we did this I would never know Colin.  I would forget the greatest love of my life and I would never know the feeling of his soft caress or the sight of his unfathomable eyes.  “You’ll die too you know?” I whispered.  “I am not supposed to be alive,” he said coldly.  I hugged him close and now I was crying too.

We slept together that night.  We held onto each other as though it were our last night on earth.  It would be our last night to hold onto each other.  After tomorrow we would never touch again.  Taylor would forget me that was my only solace.  He would not suffer with the knowledge of what had been.  And he would be able to find happiness with someone better.  We awoke at five in the morning and we set our plan into motion.

Taylor and I stepped onto the porch of my house.  I saw him looking at me.  “I know this is hard Tay,” I whispered.  “Colin I can’t do this,” he said softly.  “We have to,” I replied sadly.  He hesitated for a moment and then followed me to the door.  We walked inside.  “Taylor go in the kitchen and get the butcher’s knife and meet me back here,” I whispered.  “Okay,” he replied.  As Taylor went into the kitchen I hurried down the basement steps and retrieved my package.  I strapped it on and covered it with my shirt.  I raced back up to meet Tay in the foyer.  I took the knife from him.  “I’ll do it,” I said.

The two of us walked slowly up the steps.  We stopped at the top.  I hugged Taylor close.  “Goodbye Taylor, I love you,” I said passionately.  He returned my embrace, “Don’t do this Colin,” he begged, “I want to be with you.  I don’t care if it’s right or wrong.  Forget the world.  I just want you, I love you, stay with me.”  “Good bye Taylor,” I said and walked into Robert’s room.  I saw Taylor walk back down the stairs as I closed the door.  I didn’t want to do this.  But what if he was meant for something better, who am I to challenge the way of things for my own needs.  I’m nobody.

I walked over to his bed.  I knew there would be a fight if he woke up, but I wanted to see the look on his face.  I hoped he woke up before it was over.  I crept over to his bed.  I hated him so much.  It was his fault I couldn’t be with Taylor.  I would rather have never known Taylor than go through this.  He had to pay.  I raised the knife and brought it down hard on the upper part of his right arm.  There was aloud crack and he woke up.  “You stupid boy!” he screamed, “What have you done?”  “I stabbed your temporal displacement device.  With the damage I just did, the time stream is going to realign itself in a few minutes,” I said calmly.  He stared at me in disbelief.  “But you had everything!” he screamed, “You were in love!”  “Yes Robert, I am in love with Taylor.  That was why I did it, for him.  This was not his future, this wasn’t supposed to be,” I choked, “I love him, so I had to protect him, from me, from you, from us.”  “You killed yourself,” he said disbelievingly.  “I hate you,” were the last words Robert heard.  There was a roar of energy and time corrected itself.

“Goodbye and goodnight everyone!” the three Hanson’s yelled as they exited stage left.  The crowd roared.  As the boys made their way back to the meet and greet they chatted happily.  They wandered the room chatting with fans and taking pictures.  Taylor looked up from an autograph and stared into seemingly fathomless blue eyes, “Who should I make this out to?”  “Colin,” the young man replied.  “There ya go Colin,” Taylor said.  “Hey Taylor,” Colin said suddenly, “Are you happy?”  Taylor looked at him again, drawn to those blue eyes.  “Yeah, I guess,” he replied.  “That’s good,” Colin said, “See you around sometimes.”  And with those words the young man left.

“Hey Tay,” Zac said, “What was up with that guy?”  “I don’t know Zac,” Tay replied.  But Taylor couldn’t get those blue eyes out of his mind.  He was so beautiful.  And he seemed so… right.

Colin walked outside.  Getting a distance from the crowd, he rolled up his sleeve and checked his temporal displacement band.  Everything was in working order.  Taylor was happy.  That was all that mattered to Colin.  Colin smiled, looked over his shoulder and whispered into the wind, “I love you Taylor Hanson.”