Club Albertane: After Dark

10 - When the Cat's Away - Shaun

First published on the Nifty Archive (July 14, 2003)

"Is she gone?"

Taylor Hanson shut the front door and turned to face his younger brother.

"She's gone," he replied, speaking of his wife Natalie.

"For how long?"

"All day."  Taylor offered a coy smile.

"Really?" Zac said, raising an eyebrow.  "What about Mom and Dad?  Ike?  The kids?"

Taylor walked over to Zac.  "Mom and Dad took the kids to Grandma's," he said, as he grabbed the waistband of Zac's jeans and pulled his little brother towards him.  "They won't be back until tomorrow.  And Ike's visiting an out-of-town friend." 

He pressed his lips to Zac's.  "I'm afraid it's just you and me for the whole day."

"The whole day, huh?" Zac asked as he reached his hands around and grabbed Tay's ass.  "What are we supposed to do for the whole day?"

Taylor placed his hands on either side of Zac's waist; he felt his brother's hardening cock press into his own.  "Oh, I'm sure we'll find something to occupy our time."

Their lips met again.

Zac broke the kiss and smiled.  "Let's go upstairs."

He grabbed Taylor's hand and virtually dragged him up the stairs.  Taylor giggled.

"Well, aren't you an eager boy?"

"Damn straight," Zac replied as he led Taylor into his messy room and shut the door.

“You should really clean this place up.”

“Maybe later.”

And then, just like that, they were all over one another.  Zac’s hands grabbed at Tay’s skin-tight black wife beater and nearly ripped it off trying to pull it over his brother’s head.  Taylor returned the favor by frantically clawing at the white t-shirt imprisoning his lover’s beautifully developed torso.  His fingernails dug in, and he gave a strong tug, the sound of tearing fabric filled the air.  Zac’s white t-shirt was no more; they were both left standing in nothing but their baggy jeans.

They were kissing hard now, their tongues passionately intertwining in a dance of incestuous lust. White-hot sexual electricity filled the air around them, the result of months of erotic tension being burned away in mere seconds.  It had been way too long – Zac’s last birthday, in fact – and the two had every intention of making up for lost time.

Taylor let out a muffled moan; Zac’s hand was massaging Tay’s erection through his jeans.  He responded by shoving his tongue deeper into Zac’s mouth and grinding his cock up into his brother’s groping hand.  Taylor’s long fingers snaked their way down Zac’s chest, pausing slightly to play with the hardened nipples.  He broke their kiss and buried his face deep into Zac’s neck, taking a bit of flesh between his teeth and nibbling playfully.

Zac’s hand was now fumbling to free Tay from his jeans.   After a few frustrating seconds the button had been undone, and Taylor’s pants were lying in a heap at his feet.  Zac grabbed Taylor’s hard dick, which was still confined inside the black bikini briefs, and continued kneading it with his fingers.  Zac’s free hand moved around, slid inside the undies, and cupped one of Tay’s round ass cheeks.

Taylor bit down hard on his brother’s neck.  “Ouch,” Zac said, “you little fucker.”

Taylor giggled again.  He moved his hands down Zac’s tummy and made quick work of unbuttoning the jeans, which ended up, like Tay’s, in a pile at his feet.  Zac was wearing a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer-briefs, and his fully erect member struggled desperately to be freed from its imprisonment.  Taylor looked up into his brother’s gorgeous brown eyes and smiled.  He then glanced down at Zac’s large bulge.  Without saying a word, he slowly lowered his body down to its knees.

“Mmm,” Zac said.

Taylor was now eye-level with Zac’s crotch.  He leaned in, opened his mouth, and French-kissed the head of Zac’s stiff fabric-covered organ, his tongue gliding all over the black cotton.

“Oh, Tay,” Zac said.

Tay’s hands moved up and grabbed the waistband of the boxer-briefs, pulling them down in one quick motion.  Zac’s prick stood straight out, its head glistening with pre-cum.  Taylor opened his mouth again and swallowed the entire length.

Zac's entire body trembled as his older brother pleasured him.  He clasped Tay’s head firmly in his hands and thrust himself deeper into his lover’s mouth.  Taylor felt the tip of Zac’s cock touch the base of his throat and he fought the urge to gag. 

Zac’s knees weakened as Taylor licked and sucked every inch of him.  He felt himself reach back and place his hands on his desk for support.  His brother was bobbing vigorously back and forth on his dick, using his tongue to pleasure the head, and sending Zac into an erotic frenzy.

One of Taylor’s hands moved around and grabbed Zac’s ass, the other began to gently milk his brother’s balls.  He increased his speed, bobbing his head faster, wildly teasing the tip of Zac’s shaft.

Zac’s legs were turning to rubber; it was all he could do to keep from collapsing onto the floor.  His grip on the desk tightened in an attempt to keep him upright.  The white-hot sexual electricity that had filled the air just a few moments ago was now charging through his body.  Droplets of sweat poured down his chest as he thrust himself deeper into Taylor’s mouth.  He felt himself being brought closer to the edge.

Taylor continued his vicious assault on his brother’s cock.  His tongue worked every inch again and again as his head bobbed at blinding speed.  His fingers were squeezing Zac’s nuts a little more aggressively now, goading them into releasing their treasure.  He wanted Zac to come in his mouth.

Zac dug his fingernails into the wood of the desk.  He felt the orgasm building deep down within his balls.  He thrust his hips more rapidly, moving in rhythm with the blinding speed of Tay’s bobbing head.  Zac closed his eyes.  He was going to come.

“Oh, god, Tay,” he said.  “I’m gonna…I’m gonna…”

Zac’s dick exploded with an earth-shattering orgasm.  Taylor’s mouth closed around it.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, fuck,” Zac screamed.  “Oh, god…”

He thrust upwards into his brother’s mouth until he felt the last bit of semen flow from his dick.  Taylor continued sucking Zac’s spent cock, milking the base with his hand to extract every drop.  Zac, still leaning back against the desk, stood there for a moment in post-orgasmic bliss.  He looked down at Taylor.

“God, Tay,” he said.  “That was hot.”

Taylor looked up at him and smiled, letting Zac’s tool fall from his mouth.  He stood up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Mmm,” he said.  “Sure was.  It’s been way too long, hasn’t it?”

“Oh, yeah,” Zac said.

He pulled Tay close and gave him a quick kiss.  His hands slid their way down to the waistband of the Taylor’s bikini briefs; a gentle tug was all it took to release Tay’s hard and slender dick from its confines.  Zac took his brother’s hand and gently lead him over to the unmade twin bed.

Taylor sat down with his legs spread wide open.  Zac fell to his knees in front of his older brother, reached out and took Taylor’s cock into his hand, causing Tay to exhale suddenly.

“You know what we should do?” Zac asked as he lovingly massaged Taylor’s shaft.

“What’s that?”

“I think,” Zac began, “we should send Natalie on an extended vacation.”

“Oh, really?” Tay said, laughing.  “And where should we send her?”

“London?  Paris?” Zac suggested.  “Back to East Bumblefuck, Georgia, or wherever it is, to visit that Deliverance Banjo Boy family of hers?”

“That’s a nice way to talk about my wife.”

“The fact that you and I are here together tells me all I need to know about you and your wife.”

Taylor was a quiet for a moment, but he soon nodded.  “Good point,” he replied.  “So, how long should we send her away for?”

  “Oh, six or eight months, at least,” Zac said, grinning.  “During which time you and I could fuck like rabbits without having to wait for her to leave the house.  It’s a brilliant plan, I think.”

“Oh, yes,” Tay responded with a nod.  “Bloody brilliant.”

“Then again, there’s something to be said for all this sneaking around, isn’t there?  I suppose it adds an element of danger to it all, doesn’t it?  And that, dear brother, makes it a whole hell of a lot hotter than it already is.”

Zac leaned in until his face was hovering directly in front of his brother’s erection.  He opened his mouth and devoured Taylor’s gracile dick.  He closed his lips around it, moving his tongue up and down the entire length; the salty taste of pre-cum filling his mouth.  Tay’s hips began to thrust upwards, forcing more of himself into Zac.

Zac moved his hand, cupping and squeezing his brother's balls.  Taylor tilted his head back, his hand slowly moving up his perspiration-soaked torso and pinching his nipple.  He opened his legs wider as Zac increased his speed, frantically working every inch of Tay's shaft.  Taylor moaned loudly with ecstasy.  

He leaned back on the mattress, supporting his weight with his arms, drunk with lasciviousness.  He felt as if his entire body was on fire, engulfed in the flames of homoerotic lust. His hips were moving faster now, a rhythm Zac matched perfectly with the bobbing of his head, his tongue frantically teasing the long, thin phallus that fucked his face. 

Taylor's moaning grew louder, his fingers digging deeper into the mattress.  He could feel himself growing closer and closer to orgasm with every second.  It was almost more than he could stand; the sexual euphoria consumed his body, everything around him faded away.  There was only he and Zac, the only two people on the planet, kept alive by their illicit desire for one another.  It was beautiful, the two of them together, something that only they could share; something that no one else but them could even possibly understand.

"I love you, Zac," Tay moaned.

Zac continued his back and forth assault, licking and sucking at Taylor’s hot member like a Popsicle.  He felt it start to twitch, a sure sign that Tay was about to shoot.  Zac took all of it into his mouth, feeling the tip touch the base of his throat.  Taylor leaned forward, clutching the side of the mattress. 

“Oh god!” Tay screamed.  “Ohhhhhh!”

Taylor's dick erupted into Zac’s mouth, shooting several large loads of milky come, which the younger Hanson greedily lapped up and swallowed.  Taylor's hips frantically thrust upwards into Zac's face.  Zac grabbed the base of his brother's penis and squeezed it lovingly, making sure every drop of Tay's load was accounted for.

"Mmm," Zac said as he pulled away from Tay's cock and licked his lips.

Taylor leaned forward and peered down at his brother, smiling sweetly.  "You know what we should do?"

Zac laughed.  "What's that?"

"I think," Tay began, "that we should find me a good divorce attorney."

"Oh really?"

Taylor nodded.  "Hell, yeah, just get rid of the bitch for good."

"That's a nice way to talk about your wife."

"Who needs a wife when I've got you?" Tay replied, pulling himself onto the mattress and lying down on his stomach.  "You're all I need."

Zac climbed onto the bed, straddling Taylor; he pulled Tay's ass cheeks apart and wedged his fully erect dick into the crack.  He then lay down on top of his brother, supporting his weight with his elbows. 

"I need you, too," he said, thrusting his hips downward.  "Oh god, you'll never know how much."  He gently kissed Taylor's shoulder.

"Oh Zac," Tay moaned.  "I want you inside me."

Zac leaned over to his nightstand, opened the drawer, and pulled out a tube of KY.  He raised himself up off Taylor's back, opening the tube.  Zac put a huge glob of it on his fingers and pulled apart Tay's ass cheeks.  He could see Taylor's beautiful pink rosebud, which he'd fucked more times than he could count.  He lowered his finger and began teasing the outside of Tay's hole.

Taylor inhaled sharply.  "It's cold."

Zac laughed.  "Sorry."

He slowly inserted an index finger.

"God, Zac," Tay breathed.

Zac gently pushed until his entire finger was inside.  Once in, he slowly began to pull it out again.  He repeated this ritual for several minutes before inserting another finger.  Taylor's body squirmed beneath him.  Zac picked up speed as he inserted yet a third finger. 

"Mmm," Tay said.

Zac withdrew his three fingers, squirted some more KY onto his hand, and began lubing up his prick. 

"Hurry, Zac," Tay moaned, his body writhing with anticipation.  "God, please hurry."

Zac spread Tay's cheeks and pressed his slick shaft against the waiting hole.  He encountered resistance at first before he finally felt it slide inside.  Taylor's insides were soft and warm, and he knew just how to flex his sphincter muscle to give Zac the right amount of pleasure.  Taylor let out a moan as the head of Zac's penis slipped in.

Zac continued, slowly and gently pushing himself inside his brother; the feeling was indescribable.  Taylor grabbed Zac's pillow and buried his head into it; he let out a muffled scream as his brother pushed the rest of the way inside.  Zac reached down and rubbed Taylor's ass cheeks.

"Are you okay?"

Taylor raised his head up from the pillow and nodded.  "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?" Zac asked.  "Are you ready?"

Tay nodded as he gripped the pillow.

Zac slowly began pulling himself out of Taylor until just the head of his cock remained inside.  Taylor let out a yelp.  Then, Zac pushed all the way back in.

"I love you, Tay," Zac said as he gently started moving in and out, Taylor's lithe body wriggled beneath him.  He watched his brother's hands dug deep into the mattress below him.

"I love you, too," Tay replied.

Zac lowered his hands to Taylor's waist as the speed and force of his thrusts increased.  Taylor raised his legs, locking them together around Zac, forcing his brother to push deeper into him.  Zac lowered himself onto Taylor's back, supporting his upper body with his elbows, as he continued moving in and out of his brother.

Taylor raised his head and turned it to the side; Zac leaned forward and pressed his lips to Tay's.  Their hands met, their fingers interlocking as Zac's velocity accelerated.  They began moving in rhythm with one another as Taylor thrust his hard cock up and down, fucking the mattress.  He could feel Zac's hot breath on his back; he could smell the scent of their carnal lust as it permeated throughout the room.

It was all about instinct now.  Their bodies worked in tandem; the two becoming one in an almost ritualistic dance of insatiable desire.  The flawless choreography of their lovemaking rivaled the grace and beauty of a well-rehearsed ballet, even their breathing was in sync; they were consumed with one another. 

There were times Taylor wished the two of them could run away together; the sneaking around was almost more than he could bear.  So many nights had he longed to be in Zac's arms, to have the inner reaches of his soul touched in a way that no one else, not even Natalie, could manage; he wanted to shout his love for his brother from the highest mountain.  Taylor knew, however, that neither his fans nor his family and friends would ever be able to understand or accept their relationship.  They were doomed to go on loving each other in secret.

Tay's heart pounded and he grunted as he humped the mattress.  The movement of Zac's cock inside him was pushing him closer to the edge; he could feel the familiar throbbing deep within his balls, heralding his impending climax like a town crier on doomsday.  He buried his face in his brother's pillow, which smelled distinctly of him, and breathed deeply; the musky scent filling his nostrils.

Zac could feel the orgasm brewing in his loins.  He squeezed his brother's hands tightly, increasing the speed of his thrusts.  Being inside Taylor was pure heaven; the inside of his ass was as smooth as silk.  The feeling of their bodies moving in perfect harmony, fused together by heat and perspiration, was enough to make Zac blow his load, and he knew that he'd rather be with Taylor than with any other person in the world.  The two of them together was pure magic.

It was time, Taylor was going to come.  He raised his head from the pillow.

"Oh god, I’m gonna come," he screamed.  “Ohhhhhh!”

He fucked downwards furiously into the bed as his dick violently unleashed its juicy nectar all over the sheets; his body writhing back and forth beneath his brother.

Tay coming was the breaking point; Zac couldn't hold it any longer.

"Oh god, Tay," he screamed.  "Oh fuck."

He buried himself deep within Taylor and then it happened.

“Ohhhhhh, god!” he moaned.

 Zac's cock unloaded several enormous loads of come inside Taylor's ass.  He kept pumping into his brother until he felt the last bit of his essence empty into him.  Then, he collapsed on top of Taylor and lovingly kissed his shoulder.

"Oh wow," Zac said, out of breath.  "That was hot."

Tay laughed.  "Mmm, it sure was."

They lay there for several moments, their bodies drenched in sweat and come; Zac's semi-erect dick still inside his brother.

"You know what we should do?" Zac asked, nibbling Tay's shoulder.

"What's that?"

"I think," Zac began, "we should get you that divorce attorney.  Then you can dump Natalie and marry me.  What do you think?"

Taylor giggled.  "I think that's a great idea.  You're a far better fuck than she is."

"That's a nice way to talk about your wife."

"Yeah, well, she's not here," Tay replied.  "And you're all I need, remember?"

"Oh yeah," Zac said.

"Ya know, she's not gonna be back for hours."

Zac was kissing his neck now.

"Which means," Tay said, "that we can do this at least four or five more times."

Zac giggled.  "Mmm, you read my mind, lover boy."

Zac rolled off of his brother and onto his back.  Taylor hopped on top of him, straddling his waist.

"When the cat's away," he said with a wicked grin.

Zac pulled Taylor on top of him. 

"The mice will play," Zac said.

Their lips met and they kissed passionately.

It was going to be a busy day.