Club Albertane: After Dark

09 - Birthday Boy - Shaun

First published on the Nifty Archive (April 27, 2003)

Taylor Hanson quietly stepped out of his bedroom and shut the door, careful not to wake Natalie, his sleeping wife.  It was a little after five-thirty in the morning and Taylor was on a mission.

He crept down the dimly lit hallway, wearing nothing but a pair of blue, silk boxers complete with matching wifebeater.  There was a sly smile brightening his beautiful face.  It was Zac's seventeenth birthday, but he would never be expecting this.

Taylor approached the door to Zac's bedroom.  As he reached down and put his hand on the doorknob he felt a twinge of erotic electricity jolt through his cock.  The very thought of wishing Zac a happy birthday was too much to bear, he could feel the blood start to rush into his dick as it hardened inside the soft silk.

The door opened and Taylor could immediately see that his little brother was fast asleep, lying catty-cornered on his back in the dorm-style bed.  The sheet and blanket were pulled down to just above his waist; he was wearing a tight white t-shirt.  Zac's right hand lay limp on his stomach, while the left hand lay on the bed, partially covered by the blanket.

His golden hair seemed to almost glow in the morning darkness, crowning his beautiful face in an almost divine light from above.  Taylor stepped into the room and quietly shut the door.  He took several steps toward Zac's bed before stopping to stare at his brother for a moment.

"Oh Zac," Tay said, his voice barely audible.  His cock was now fully erect, forming a tent in the front of the silk boxers.  "I've missed you."

Taylor stepped up to the edge of the bed.  He reached his hand down and gently caressed the soft skin of Zac's left arm.  More electricity shot through him, causing his rod to try and sneak its way through the flap of his boxers. 

Taylor slowly fell to his knees by the bed.  He reached over and slowly pulled the sheet and blanket from Zac's body.  Zac was wearing a pair of black boxer-briefs; his semi-erect dick was resting comfortably within the soft cotton.  Taylor reached out his hand and carefully began rubbing Zac's penis.  As he felt it harden beneath his fingers, Taylor rubbed faster.

He could hear soft moans emanating from Zac's mouth as his little brother's breathing began to speed up.  "Oh yeah," Zac said, almost unintelligibly, his body beginning to lightly squirm in response to Taylor's loving caress. 

Taylor's own cock, oozing pre-cum, snaked its way through the flap of his boxers.  He reached down, massaged it, and then tucked it back into the flap.  He moved his hand away and leaned over Zac's crotch.  He lowered his head and kissed Zac's dick up and down through the cotton.  He then moved to the tip, took it into his mouth, and French-kissed it lovingly.  He could taste pre-cum as he licked and sucked.

Zac's hips began moving upward.  His breathing was much deeper; his face contorting into expressions of pure ecstasy.  "Oh Taylor," Zac moaned. 

Taylor smiled.  Zac was dreaming about him.  That made him even hotter.

Zac thrust his hips.  "Oh, god!  Oh, yeah!"

Taylor stopped.  He climbed up onto the bed and straddled Zac.  He lowered himself onto his little brother, pressing their imprisoned cocks together, resting his entire body on top of Zac.

"Happy Birthday, Zac," he said, thrusting himself into Zac's crotch.

Zac's eyes shot open.  He looked up at Tay's beautiful smiling face.  "Tay?  What the- ?"

"Happy Birthday."

Zac simply stared for a moment, not quite sure what to say.  Then, he smiled.  "Oh god, Tay, I've missed you.  I've"

"Me, too," Taylor responded, leaning down and pressing his lips to his brother's. 

Zac immediately responded, forcing his tongue into Taylor's mouth.  Their tongues danced together as they aggressively humped each other's crotch.  Without breaking the kiss, Zac rolled Tay over onto his back.

"Oh god," Tay said.

Zac's mouth moved away from Taylor's mouth and down to his neck, gently nibbling and sucking at the soft, pink flesh.  Tay tilted his head back so Zac could devour every inch of it, which he did.  Taylor's hands moved down his brother's back and inside the back of the black boxer-briefs. Tay squeezed his brother's plump ass cheeks, prompting Zac to thrust into him faster. 

Zac's hands swiftly moved down Tay's torso, removing the blue wifebeater in one blinding motion. He lowered himself down, taking his brother's right nipple into his mouth.  Taylor's back arched as Zac began nibbling and sucking.

"Jesus, Zac."

Zac began kissing his way down, tasting every inch of Taylor's slender trunk.  He moved his hands down to Tay's waist and vigorously pulled down Tay's boxer shorts.  Tay raised his ass up and Zac quickly removed the underwear.  Taylor's lean, stiff cock stood immediately at attention, glistening pre-cum oozing from its head.

Zac stared at Taylor's member for a moment and smiled.  "God, Tay, how I've missed you."

He swooped down like a hawk, taking Tay's dick into his mouth.  He sucked at it greedily, like a baby would its mother's breast.  He had missed sucking Taylor's cock.  He'd missed how the two of them used to stay up all night making love.  They were two parts of a greater whole.  Each was incomplete without the other, a perfect symbiotic relationship.

"I love you, Zac."  Taylor thrust his hips upward while he moved his hands to the back of Zac's head, forcing his brother to take in more of him.  Zac did not disappoint, he deep-throated his brother.  Tay could feel the head of his cock press against the back of Zac's throat.    

"Oh fuck, Zac."

Zac's tongue entwined Taylor's prick, his head bobbing vigorously up and down.

"Oh god," Tay moaned.  "Oh fuck.  Oh god..."  Taylor let out a moan as his cock exploded.  Zac sucked greedily, milking every last drop of sweet cum. 

Zac looked up at Tay and smiled.  "Jesus, Tay.  Could you be any louder?"

"What can I say?" he responded.  "You bring out the animal in me."

Zac winked.  "I bet Natalie can't give head like that."

"Natalie?  Give head?" Tay snorted.  "That prudish little bitch?"

"Well, then," Zac said smiling, "you must really miss me."

"Oh, I do."

"I know something else Natalie can't do."  Zac leaned over and opened the drawer to his nightstand.

"Really?" Tay asked, trying to act innocent.  "What's that?"

"Fuck the shit out of you."  Zac reached into the drawer and pulled a tube of KY Jelly.  "Do you remember what to do with this?"

Tay grabbed the tube from Zac.  "Just like riding a bicycle."  He opened the tube and squeezed a little of it out onto his fingers.  "Take off your underwear."

Zac stood up from the bed and removed his black boxer-briefs.  His large cock stood at attention. Taylor slid off the bed and fell to his knees. 

"My, my, Mr. Hanson.  What a big cock you have," he said, rubbing the KY onto Zac's hard prick.

Zac grinned.  "The better to fuck you like a beast, my little bitch."

"God, I love you, Zac."  Taylor continued to rub the KY onto his brother's manhood.

"What about Natalie?"

"Natalie who?" Tay responded with an innocent smile.  "Okay, I think you're all ready."

Tay stood up and then lay himself down on the bed.  Zac climbed onto the bed and lifted Taylor's legs.  He grabbed the KY and spread some of it on his fingers.  "Incoming," he said, as he gently inserted his index finger into Tay's hole.

"Holy shit!" Tay hissed.  "It's been way too fucking long."

Zac slowly moved his lubed finger in and out of Tay's hole.  The muscles were tense at first, but after a few minutes they started to relax.  At that point Zac wasted no time, he gently inserted another finger.

"Oh Jesus, Zac."

After a few more minutes of finger-fucking, Zac slowly inserted a third finger into Tay's ass.  "God, Tay, you're ass is like silk.  I can't wait until I'm inside you."

"Oh god, me too."

Zac continued until he felt his brother's hole was nice and loose.  He moved up behind Taylor and draped Tay's legs over his shoulders.  He pressed his cock up against Tay's eager and waiting hole. 

"Fuck me, Zac," Tay said.  "Oh please...just fuck me."

Zac pushed himself into his brother, who fought to hold back a yelp.  Zac stopped pushing when he saw Taylor's face contorted into an expression of pain and pleasure.  "You okay, baby?" Zac asked.

Taylor nodded and forced a smile.  "Yeah, I'm fine."

Zac slowly continued pushing his prick into Tay.  The feeling was incredible.  "Mmmm, I love you," he said.  He felt the bottom of Tay's ball sack press into his pubic hair.  He was all the way in.  "You ready, Tay?"

Tay nodded.  Zac wasted no time.  He slowly began pulling his cock out until just the head was left inside.  Then, he pushed back in.  Taylor let out a moan.  Zac slowly began moving in and out of Tay, settling into a steady rhythm.  Taylor's hands reached down to the mattress and gripped the sheets hard.

"Ahh!" Tay moaned.  "Oh yeah."

Zac wrapped his arms around his brother's legs as the speed and force of his thrusts increased.  Taylor's right hand moved from gripping the sheet to gripping his cock, moving it up and down in swift, steady strokes.  His eyes were closed, his head tilted back.  A thin layer of perspiration began to form on his thin, waify body.  Zac looked down on Taylor's lithe body as it writhed beneath him.

"God, Tay," he said, "you're so goddamned beautiful."

Taylor jacked his cock faster as his brother continued to pound into his ass like a jackhammer.  "Jesus, Zac," Tay moaned.  "Jesus Fucking Christ, I'm gonna cum!"  Tay suddenly shot another load of cum onto his chest and stomach.  “Oh god, Zac.  Holy shit.”

Zac continued his assault on Tay’s ass, pounding mercilessly into his older brother.  Taylor wrapped his legs around Zac’s body, pulling Zac further into him.  “God, Zac.  Fuck me.”

Zac’s head tilted back as he dug his fingernails deep into the flesh of Taylor’s legs.  He let out a soft moan as he shot his load deep into his brother’s hole.  He kept thrusting until every last ounce of cum drained out of him.  He collapsed on top of Taylor, fusing himself to his lover with the help of the sticky cum Tay shot a few moments earlier.

Zac pressed his lips to Taylor’s.  “Mmmm.  We definitely need to do this more often.”

Taylor smiled.  “Anytime, anyplace, Zacman.”

Zac giggled.

“Ya know, Zac,” Tay began, “it’ll be awhile before anyone gets up.  Why don’t we go take a shower together?”

“Ooo!  Sounds good to me.”

“Happy Birthday, baby,” Taylor said.

“Oh yeah,” Zac replied.  “Happy Birthday to me.”