Club Albertane: After Dark

07 - Wild Things - Kaitlin

Taylor lay in his bed covered in sweat, as he ripped at the hair of the person who was sucking him for all that he was worth.  His hips thrust involuntarily as the tongue of his lover licked madly at his head, causing him to growl with anticipation of what would happen next.  Taylor felt his balls contract as a wave of pure and undiluted pleasure made his cock spasm and shoot his seed into the person’s willing mouth.

Screaming in ecstasy when climax was reached, Taylor gave one last thrust then tried to relax as the body below continued to milk him until he grew soft in their mouth.  Sighing with pleasure, Taylor smiled down at his lover as he gave one last hard suck before pulling away.  Wiping his mouth of excess cum, Zac smiled slyly at Taylor as he clawed his way up his lover’s chest and leaned in for a cum-filled kiss…

Taylor woke up with a start, jumping a little.  A single bead of sweat trickled down his forehead as he glanced nervously at Zac who was sleeping peacefully below him.  Trying desperately to catch his breath, he noticed that a discriminating white, wet stain had formed around his dick.  This was the third time this week he had cum thinking of Zac.  Cursing himself, he hastily got out of bed.

After ripping off his sheets, he made his way over to his drawer.  Taking out a pair of boxers, he stripped off the dirty, wet ones.  Just as he was about to pull the other ones on, he saw Zac staring intently at him and his naked privates.  Once reality seeped in, Zac turned his face away and stammered, "Sorry, man.  I dunno what the fuck I was thinking about."

Taylor felt his cheeks grow read as visions of his last dream sped through his mind.  Pulling up his boxers quickly, he stumbled over to his bed in the dark.  Zac, in an attempt to make light of his embarrassment of being caught staring at his brother, quickly added, "so Tay, who were you thinking of when you were sent over the edge?"

Taylor, feeling beyond guilty that it was actually his brother that had done it, snapped at him.  "Just shut the fuck up, alright?"  Go back to sleep, dammit."  Instantly feeling bad, Taylor dismissed it and fell back to sleep, with Zac somehow appearing in every dream that night.

Zac was the first one up the next morning.  Opening his eyes groggily, he looked around the room.  Seeing Isaac's empty bed, Zac's eyes wandered to the lower bunk, where Taylor was sprawled out laying on his front.

Suddenly, the sight of Taylor's naked body danced through his thoughts.  He felt a shiver of delight as his dick started to grow harder.  What the fuck is going on here?  I am not getting a hard on thinking of my brother.  That's just sick!  But try as he might, he couldn't get the thought of tenderly kissing Taylor's thin, soft, pink lips out of his mind.

In a blind moment of courage and hormonal rage, Zac got up and jumped on Taylor, straddling him.  Taylor woke up with a jolt, almost knocking Zac off.  Taylor wasn't sure, but he thought it felt like Zac had a boner.  Zac, now lying on top of Taylor, started shouting next to his ear.  "Wake up, lover boy!"

Taylor sat up upon hearing Zac's comment, causing Zac to fall off of him.  Taking on a much more serious tone, he questioned, "What the fuck did you just say?"

Zac looked at his brother with a guilty face.  Trying to cover up his foolishness, he sheepishly stated, "It was just a joke."  I mean, uh…oh shit."

Taylor, realizing he was just being paranoid for no reason, let up.  "Yeah, sorry, Zac, no harm done."  He nodded unsurely and got up from Taylor's bed.  Taylor sat back for a moment, his eyes trailing down to Zac's boxer-covered ass.  Shaking the thoughts out of his head, he got up and headed for the washroom.

The whole day passed without Taylor or Zac saying a word to each other.  It had been pretty common like that though for a while now.  Every time Taylor would just even look at Zac, a shiver of excitement would run through him.  And now with Isaac gone for the weekend with friends, the tension between the two was unbearable.

After a quick run in with Zac on his roller blades, resulting with Zac landing on top of him, Taylor was no inside the washroom, trying to calm himself down.  When concluding that it just wasn't working, Taylor unbuttoned his jeans, grabbing his dick, and began to jerk off.

As Taylor let out a groan of pleasure, the bathroom door flew open, revealing Zac in utter shock.  Why does he always show up when I have my pants down?  The thought rushed through Taylor's head as he embarrassingly tugged at his pants.

"What the fuck are you doing, Tay?" Zac asked immediately, without thinking.  Instantly, he rephrased the question.  "Why the fuck are you doing that, Tay?"

What the fuck should I say, "you fell on me, Zac, and I had to get rid of the hard on you gave me" or "you make me so goddamn hard, Zac, I want you"?  Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.  Taylor just stared intently at Zac, thinking of what the hell to say.

Finally, he decided to throw caution to the wind.  He pushed Zac back into the door, pinning him there.  Taking a deep breath, he aggressively pressed his lips to Zac's.  To his ultimate surprise and excitement, Zac wrapped his arms around Taylor, opening his mouth and plunging his tongue deep inside.

Taylor, pressing into his brother more closely, started grinding his groin into Zac's.  Zac let out a moan, thrusting his hips once, them moving his hands to Taylor's round ass cheeks, giving them a squeeze.  In a moment of pure heat, Taylor clawed at Zac's shirt, ripping it off; Zac took the hint and did the same with his.

They stood there, entangled in one another, half naked, for what seemed like hours, both reveling in the guilty pleasure they were receiving from each other.  Finally, Taylor pulled away, breathless.  Looking at Zac, he stated between breaths, "holy fuck lords.  Tell me you…weren't jus doing that…because I had you pinned."

Zac shook his head, still in shock that he had just been frenching his brother.  From girls, straight to brothers, it was all just so much to process.  He watched his brother as his face lit up in a surprised smile.  "Holy fuck," Taylor repeated, lifting his hand to Zac's face.

Zac had no idea what this was, other than illegal.  But even knowing that, the throbbing bulge in his pants wasn't going away.  With that thought, he found himself reaching down to rub his cock.  Noticing where Zac's hand was traveling, Taylor moved closer to him, and grabbed his brother's dick.

"Let me, " he whispered in a sultry voice.

Zac nodded, swallowing hard around the lump in his throat.  Taylor unbuttoned and unzipped his brother's pants, letting them fall along with his boxers to his knees.  Taylor took Zac's dick in his hand, slowly moving up and down his shaft, causing Zac to moan softly.

Hearing Zac moaning in pleasure mad another idea pop into Taylor's head, and dropped Zac's dick.  Zac looked at Taylor questioningly, wondering why he had stopped so soon.  Taylor smiled mischievously, giving Zac a peck then getting down on his knees.  When Zac realized what Taylor was about to do, his dick shot up at least an inch higher.

Taylor could only stare at his brother.  Then, he kissed the head of Zac's cock.  Taylor opened his mouth and begun sucking softly.  Using his tongue, he started to trace patterns along the head, causing Zac to thrust his hips, wanting his brother to take even more of him.  Taylor noticed what Zac was trying to do, and brought more of his dick into his mouth.  Bobbing up and down, he looked up briefly at Zac, who had his head tilted back, grasping onto the bathroom counter for support.

The moans started to grow louder and longer, until he was almost screaming.  Taylor could feel that Zac was about to cum anytime now, and quickened his pace on his brother's dick, tonguing his head madly.  Zac, letting out one loud growl, thrust as deeply as he could into his brother's mouth, grabbing at his head, pushing him in even further.  Taylor suddenly felt a warm, sugary liquid spurt into his mouth, and started to swallow every drop.  Zac continued to thrust spasmodically as his load was emptied into his brother's hungry mouth.

When Taylor had collected all of Zac's seed, he gave a squeeze to his balls, and then got up to his feet.  Zac looked at his brother with a sloppy smile spread across his lips.  This time, it was Zac that started the kiss, teasing Taylor with his tongue.  As they pulled away, Taylor leaned into Zac's ear, whispering in a seductive and needy voice, "I want to ass-fuck you so bad, Zac.  You have no idea how fucking hard I am for you."

Zac closed his eyes, trying to picture Taylor fucking him, and shivered with delight.  Dropping his hand to his brother's cock, he massaged it slightly.  "Grab some baby oil, Tay, and let's go into our room."  Taylor sighed as he continued to massage Zac's balls, and nodded.  He grabbed the baby oil that was the counter next to ZoŽ's baby wipes.

The two boys ran into their room, giggling with anticipation.  Locking the door behind him, Taylor stripped away his pants and boxers.  "Lay on your front, Zac," he instructed.  Zac did what he was told, and Taylor got onto him, straddling his legs.  Leaning down, he planted endless kisses from Zac's collarbone down to his ass.  Taylor started to rub at Zac's cheeks, groping and pulling at them.  With his finger, he traced circles around Zac's asshole, making Zac squirm.  Then, he plunged one finger into Zac, wiggling it around while Zac moaned in elation.  Enjoying what he was doing to Zac, he wiggled around and stuck another finger into his brother's ass.

Zac buried his face into the pillow, thrusting backwards onto Tay's fingers.  Smiling, Taylor leaned down.  "That's just my fingers, Zac.  Imagine what my dick in you will feel like."  Plunging in as deep as he could, Taylor twisted his fingers causing Zac to let out a short scream.

"God, Taylor, please…just fuck me!  I need you to fuck me!"  Zac whimpered, thrusting harder into Taylor.  Taylor agreed, his dick pulsing.  Taking the baby oil, he squirted some onto Zac's ass, rubbing it in alluringly.  Taking an oiled finger, he stuck it into Zac, only to pull it out a moment later.  Zac, wanting to speed things up, turned around and grabbed the baby oil from Taylor.  Squirting some into his hands, he grabbed Taylor's dick, jacking him off quickly, covering in entire dick with the oil.

Once Zac was satisfied that they were both lubed up enough, he laid back down, his ass in the air.  Taking his ass cheeks into his hands, Zac spread them apart, revealing his puckered asshole.  Taylor's mouth watered, and he pressed his dick to it.  Zac, now becoming very frustrated, whined quickly, "God, just fuck me, Taylor, please!"

That was all that Taylor needed.  He pressed his cock into his brother's hole.  Zac whimpered with pain and delight, delight winning over.  Taylor moved in slowly, making sure not to hurt his brother and the he didn't cum to quickly.  Zac was so tight, and it making Taylor come closer and closer to the edge.

Once Taylor was all the way in, he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on Zac's shoulder.  Zac whimpered and started to move underneath him.  Getting the hint, Taylor started fucking his brother, slowly at first and them picking up speed.  Soon, Taylor was fucking Zac as fast as he could, thrusting as deeply as he could, then pulling out so just the head was inside Zac.  He was moaning and calling out Zac's name repeatedly, as was Zac with him.

The two of them were thrusting so hard, Taylor's balls were slapping against Zac, making a loud noise.  Zac reached back and grabbed Taylor's ass cheeks, forcing Taylor to go deeper.  This was enough for Taylor, as he shot out his load in hot waves.  Screaming out Zac's name, he continued to fuck him until his dick grew completely soft.  Noticing that Zac's balls were tight against his body, Taylor grabbed his brother's dick and jerked him off.  Zac came quickly all over the bed.  Collapsing on Zac, Taylor tried desperately to catch his breath.

Zac could feel Taylor growing hard again inside him, but Taylor soon withdrew and rolled over so they were lying next to each other.  The two of them didn't say anything for about five minutes, both in awe of what had just happened.  Finally, Taylor turned to Zac.  "Thank you," he breathed, pecking Zac softly on the cheek.

Zac just nodded, still gasping a little.  "You know, were' two sick, little boys, huh, Tay?"  Taylor nodded a little, a guilty smile spreading across his face.  "But you know that I'm going to have to make you do that again."

Taylor nodded, then added, "and again and again and again."

Zac chuckled.  "You wild thing."  The two of them smiled at one another, and then fell asleep, dreaming dreams of sex and bondage.