Club Albertane: After Dark

06 - Zac Attack - Jayson

First published on the Nifty Archive (November 17, 1997)

Zachary Hanson was bored. 

Even though the three Hanson brothers enjoyed taking a few days off to return to their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, boredom seemed to set in after the first day or so.  Taylor and Isaac had gone to the mall with mom and dad and Zac had the house to himself.  There was only so much Nintendo one could play before going out of their mind.

Just as he was contemplating cleaning his room just to have something to do, the doorbell rang.  Zac ran down the stairs and opened the front door.  It was his best friend from down the street, Josh. 

“Hey, Zac!”  Josh said.

Zac smiled.  “Josh, dude!  What’s happening?  Come on in!”  Zac stepped aside.

Josh came through the door and the two of them walked upstairs to Zac’s bedroom. 

“It’s good to see you, man,” Josh said, as the two of them sat down on the bed.  “Man, you guys stay way too busy!”

“Tell me about it,” Zac replied.  “I can’t believe this year.  Things are happening so fast.”

Josh smiled.  “It’s pretty cool turning on Letterman and seeing your best friend.  You guys keep sounding better and better.  Pretty soon you’re going to forget all us little people here in Tulsa.”

Zac playfully punched Josh.  “No chance of that!”

The two were quiet for a minute and then Josh spoke.  “You know, Zac, I really miss you when you’re gone.  You were, like, the only cool guy around here and then you up and got famous.  What’s a guy supposed to do for friends now?”

“I’m sorry, Josh,” Zac replied.  “This whole thing has just gotten bigger than we’d ever imagined.  It’s tough living out of a suitcase and having people scream at you everywhere you go.”

Josh laughed.  “I bet!  I’m sure it’s horrible having all those people love you!”

Zac frowned.  “It is, actually.  You know they only like you because you’re famous.  I mean, nobody would even care if we didn’t have a recording deal.”

“I would,” Josh said.

Zac smiled.  “Thanks, Josh.” 

He and Josh had been close friends for a while now.  They’d shared so many secrets and good times that Zac couldn’t imagine living life without him.  What he liked most, though, was how Josh treated him like he was just plain Zac.  To Josh, he was the same guy that he’d gotten in trouble with for putting cherry bombs in Mrs. Haskins’ mailbox.  He was the Zac that used to help him build forts out in the woods.  Zac liked that about Josh.

The strength of their friendship had never been proven more than the last time Zac had been home.  Josh had confessed to Zac that he had feelings for guys.  He had even gone so far as to say that he had a crush on Taylor, which didn’t really surprise Zac.  It seemed like everybody had a crush on Taylor.  He had handled it pretty well, telling Josh that no matter what they could still remain friends.

It wasn’t long after that that Zac began to realize what Josh was talking about.  Taylor was a gorgeous guy.  Zac sometimes found himself just staring at his brother, admiring him.  Sharing a room together gave him ample opportunity to see his brother naked, and Zac always enjoyed any glance he could get at his beautiful sibling.

Then there had been the time that Zac had walked in on Taylor jacking off in the bathroom.  It was a picture Zac just couldn’t get out of his mind.  In fact, it had been the subject of Zac’s first wet dream.  Since then, he’d been masturbating regularly every chance he got thinking about Taylor’s gorgeous body.

Thinking about the whole scene again had caused him to get hard.  He tried to concentrate on something else.  But it seemed that Josh had been reading his mind.

“Do you remember, Zac, what I told you the last time I saw you?”

“About Taylor?”

“Yeah,” Josh replied.  “Well, at first I thought about him when I jacked off.  Now, I think about you.”

“Huh?”  Zac asked, surprised. 

Josh cleared his throat.  “Well, like I said, I’ve been watching you on TV and everything and I think you’re really cute.”

Zac was still a little shocked.  He looked at his friend: a good looking guy with short brown hair just a few months older.  He liked what he saw and he felt himself getting more and more aroused.

Josh put his hand on Zac’s leg.  “Would you like some help with that?”

Zac smiled uncomfortably and simply nodded.  He leaned back on the bed as Josh gently undid his jeans and reached into his boxer shorts.  Zac let out a small moan as Josh took hold of his hard cock and began jacking it up and down. 

“Oh, wow!” Zac said.  He’d always enjoyed pleasuring himself but having someone else do it was absolutely amazing. 

“Do you like it?” Josh asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

Zac closed his eyes as Josh continued to masturbate him.  Pictures of his naked brother Taylor filled his mind as Josh brought him closer and closer to ecstasy.  He pictured the two of them on the bed together, Taylor’s strong arms holding him tight.  He saw Taylor’s head move slowly down and take him into his mouth.  It was then that Zac realized that Josh was doing the same thing.  The young boy’s head was bobbing up and down as fast as he could, licking Zac’s pre-teen cock in the process. 

“Josh—“ Zac said.  “Oh, man – Josh!”

“Mmmmm.” Josh would say, smiling. 

Zac looked down at his friend and got more and more excited at the thought of Josh enjoying himself so much.  He began bucking his hips up and down in rhythm with Josh.  He reached up and clutched a pillow.  Zac knew that he was close to coming.  It wouldn’t be much longer.  But he wanted to enjoy it as long as he could.

“Oh, Josh,” Zac screamed.  “Ohhhhhhh!” 

Zac felt himself shoot into Josh’s mouth several strong bursts of cum.  “Oh, man!”  Josh continued to suck and lick Zac until his dick grew limp.  Zac just lay there for a moment, trying to catch his breath. 

Josh raised up his head and smiled.  “That’s what I think about when I jack off – doing that to you.”

“Wow,” was all Zac could say in reply.  “That was so cool.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

Josh leaned back on the bed and unzipped his own boxers, from which he pulled his own cock.  Zac was amazed.  Josh’s was a little bigger and all he could think about was touching it.  He slowly moved forward and took it into his hand. 

“That’s it, Zac,” Josh said. 

Zac began jacking it up and down.  Josh arched his back and moved his hips up and down. 

“Come on, Zac,” he said.  “Make me cum!”

Zac pumped harder and harder, still not believing that he was actually doing this but too fascinated to stop.  He found himself getting hard again and he pleasured himself with his other hand. 

“I want you to suck me, Zac.  Please suck me.”

Ashamed to admit that he was scared to do so, Zac did as he was asked.  He took Josh into his mouth, licking the head of his penis like a piece of hard candy.  It tasted warm and sweet.  Zac allowed more of it into his mouth and slowly began moving his head up and down.  Josh tasted pretty good.

“Oh, yeah!”  Josh said. 

Zac continued sucking Josh, growing more and more excited as he went.  His own cock had grown to full-size again and he rubbed it gently as he did Josh.

Josh looked up and noticed what Zac was doing.  “Hey,” he said.  “Turn around this way.  You ever heard of 69?”

Zac stopped for a moment.  “Uh, no.”
Josh smiled.  “That’s where we both suck each other at the same time.  Here, put your feet down this way.”

Zac rearranged himself on the bed and immediately saw what Josh had meant.  He didn’t waste a moment taking Josh back into his mouth as Josh did the same.  The two of them lay side by side, sucking each other like mad.   Josh continued to buck his hips back and forth, making love to Zac’s mouth.  Zac found it hard to concentrate with Josh doing him again.  But he somehow managed to continue, enjoying every second as his body once again approached orgasm. 

Josh’s body began to tremble and his dick throb.  Zac realized that his friend was about to cum, too.  The two of them moaned and their bodies bucked. 

Josh moaned as he came first.  “Mmmmmmm.”

Zac continued to suck as the sweet tasting liquid shot into his mouth.  Not knowing what else to do, he continued to lick and suck every bit of the delicious juice, swallowing several times.  With Josh’s dick still in his mouth, he felt himself shoot another load.  Josh responded by bobbing back and forth harder. 

“Oh, man!” Zac screamed, tilting his head back.  “Oh, Josh!”    

The two of them rolled over on their backs and breathed heavily for a few moments.  They somehow managed to pull their pants up.  An eerie silence filled the room, as neither knew quite what to say.  Zac, most of all, felt incredibly awkward.  He knew he would never be the same again. 

He also knew that he had a new reason to look forward to coming home.